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One of Those Days EP [edit]
by Joy Williams | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 27, 2009

The brand new EP from Joy Williams features the hit singles "One of Those Days" (featured on "Drop Dead Diva") and "Charmed Life" (featured on "Grey's Anatomy").

Track Listing
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01. One of Those Days
02. What Can I Do (But Love You)
03. Charmed Life
04. I'm Gonna Break Your Heart
05. What Can I Do (But Love You) (Demo) [Pre-Order Exclusive]
06. Charmed Life (Demo) [Pre-Order Exclusive]
07. I'm Gonna Break Your Heart (Demo) [Pre-Order Exclusive]
08. Lose Myself [ReverbNation Free Download]

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Nathan (188)

One of William's Days | Posted March 16, 2009
‘It’s just been one of those days’; It’s been a lot of those days for fans of Joy Williams. Fans of the now independent pop singer haven’t had anything new to sing to for nearly four years (excluding ‘Any More Sure’ which was featured on the Best of Joy Williams) but her new EP, One of Those Days, could set the stage for her comeback.

After a few spins it’s hard to picture this Joy Williams putting out hits like “hide” and “we” with her soft pop tunes and natural sounding melodies which may signal a new direction for her music. For example the title track’s upbeat, piano driven, pop sound has a very mature contemporary sound mixed in, meeting Williams’s soft voice very well. “What can I do (but love you)” identifies more with adult contemporary genre than pop as natural piano beat leaves Williams sounding like Leigh Nash. The semi fast paced music doesn’t make the light pop music up tempo “charmed life” but the emotion filled song is heavily influenced by the brilliantly utilized piano and is thoroughly the gem of the album. The weakest song on the four song EP is “I’m going to break your heart” which is uneventful and the repetitive lyrics heavily hang on the music.

Joy William’s exodus from contemporary Christian music resulted partly because of limitations on songwriting. Williams says: ‘I connected with the most was honest and open and broken—and mostly written by the artists themselves’. The lyrics spiritually vague with the exception of “what can I do(but love you)” which takes a very cozy love approach with ‘Lord don’t you know that I love you… what could I do but love you’ and sating that she had someone to hold when it was cold. Williams comments on the stresses of life (‘it’s all going perfectly wrong’) articulating that it’s just “one of those days”, but “charmed life” at it’s core is an empty anthem which says nothing. The most distressing (or artistic depending on how you look at it) song on the album is “I’m going to break your heart” which almost nonchalantly states ‘Just so you know, I’m gonna make a mess’.

The one thing that’s really obvious is how much Joy Williams’s music has bloomed into maturity but at so brief a glimpse into her music it’s hard to tell if this is a definite style. The theme backstage though is the lyrics on One of Those Days EP and her attitude toward life and God. Surely Williams takes a positive outlook on her EP, but her journey to ‘discover a faith that is more my own’ should caution fans to await more lyrics before diving into her comeback.

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LampaFan (184)

Amazing Comeback! | Posted December 23, 2008
When Joy posted her free download of the guitar-driven, indie pop "Lose Myself", I was extremely excited about this new release! And it's finally here! The title track is a whimsical, pop/jazz confection similar to "Love Song" by Sara Barielles or "I'm Letting Go" by Francesca Battistelli. "What Can I Do" is a beautiful love song, while "Charmed Life" is a delightfully haunting, piano-based track. The final song "I'm Gonna Break Your Heart" is a sweet, confessional ballad that talks about not being perfect. The pre-order tracks are a little fuzzy, but they're worth it. Overall, this EP is a really nice collection of a new Joy Williams sound and I can't wait for more in the future.

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