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Go West Young Man [edit]
by Michael W. Smith | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 25, 1990

Outside of Michael W. Smith's masterpiece, Live the Life, only 1990's Go West Young Man has brought him his deserved commercial success. "Place in This World" was one of the year's top recordings and reached No. 5 on the pop charts, yielding Smitty's first crossover hit. More importantly, it was one of the few contemporary Christian music songs to reach such heights in the secular market. Smitty shows signs of diversity with the gospel-tinged "How Long Will Be Too Long" and the beautiful balladry in "Cross My Heart." "Seed to Sow" showcases an anthemic hook that's hard to ignore. Throughout the release, Smith enhances his signature keyboard sound with horns, choral groups, and hot guitar licks.

Track Listing
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01. Go West Young Man
02. Love Crusade
03. Place In This World
04. For You
05. How Long Will Be Too Long
06. Seed To Sow
07. Cross My Heart
08. Emily
09. Agnus Dei
10. 1990

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Nathan (188)

Creativity and verity rule the Album | Posted August 11, 2007
Imagine, Michel W. Smith as a rapper, well it could have come to pass, because in his creative Go west young man, he does a verity of things on his CD, including rap.

Go west young man has creative music which includes pop/light rock, with praise and worship and, yes, a little rap. The age of the music is felt, as some parts are over done and songs overly extended. But it is filled with fun songs like "love crusade" and the title track "go west young man". Many other neat songs are in the mix as well, sadly though the song "seed to sow" could have been better than it was.

The lyrics are nothing special, but songs on the album are not as predictable that other Michel W. Smith discs. The song "how long will be too long" is the deepest on the CD, most other are only solid.

Michel W. Smith has creative music that makes Go West Young Man a highlight in his popular career.

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Stands the test of time | Posted May 18, 2014
Ever since the release of Worship, Michael W. Smith has been considered a worship leader and with the release of Sovereign now has 4 worship projects to his credit. Aside from numerous other worshipful songs that have been recorded on his other albums, as well as worship compilations.

However i think this album truly captures the depth of his creativity, spanning the musical genre. It was indeed his Worship, and Worship Again offerings that drew me in, however, i have come to appreciate Michael W. Smith for who he is, and not just the side that the music industry leans heavily to.

Michael wasn't the first to use the iconic phrase, "Go west young man" yet, he gave it a unique Spiritual significance. Can't help but think a little about how in the Bible when GOD says how He separates us from our sin as far as the east is from the west, it's a similar analogy. Stay as far away from the old life of sin as possible. If the evil are going east, then quite simply, go west. Go west, young man. I think our modern society could benefit from listening to this song a bit more, and taking it to heart. cheeky

Love Crusade is a standout track for the sole fact that Smitty-boy can rap and keep his signature pop style at the same time, all while staying with a funky beat and down to earth message of Gospel. While rap isn't my cup of tea, this track is worth a listen.

Place In This World is by far my favorite track. It conveys so much of what i've felt over the years, not being able to find my place. Although the truth is, as Christians the world isn't our home, it's our mission field. It's hard to not feel that you want to belong here though. As it was written the same year i was born, can't help but feel drawn to it. It's kind of like it's meant to be my song.

Seed To Sow gives the Biblical truth of "you reap what you will sow" renewed meaning, all with keeping a catchy tempo. What you do today carries into the future, so make it count.

For You paints a comical picture of how even though life seems frustrating there's Someone that's always there for you. It along with Emily, another song of encouragement, round out this album nicely.

Even though How Long Will Be Too Long has a bit of the 90's feel to it, the message is still just as relevant today, maybe even more so.

Agnus Dei is a nice surprise on this album, as being a newer fan of Michael's just figured it was written for Worship. I had no idea it was written long before, and re-recorded. Just goes to show that the Lamb of GOD is forever eternal. Even more recently, Agnus Dei was included on Decades Of Worship. Truly a song that will never grow old.

While 1990 feels a bit like a last minute throw on, it leaves you with something to contemplate.

All in all, this album stands the test of time, and over 20 years later still rings true. Definitely worth the listen.

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Go West Young Man | Posted November 15, 2011
I remember this album because it was the first time I saw MWS featured on the secular music video programs with his single "Place in This World". This is a great CCM pop album and showcased MWS doing what he did best. I have heard this release so many times over the years that it's hard to differentiate what the official singles were that got released for this album. A definite CCM classic.

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ok | Posted September 09, 2008
this is an old one...not as good as his newer ones ...but Michael W Smith has always been one of my favoite inspirational worship artists! He is wonderful and his music is powerful. Keep it up! God bless you!

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=] | Posted September 25, 2007
Of course, any album of Michael's will be fantastic, and this is no exception. I love the song "Agnus Dei."

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aylaeh (203)

Early MWS | Posted July 16, 2007
I like this album. It's a bit more 'pop' music than his recent albums. The title song speaks to me because i think that we are all trying to find our place.

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