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Quiet Revolution [edit]
by Telecast | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: April 29, 2008

Having had previous radio success with their song "Beauty Of Simplicity" and being the leader of one of the fastest growing churches in Portland, Oregon, Telecast is well poised for the release of their third album, Quiet Revolution.

Track Listing
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01. Message
02. Temporary Twilight
03. All Around Me
04. Beautiful Mystery
05. Anchor of My Soul
06. Impossible Possibility
07. Enclosed by You
08. Come Down
09. Shoreless Ocean
10. Quiet Revolution
11. All That You Are
12. Infinite Worth

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Solid Vertical Worship Album | Posted August 14, 2008
Telecast really hooked me with their debut album and title song The Beauty of Simplicity as the Brit-pop sound blended perfectly with frontman Josh White's biblical vertical worship with other standout songs The Way and Release The Deep from the 2nd album Eternity Is Now. Fans of Coldplay, Leeland, Starfield and Phil Wickham should enjoy Telecast.

Quiet Revolution is the 3rd and most complete album by Telecast in my opinion. I was hooked right away by All Around Me and Come Down, the two most upbeat songs on this solid vertical worship album. The album then takes on a mellow feel as the title song indicates. For meditation on God's Word with biblical truth and catchy melodies I was not disappointed as nice soft songs can set a worshipful mood. The remaining standout songs for me are Beautiful Mystery regarding God's beauty in the unseen, Anchor of My Soul and The Message which is a great example of biblical truth based on 1 John 1:6-9.

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IronJedi (112)

A Tranquil Turn | Posted July 29, 2008

One of the telling signs of a “successful” band is there ability to adapt, change and grow. Sometimes this growth or change is subtle and gradual. Other times change seems to come unexpectedly from left-field. Such was the case with Telecast’s second album, Eternity Is Now. The band creatively swerved into very folksy, almost alt-country territory, eschewing the modern pop/rock worship sound of their debut. The band’s stylistic change caught many fans by surprise, including this reviewer.

With their third outing, Quiet Revolution, the band (wisely, subtley and successfully) integrates their more creative, “rural” impulses with the sound from their debut that wowed fans and critics. The music is organic and nuanced yet shrewdly steeped in modern pop/rock. Josh White and the band continue to create a union of erudite and affective worship lyrics and finely-crafted music.

Continuing with the album’s Civil War motif, President Abraham Lincoln declared, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.” Telecast’s lyrics, music and motivating passion (read the liner notes) not only encourages listeners to be on God’s side, but to be a part of His transformative works- beholden to a lifestyle that acts in substantive, tangible ways… following the example of that quiet revolutionary, Jesus.

Chasen, Fee, NeedtoBreathe, PFR, Robbie Seay Band, Rush of Fools and Ruth enthusiasts will find something to like on this disc.

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Nathan (188)

A future Possibility | Posted June 13, 2008
Josh White is a multi talented person: pastor, painter, and front man for the band Telecast. Now on the bands third album, Quite Revolution, White is trying to mix theology back into music. But good intentions don’t make a good album, that’s why the band throws out creative worship/pop/light rock/alterative music along with its Jesus centered music.

The album opens up with “all around me” which has a creative beat with a taste of Brit-rock, but ends as a relatively unchallenging light rock song. White’s vocals sound similar to that of Jars of clay but the music is somewhat different like on “Come down” which is decent soft rock tune, “Impossible impossibility” has unpredictable music which is carried by strong verses and a impressive bridge, and it’s one of the more harder rock songs on the album. The skillful composition writing of Telecast is revealed on “beautiful mystery” which is alternative, with the piano playing an impressive supporter. The light guitar based song “enclosed by you” is solid, and soft “anchor my soul” is average.

It sounds as though Telecast was taking lessons from the Jars of Clay “work” on “temporal twilight”. “The message” opens up softly with anticipation of a rock explosion but turns into a decently paced light rock tune. “Quite revolution” is not really as strong as most title tracks are, as the light rock is nothing new or impressive and it starts a fall of the quality of music. “Shore less ocean” lacks musical depth, and the girl guy duet on “all that you are” is almost as annoying than it is creative. The ending song “infinite worth” falls short of the highlight list with its simple acoustic guitar action.

The music is self admittedly simple, as the band didn’t want their music to over shadow their lyrics, sadly it doesn’t take much to make the lyrics the main event. Telecast does get an ‘A’ for effort though, each song sounds very passionate about it’s topic, especially “beautiful mystery”, which centers around 1 Peter 1:8. But Telecast ventures into dangerous waters with the album, more specifically the first two songs, when they sing about how much they love Jesus (it’s much easier to sing about how much He loves us). Also the CD falls into a lot of modern clichés and simple worship tunes. On the bright side of things someone can listen to Quite Revolution and be overwhelmed with their messages and lyrics.

The theological problems are there if you want to be picky, and the music can be just so simple it becomes tedious. However For the right person Telecast’s latest album is a gem that should be more widely broadcast, but to someone else it may seem like boring CD, barley putting it on the wire.

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Great CD to listen... | Posted June 17, 2008
I never heard of this group, but until i bought this cd, it was really great. Some of the song it really turn my eye open, u have to get the cd, its powerful music, u enjoy it...

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