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Take Me With You [edit]
by Kelly Mack | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: October 14, 2008

Phoenix-based singer/songwriter Kelly Mack’s compelling debut Take Me With You (VSR Music Group/EMI-CMG distribution) is sure to strike a chord with listeners and leave them wanting more. Expounding the intricacies of faith with beauty and charm, Mack delivers an 11-track project that resonates with decidedly intimate warmth and deeply reverential timbre. The project releases Oct. 14.

Already, Mack’s radio single “The Only One,” a song that conveys God’s passionate love for His children, is garnering significant buzz on Christian radio. Produced by music industry veteran Ken Mary (The Beach Boys, LaRue, Alice Cooper), Take Me With You showcases Mack’s incandescent vocals, lilting melodies and enduring spiritual themes like God’s grace, goodness and everlasting promises.

From the album’s first note, Mack’s soothing voice calls to mind the likes of Enya, Dido and Sixpence None the Richer’s Leigh Nash. “I have a wide range of influences, from worship band 100 Portraits to indie-artist Sia to bluegrass singer Alison Krauss,” the effervescent 24-year-old artist reveals. Throughout the disc, Mack’s songs reflect the heart of a humble, devoted servant and worshiper.

Since her early high school days of playing guitar and singing at church, Mack has crafted an engaging style that is deeply rooted in praise and worship. “My songs generally originate from the Psalms, which contain such amazing poetry,” she explains. Buoyant tracks like “Sing Unto Thee” and “Call My Name” point listeners toward a God worthy of all honor and adoration. Elsewhere, the unassuming acoustic title track relies simply on Mack’s spine-tingling vocals to generate the disc’s most exquisite moment.

Whenever she’s not singing, Mack enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Greg, whom she married in October 2007. She also relishes opportunities to tutor kids in math and science. “I try to mentor them spiritually as well,” she says.

Mack also holds a special place in her heart for a ministry called Hand and Cloth ( The organization helps women in other cultures break free from the sex trade by providing practical vocational training. “Women in places like India create blankets from recycled sari material,” she explains. “I try to buy the blankets and sell them at my shows. This is a great cause, and every blanket that sells helps empower these women to better their lives.”

With wisdom and maturity that belies her age, Mack is forthright about her calling in life. “My passion is encouraging people,” she says emphatically. “I’m just amazed at how God is using me to help people glorify and connect with Him.”

Track Listing
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01. The Only One
02. Sing Unto Thee
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03. All You Need
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04. Call My Name
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05. Take Me With You
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06. Good To Me
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07. Bring Me To My Knees
08. Come Quickly
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09. One Last Time
10. Nothing Can Compare
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11. Complete
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Nice Reflective Debut Album | Posted October 02, 2008
Kelly Mack, the newest artist with VSR Music Group, joins a nice lineup of up and coming names in Christian music including two new artists I've already been enjoying this year RE:Zound and Ever Stays Red. When I read that Kelly's voice resembled Dido, Enya and Leigh Nash, I had to hear her debut album Take Me With You, and I was pleased to learn that those are fair vocalist comparisons.

I am a big fan of singer-songwriters who use Biblical inspiration in their songwriting. Kelly Mack credits the Book of Psalms: ?My songs generally originate from the Psalms, which contain such amazing poetry,? she explains. The opening track Sing Unto Thee is a nice song of praise and adoration similar to the Waterdeep classic You Are So Good To Me. The stand-out track to me is the first radio single The Only One, a song that conveys God?s passionate love for His children, and stirs your heart in a manner like Leigh Nash singing her Sixpence None The Richer hit song Breathe Your Name. The best way to describe this album after a few listens is a nice reflective album. The other songs I most enjoy are All You Need, Call My Name, Take Me With You and Complete.

If you enjoy CCM artists Michelle Tumes, Nichole Nordeman, Ginny Owens, Brooke Fraser and Adie or even mainstream artists Dido, Liz Phair, A Fine Frenzy, Sarah McLachlan and Feist, you should really enjoy this nice reflective debut album by Kelly Mack.

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IronJedi (112)

Engaging Debut | Posted September 08, 2008

New VSR artist Kelly Mack’s national debut, Take Me With You, is a project characterized by thoughtful songwriting enhanced by a wide-eyed vulnerability coupled with intimate, personal experience, and delivered in (pop) music that is refreshing, yet conventional. Her disarmingly child-like vocals, reminiscent of Sixpence None the Richer’s Leigh Nash, and the unembellished, unpretentious delivery serves to further distinguish and reinforce the delightful sound of this project.

Ms. Mack’s ability as a songwriter shows not only facility with the craft, but a level of maturity many established artists struggle for. Citing the influences of Waterdeep and 100 Portraits, the transparent and vulnerable psalmistry found on Take Me With You should come as no surprise to those familiar with those bands. Each song serves to convey some aspect of the loving, encouraging nature of God. Ms. Mack describes her songs: “The themes of most of these songs come directly from the Psalms. They are my interpretations and thoughts of the promises and character of God.”

From beginning to end, Ms. Mack has crafted a beautiful collection of songs that are heartfelt and noteworthy expressions of true spirituality- modern psalms, if you will. If you enjoy the softer and more reflective side of artists Addison Road, Dido, Leigh Nash, Miss Angie, Jewel, Colbie Caillat and Nicole Nordeman, then find out what the buzz is about by checking into Kelly Mack’s Take Me With You.

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art10 (114)

An Excellent Pop Album From An Up and Coming Artist | Posted November 24, 2008
Upon first listen to Arizona-based Kelly Mack, you'll first notice her beautiful vocals, but then you'll start to notice that her positive songs take an almost Psalm-like quality to them. By the end of the album, you'll wonder why she isn't #1 on every Christian radio station in America.

Songs stretch from the worshipful "Nothing Can Compare," to the acoustic "Complete," the familiar "Sing Unto Thee," the steady "Call My Name," and the pleasant "The Only One." They're all diverse songs by nature, held together by a passionate love for God and a steady pop undertone that makes the album pleasant for the ear, and good for the soul. In fact, this album would go perfect with a sunny, Spring drive to church.

One of the best debuts of the year in Christian music. It's a very pleasant listen complete with wholesome lyrics and a beautiful voice. Call it reflective, call it thoughtful, or just call it what it is, an album full of heart.

And thanks to VSR Music Group for the opportunity to review this wonderful album, and for sending the lovely poster. Thanks a million!

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Beautiful Music | Posted February 11, 2009
This is a beautiful cd. Kelly Mack has a beautiful voice and the lyrics to some of the songs will really make you think. I also enjoyed the background music. It seems that a lot of cd's that feature female vocalists lack the good quality music that it takes to have a good song, but not this cd. It was however, a little bit slow in parts for my tastes, but overall the cd was definitely worth listening to.

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LauraCC (255)

Second Listen Liked It | Posted January 24, 2009
I listened to this first when I had a headache, so pretty much everything sounded bad. But afterwards, I really liked it. With quiet reflective vocals, including duets with self, the songs are simple and beautiful. She reminded me of the women in the Rankin family as far as voice goes.
My fave song was the one where she takes on the role of Mary, reminiscing about Jesus being her little child and wishing she could comfort him as he was dying. A great debut.

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skybo90 (173)

Kelly Mack | Posted November 03, 2008
Kelly Mack is an amazing praise and worship artist. I was really impressed by her album. She has a real passion for the music. She also has a very amazing voice.

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Absolutely Beautiful! | Posted October 03, 2008
This was a wonderful debut CD for Kelly. Her voice is so beautiful. The comparisons with mainstream artist Sarah McLachlan, or Christian artist Leigh Nash, are definitely accurate, for those are who I thought of as well while listening to Kelly's music. Her use of the Psalms comes as no surprise to me, either, because the lyrics in her songs are so poetic and thoughtful. Overall the CD is just so uplifting and inspirational. It's the kind I wouldn't mind playing throughout my house because it creates a wonderful praise and worship atmosphere. It's also the kind of CD that I would choose to play if I had trouble falling asleep, just because it's so peaceful. Even if you don't normally listen to this style of music, I think you should give Kelly's CD a shot and just take a listen. You'll like what you hear; I know I did.

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aylaeh (203)

good first album | Posted October 02, 2008
Today in the mail I got a copy of Kelly Mack's album Take Me with You. When I got home I decided to give it a listen through. The vocals are light and airy and made me want to take my Ipod out on my patio and relax.

My favorite song on the album is the title track. It's acoustic. I love that style. The lyrics are, well, as someone else said, thoughtful. The song is smooth and in a way very quiet.

Bring Me to My Knees starts out very dramatically. When I was listening to the lyrics they made me think.

The lyrics for the songs on this albums are very poetical. The music is enjoyable. I can really seem myself listening to this album, reading a good book and enjoying the outdoors.

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