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Demon Hunter [edit]
by Demon Hunter | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: October 22, 2002

Track Listing
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01. Screams Of The Undead
02. I Have Seen Where It Grows
03. Infected
04. My Throat Is An Open Grave
05. Through The Black
06. Turn Your Back And Run
07. And The Sky Went Red
08. As We Wept
09. A Broken Upper Hand
10. The Gauntlet

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted May 16, 2011
 Demon Hunter burst onto the scene in 2002 with their self-titled debut album and quickly developed a devoted fanbase.  While this wasn't their breakthrough album, it did serve as a great introduction to the band.  Lots of the things that make Demon Hunter identifiable are introduced here like the unique raspy scream and sweet vocals, recognizable choruses, and very heavy headbangin' songs.  This is a great introduction to a band that only seemed to get better and better with each passing album.

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Demon Hunter | Posted June 20, 2010
I love this band! My absolute favorite song on this one has to be infected. The music video for that song is awesome too. The rest of the cd is just about as good. Although their latest release, The world is a thorn is much better.

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veritas (15)

I will stand and fight to justify You... | Posted August 22, 2009
...You have bled and died to justify me.

Five years ago, I did not mind heavy music but was never a big fan of bands featuring screaming vocals. That lasted until this CD came out and I was drawn in by Ryan Clark's growls and melodies. There are two excellent slower songs on this album, with several songs that follow an intense pattern of screamed verses and catchy passionate choruses. The songs work well and sound great, however can feel repetitive.

Perhaps the biggest pull for me towards Demon Hunter was their uniquely profound lyrics. The cryptic nature (and occasionally uncomprehensible screams) of the lyrics can leave both fans and critics in the dark. However, a quick glance at the band's comments on some of their songs and coinciding lyrics provides an enormous amount of spiritual context that many Christian bands in this genre simply don't have.

My Highlights: Screams of the Undead, As We Wept, My Throat is an Open Grave

Lower me down under glorious green,
Eternity waits on a broken machine,
Exit the soul in a vibrant white,
Leaving a shell in the dead of night

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Phil413 (45)

Demon Hunter | Posted December 29, 2007
Great debut, there's not a song on it that I don't like. With my favorites being Screams Of The Undead, Infected, Through The Black, and The Gauntlet.

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ichiben (193)

excellent debut | Posted October 03, 2007
solid mix of intense songs. great album though it would be topped by dh's more recent albums. it' main drawback is length. there's only 10 tracks and one is just a little 30 second interlude.

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