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pureNRG [edit]
by pureNRG | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 01, 2007

There are few people in the entire world that can claim they signed their first record deal at age 11. Even fewer began the process at age three. For Carolyne Myers, Jordan Yates, and Caroline Williams, it was several hundred dance competitions, school plays, and recitals that brought them to their debut album.

While the trio daily participated in dancing and singing lessons, their career as pureNRG was given a huge boost when renowned manager, Norman Miller (who has worked with Casting Crowns, Nichole Nordeman and Jump5), took an interest in the group.

But beyond their talent and experience was something deeper: a desire to share their faith and the hope they have in Christ.

Track Listing
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01. 360
02. Live My Life For You
03. What If
04. Pray
05. When I Get To Heaven
06. Thy Word
07. This Madness
08. Footloose
09. One Word
10. Someday
11. Summertime
12. It's Still Love

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Logan (12)

Excellent | Posted February 17, 2008
Sum-up: An excellent, upbeat, catchy album that arrives just in time to take the place of Jump5.

Songs to download: "What If," "Thy Word," and "It's Still Love."

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Abi_Jo18 (18)

PureNRG's First Album | Posted July 31, 2013
PureNRG's first album is awesome!! I first found out about them at the Jump5 farewell concert in Arlington Texas!! I was HUGE PureNRG fan after that night! My favorite songs on this album are What If, Live My Life For You, Pray, and Summertime!!

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eah92 (49)

What if. | Posted June 12, 2009
What If is an amazing song. I gets me one my feet dancing. Really cool songs and great fun. I enjoy listening to these guys anytime. Keep up the good work.

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Best Teen Album Of The Year | Posted June 06, 2009

Newcomers, PureNRG introduce their self-titled debut album targeted for kids, tweens, and teens. This trio couldn't have chosen a better time to jump into the market with a fresh new mix of catchy pop songs that show their true desire to spread the Word og God.

With the soon-to-be absence of the group that practically defined the tween pop music genre, Jump5, PureNRG can keep their legacy going. From the first track on the record, "360," right down to the last track "It's Still Love," lessons of love, forgiveness, and setting a Christ-like example are found everywhere on this album. The upbeat song "What If" promotes being satisfied with who you are and who God made you. "Thy Word," a song originally sung by the legendary Amy Grant, is given a more pop-like feel but at the same time does not stray far from the classic, original version. One of the slower songs on the record, "Someday," shares many similarities with the MercyMe hit "I Can Only Imagine" and also proves that Carolyne Myers, 11, Caroline Williams, 12, and 14 year old Jordan Yates (who looks strikingly similar to Jump5's Brandon Hargest) have great and mature voices in spite of their young ages.

There is no doubt PureNRG is a breath of fresh air for parents in the midst of "This Madness" offered to today's young people through the media. Already they have performed for crowds of more than 3,000. There is no question about it. PureNRG's positive, fun, and faith infused lyrics can guarantee that they'll be around for a long time. And that's a big relief.

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I'm Gonna Be Honest | Posted June 04, 2009
I do not like most of the songs that PureNRG performs. They are good for like 7 year old girls and that's abouot it. With the exception of a few songs, including What if, Footloose, and a pretty good remake of Call on Jesus. But they are just not my cup of tea.

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cool | Posted September 09, 2008
These are very talented young kids! THey sing great !! i usually HATE pop music, but most of these songs are an exception! God bless their minstry !!!!!

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skybo90 (177)

got to say it | Posted May 25, 2008
well somebody's gotta be just straight up and honest here...PureNRG is the biggest waste of money ever. its pretty much just high school musical...IN A BAND!!! this cd is definitely not worth the money.

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=] | Posted May 25, 2008
my little sister loves this band! although I think they are great for little kids, and they call themselves a pop band, I wouldn't buy this if you are older than 10. =]

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Cool cool cool | Posted May 23, 2008
well i don't have this CD but i want to get it i can watch MUSIC VIDS but yaaaa i like what i hear, i have the newest CD... and soooo i need to buy this (and you do to)

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LampaFan (182)

Wonderful Debut! | Posted May 19, 2008
This CD proves pureNRG will be the next Jump5! I LOVE the songs "Live My Life For You", "Pray", "When I Get to Heaven", "Summertime" and "360". For fans of Miley Cyrus, this CD also includes the hit songs "Footloose" and "What If".

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Mitzy (108)

Awesome | Posted April 29, 2008
for there age they are an amazing group...I know im 19 and not a kid anymore but I still love there music...they have amazing voices and dance moves...

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