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Above [edit]
by Pillar | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: September 26, 2000

Inspired by 1 Timothy 3:15, where Paul describes God's household as ". . .the pillar and foundation of truth," Pillar lived up to its name with the album Above. Drawing comparisons to mainstream artists like Limp Bizkit, 311, and Rage Against The Machine, Pillar weaved rock, rap, and funk with catchy riffs and melodic interludes. Includes "Open Your Eyes," "You Should Know," "Father," and the title track.

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Live For Him
03. You Should Know
04. Above
05. Original Superman
06. Guess Who's Won
07. Time To Play
08. Open Your Eyes
09. Something Real
10. Unity
11. Reaching Out
12. Galactic Groove
13. All Day Everyday
14. Father

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fantastic! | Posted September 11, 2008
well, i wanted more songs on there last cd, and i guess this cd makes up for it ! These songs rock! I love the rock, hip-hop, and rap sounds ... i loved the mixed sounds! Keep it up!

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COOL! | Posted June 26, 2008
in Pillars first two CDS they rap thats cool and then they start to do rock but i really like this Cd because its not bad rap its good christan rap and the song Origonial Superman is the best

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djgreen (15)

Decent | Posted June 10, 2008
A pretty good debut by Pillar, and there are some very good songs on this album. There are also a few weak songs that are about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes long. "Live For Him", "Open Your Eyes", and "Original Superman" are all really good songs. I would recommend this album to a huge Christian rock fan or any Pillar fan. A good start for Pillar, overall.

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username2 (378)

A Good Debut | Posted May 26, 2008
I did not know that Rob Beckley could rap. Now that that is out of the way onto the review. Pillar's debut album is a weird mix of worship, rap, and nu-metal but in a good way. Both this album and TFK's Set It Off album came out in the same year and I feel that that kind of rap/nu-metal style was the in thing at the time. Anyway, it's a great album for anyone fan who wants to listen to how Pillar got into the Christian music scene.

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Thumbs up | Posted April 02, 2008
Different from Pillar's other CD's, but good. Its more rap rock, some songs more rap than others. The most "rap" song is Galactic Grove. My favorite songs are Original Superman and Open Your Eyes. Original Superman is about how God can solve our problems, and yes he is better than superman. On Open Your Eyes I like the music he both raps and sings on this track, also it has good lyrics. A good CD overall but you would probably not know it was Pillar unless I had not just told you.

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superant (20)

Great | Posted January 17, 2008
Its Fantastic! I could listen to it forever.

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Phil413 (45)

Above | Posted January 02, 2008
A good album, not great, and definitely not their best. In fact it's my least favorite, too much rap. That being said, I still really liked a couple of the songs, All Day Everyday, & Guess Who's Won, and I thought all the lyrics were well written. Clear cut & straight to the point.

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=] | Posted September 21, 2007
Pillar is one of my favorite bands. I reccommend this cd to any rock fan!! =]

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Pillar | Posted September 10, 2007
I love Pillar, but this album is more hip hop and rap then rock, if you like their rock style check out their other albums, but if you like their hip hop/rap style, this would be a great CD for you :)

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ichiben (193)

Above | Posted July 25, 2007
Decent debut album with some catchy tunes. Too much hiphop, not enough rock though.

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