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Blueprints for the Black Market [edit]
by Anberlin | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 06, 2003

Anberlin's style is defined by a pop/rock sound completed by Stephen's strong, emotional vocals (often compared to bands like Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind). They've toured the nation independently several times throughout the last two years in an effort to take our music to as many people as possible.
"We want to create music that reaches every audience with the Gospel message, through our music and lifestyle." Anberlin's debut album Blueprints for the Black Market is literally one of the best rock albums you will ever hear!

Track Listing
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01. Readyfuels
02. Foreign Language
03. Change The World (Lost Ones)
04. Cold War Transmissions
05. Glass to the Arson
06. The Undeveloped Story
07. Autobahn
08. We Dreamt In Heist
09. Love Song
10. Cadence
11. Naive Orleans

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art10 (115)

Good Debut For My Hometown Band | Posted July 19, 2007
Having lived in Winter Haven for two years, and thirty minutes away for most of my life, I feel the band is like my hometown band.

Anberlin is a breath of fresh air in the circle of Christian rock. The singer's voice is nothing short of unique. The music is original, yet appealing. Most surprisingly are songs like "Cadence" where the songs are actually catchy, and stay in your head after listening.

Overall, I proud to say they're my hometown band. They're a great group that isn't afraid of going against the grain musically or vocally. Good debut, and a good starting place for their budding career. Hopefully we'll here a lot more from these guys in the years to come. You don't have to agree, but it's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted October 17, 2010
The debut album from Anberlin at first feels very generic but the deeper you listen, you'll begin to hear the elegantly crafted lyrics aside from the wonderful vocal work and well tuned guitar riffs. The main theme of this album can best be described by the lead singer himself. In an interview given when Cities was released he said that this album was mostly about man vs. the world, Never Take Friendship Personal was about man vs. man and Cities is about man vs. self. Hearing the band's first album now that they've gone on to have great success really makes me appreciate them more then I did before. If you are interested in hearing just how Anberlin first got started, track down this album. You will not be disappointed.

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Blueprint for the Black Market | Posted January 11, 2010
Ready fuels and glass to the arson are the two best songs on this cd. The rest is good. But it was a beginning so i give them a break. I would check it out.
Any debut for tooth and nail is good, but this one is older. Its good, but old ill just put it like that.

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new for me | Posted June 22, 2008
i just learned of anberlin through a friend and an add for another band, but that's beside the point. i already love this band a lot; they're great. i can't stop listening to them.

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djgreen (15)

Great Debut, Good Album | Posted May 20, 2008
Anberlin is one of my favorite artists and there debut is part of why. I really like every song on this album. They have good lyrics in some songs, but overall not the all time best lyrics when it comes to Christian themes. There are some really good songs, though, and my favorites would have to be "Glass to the Arson", "Change The World (Lost Ones)", and "Cadence". Good album- BUY IT!

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Blueprints | Posted April 05, 2008
This cd is one you can pop into the cd player and just listen to. It has several songs that will keep you nodding your head. It starts off with one good song after the other.

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RossMan (134)

good start | Posted March 09, 2008
great starting album for anberlin i love pretty much every song
best song: change the world

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Aight | Posted March 08, 2008
This album is filled with energy. With its bold lyrics and fast instruments, it would be ideal for those looking for something a little unorthodox in the world of Christian rock. The lyrics are moderately creative, but many of them are your typical "nuetral" lyrics that seem to be designed not to offend the listener, to appeal to those in the secular realm, and show tribute to art in general rather than spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

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going old school | Posted February 22, 2008
yeah its an older cd, but i love it alot. To me, it think this is one of those albums that define what anberlin is. i enjoy this cd soooo much. Glass to Arson is the best song on there in my opinion.

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veritas (15)

Dreams come clever, hearts now severed... | Posted November 02, 2007
...difference of forever, and I'm lost there

A few years ago, I was playing Midtown Madness 3 on my Xbox when a song called Readyfuels came on. The artist name, Anberlin, caught my eye. I had tickets to see a Relient K concert about a week from then and one of the bands playing with them was Anberlin, whom I had never heard before until that point. I liked the song, found the CD and was instantly hooked. I played it almost constantly in the few days leading up to that concert, and eventually left that concert raving about Anberlin, not Relient K. I was hooked from the start on what remains one of my favorite bands to date.

This is an especially strong debut album. There are many songs just begging for you to sing along with them... they'll be stuck in your head for years to come. Two Anberlin albums later, I still find myself humming along to these songs. What truly captured my attention were the somber, contemplative gems throughout the CD... a tantalizing hint at some of the epic-feeling tracks on future albums.

My Highlights: Glass to the Arson, Naive Orleans, Cadence

The bottle holds no answers
His lips can only sway
Chemicals imbalance
Who needs them anyway?
Desire is close at hands
Her lips can only sway
There's more to life than this
Don't give yourself away

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