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White Lights EP [edit]
by Deas Vail | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 26, 2008

Deas Vail released their last album, ‘All The Houses Look The Same’, in the beginning of 2007 and at that time they were simply a band whose name I had seen around but not really cared to seek out and actually listen to. Once I finally did listen to them, I was forever in their debt for the beautiful music and will probably be a fan for the foreseeable future. You may be wondering the reasoning for telling that bland little story? I don’t want you to miss out on the ‘White Lights’ EP, or this band.

This new album picks up pretty much exactly where the band’s last record left off and “Under Cover” starts off the EP with high pitched vocals and cut time drumming chorus. The song is decent but gets shown up by the other tracks on the record. Both “White Lights” and “Last Place” are the sparkling gems with the latter being my personal favorite. “White Lights” is the story of a girl’s struggles through hard circumstances but over coming them in the end. The story is told with an upbeat backdrop, one that is reminiscent to the Edison Glass album that came out earlier this year.

“Last Place” slows things down slightly, but the part which is so attractive is the breathtaking chorus, “So go for the last place…”, which showcases Wes Blaylock’s stunning vocals. Like any successful band there is always something that sets them apart and I would be willing to argue that above the great music Wes’ singing pushes them over the top for most people.

The band is absolutely rock solid in everything they do. The closing two songs are both more delicate in their approach and they finish out the 5 song EP nicely. This record seems like only a taste of what to expect from their upcoming album but hopefully ‘White Lights’, if nothing else, will gain them more exposure.
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Track Listing
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01. Under Cover
02. White Lights
03. Last Place
04. From Priests To Thieves
05. Balance

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Nathan (188)

A good Balance | Posted December 31, 2008
It’s always encouraging to see a band like Deas Vail that started from a couple musicians playing songs for fun to two albums and the White Lights EP which gears up for their full length 2009 release. The interesting thing about the EP is that lead singer Wes Blaylock’s vocals often make or break the songs rather than the alternative rock.

Blaylock’s light vocals drive the soft alternative rock music, which can be sometimes be annoying especially in the case of “undercover” where the resemblance to House of Heroes is striking. The hooks add very little grounding to the very disjointed rock tune, and despite some good piano bits the original style is marred Wes Blaylock’s d incoherence. However some of the strangeness is wiped away in the album’s medium rock title track and while Blaylock’s vocals are still high and particularly aggressive they are more strategically to put the emphases the message.

The light rock music displayed in “last place” is charming thanks to the guitar and the soft vocals which add emotion to the song. The atmosphere of “from priests to thieves” is very light as it’s clear that this type of piano driven alternative light rock isn’t the type that should be blaring through the car stereo because the words ‘slightly’ and ‘upbeat’ can hardy apply. “Balance” is a very telling title of the fluid organic sound that starts lightly but becomes a more up tempo rock song.

Encouragement comes in “White lights” message which revolves around a girl who has risen past her pain (‘She's got white lights on her face/From the bad days/That she just can't erase/And her sad eyes are replaced/With the new life in a beautiful place’). The Bands reveals their faith in “Last place” which references Mark 9:35 (‘So go for the last place/Cause the last place will be the first/And let's change our stance/We'll stand taller now’) while “balance” says: ‘You are the balance/You are the fold/You are the sails that bring me home’.

Deas Vail’s music varies from artistic to disjointed, but the artists side wins even with the occasional strange music. Their lyrics can be odd as their music especially “undercover” which has uses some uncomforting lines amidst the cryptic whole. But it’s the exception of the five song EP rather than the norm which means the White Lights EP sets up safely for their third project.

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Good EP, leading into a Great Album | Posted September 22, 2008
The new EP from Deas Vail is a real winner. If you're unfamiliar with the band, Deas Vail is a rock band with a different sounding lead singer. And by different sounding I sure do not mean bad! His range is very high, and, unlike some front men trying to hit notes way above their range, this is a natural sound, which sounds great, might I add. "White Lights" is the defining track on this EP. It's a very well constructed song, with a chorus that I haven't been able to stop whistling along to in my head for a week. Definitely give this EP a try, or wait for the album, which will undoubtedly, be very very good.

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Beautiful EP | Posted September 06, 2008
I love Wes Blaylocks voice. This EP is short and sweet. Last Place is amazing, just amazing. If you like Deas Vail this is a must. Even if you don't like them, give it a shot

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