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III [edit]
by Maylene and The Sons of Disaster | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 23, 2009

Every Southern town has its legend's, men long since deceased seen walking at midnight through marshy mists, things not quite human at all lurking even in daylight, shaded by Spanish moss. Some of those legends, though, are mostly true, and Ocala, Florida, has the last stand of gangster masterminds, Ma Barker and sons. Three-quarters of a century later, the sons are back, and raging out their tale of divine justice.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are: Dallas Taylor (ex-Underoath, vocals), Roman Havaland (bass, backing vocals), Chad Huff (guitar), Kelly Scott Nunn (guitar), and Matt Clark (drums). Their eponymous debut, released in 2005, ignited a tumult of touring, including the 2006 Vans Warped Tour and spots alongside P.O.D., Throwdown, and Zao. The stakes were raised when the Sons were one of APís Bands You Need to Know for 2007, and named one of Metal Hammerís Hot 100:Metals Most Important Troops for 2007. Their sophomore release, II (FerretMusic), didnít disappoint. The record is critically acclaimed and the public agreed; to date, II has scanned over 40,000. Since then, the Sons have been seemingly unstoppable, tearing through cities alongside fellow madmen like A Static Lullaby, Clutch, From Autumn to Ashes, and Norma Jean, and opening fire on Warped Tour stages for two more summers.

III surges forward with as much savage twang and fearsome melody to inspire the wrath of any just god. Itís a barrage of crunch and stomp, a tirade of licks and rapid-fire snares. Whatever your hometown legends, whether you remember Ma Barker or not, you can be sure her sons are back for vengeance, and theyíre coming for you.

Track Listing
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01. Waiting On My Deathbed
02. Settling Scores By Burning Bridges
03. Just A Shock
04. Last Train Coming
05. Step Up (I'm On It)
06. Listen Close
07. The Old Iron Hills
08. No Good Son
09. Harvest Moon Hanging
10. Oh Lonely Grave
11. The End Is HereÖThe End Is Beautiful

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted September 24, 2011
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's III continues their trend of awesome sounding southern metal music and it also gives us a bit of change, essentially a preview of what is to come.  Fans of the previous albums will enjoy this album as well as it contains everything they like, the harsh metal with a southern twang, Dallas Taylor's harsh scream, and a whole lot of southern attitude.  

The changes here are mostly subtle with some songs just being straight forward hard rock.  It's a refreshing change and provides a break in amidst the chaos.  

III has everything that any Maylene album has and more.  Some tracks drop the screams and sound like normal hard rock songs and the final track is an instrumental that ends everything on a melancholy tone.  This album has got me excited for what Maylene can bring to the table with the upcoming IV.

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ichiben (193)

More great southern metal | Posted July 12, 2009
MATSOD have established themselves as the premier Christian southern metal band. Their first two albums portrayed themes of justice and redemption set to face-melting growls, screams, and clean vocals from Dallas Taylor. This album continues the trend, but is their most unique album to date. The album includes much more clean vocals, invoking more sing-along choruses. Here is a brief track by track review (usually I don't do this but I usually post my review sooner than this).
Waiting On My Deathbed - This is a great album opener. After a brief bluegrass intro, it hits you in the face with anthemic metal.
Settling Scores By Burning Bridges - Possibly the heaviest song MATSOD has ever created. This is a dynamic song full of headbanging and fistpumping. It uses a broad range of vocal styling. This entire album shows Taylor's whole range of heavy (and soft, though not in this song) vocals quite well.
Just a Shock - The obvious first single. Heavy and fast, with a singalong chorus.
Last Train Coming - Possibly my favorite of the album so far. Incorporates some cool riffs and great vocals. The only problem is that it's too short.
Step Up (I'm On It) - A fairly heavy song, but perhaps the most fun to sing along to. Very catchy chorus.
Listen Close - The only song the band has made that incorporates no heavy vocals (excluding ballads and instrumentals). A true singalong.
The Old Iron Hills - Not the best on the album, but a good track. Very southern lyrics as always.
No Good Son - See previous song. Though I think I prefer this one.
Harvest Moon Hanging - Another very heavy song.
Oh Lonely Grave - The other song I may consider my favorite. This is the one that really surprised me on the first listen. It starts out slow and I thought with its position in the album, it would be a ballad similar to Tale of the Runaways from their last album. I was given shivers by the wall of guitar and the initial growls of the heavier part of the song. I love it when songs do this, mixing very soft with very heavy.
The End Is Here...The End Is Beautiful - The track name says it all. A beautiful, melancholy ballad to end a solid album.

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