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Supernatural [edit]
by DC Talk | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 22, 1998

The best-selling modern rock/pop artist in the history of Christian music has created a completely unique and hit-packed record that will rock your world. Includes title track, "Godsend," "Consume Me" and more.

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. It's Killing Me
03. Dive
04. Consume Me
05. My Friend So Long
06. Fearless
07. Godsend
08. Wanna Be Loved
09. The Truth
10. Since I Met You
11. Intro Jesus
12. Supernatural
13. Red Letters
14. There is a Treason At Sea

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Brilliant | Posted August 07, 2009
Understated would be, well, an understatement to the way that this, dc Talk?s last full studio album, is remembered. Of course, following up ?Jesus Freak? would be a huge task, but it was one that Toby, Michael, and Kevin did seamlessly. ?Supernatural? came out in 1998, right at the start of the boy-band craze of the late 90?s. but there three guys were far from being another boy band?they were three guys with a heart after God, looking to make music to draw people closer to Jesus.

The album starts off with a short intro that gives you the feel for this what-will-be eerie album. It gets going with the song ?It?s Killing Me?, and this song just goes to showcase to musical maturity that these three achieved in their ten year carrier as a band. No sign of rap or hip hop anywhere to be seen on this album?

It goes on with ?Dive?, yet another song that brings the theme of the album back into the lyrics. What is that theme you may ask? Walking on water and supernatural warfare. While it might sound complicated and overwhelming, the lyrics are delivered in a way that will make you want to dive more deeply into the Word of God.

?Consume Me? is easily the standout of the album. It was the first time that the guys truly penned a worship song, yet in true dc Talk nature, they wrote it in a very non-conventional way that works beautifully. It will surely lead you into a time of worship that you won?t want to escape. ?My Friend (So Long)? is the fifth track and one that will for sure get a laugh out of you. Yet another reminder of how the boys took their message seriously, but when it came down to the root of them?they had no problem being honestly hilarious.

?Fearless? and ?Godsend? make the next two tracks?.amazing lyrics (in true fashion of the band) and music that was unlike anything out there at the time. A modern mainstream sound but with words that would make you want to go deep in your walk with God. ?The Truth? is yet another song with the theme of the album in tote. While ?Since I Met You? is an upbeat take on becoming a Christian and how our lives instantly change for the better.

?Into Jesus? is the most uncanny on the album. Very chilling melodies and words that really make the whole idea of supernatural warfare in your mind come alive?by the end of the song; you know that we are in a battle. The title track ?Supernatural? follows up with a rock songs that will sure to get you off your feet with a great and steady message to boot. The haunting ?Red Letters? is the last song on the album, running over 6 minutes with words that will hit you hard in the gut, and string arrangements that will leave you in awe of the musicianship of this album. ?There Is a Treason At Sea? is the last track on the record, a poem written by Kevin Max that brings the whole album back to the main theme of itself.

With the enormous popularity of ?Jesus Freak?, I do believe that people might have been to critical on this record for not being the exact same thing. The guys made it very clear that for this album they were shooting for something new, and they did exactly that. Both ?Jesus Freak? and ?Supernatural? have very deep and intense messages, but both are very different. While ?Jesus Freak? focuses on a daily walk of a believer, this album will leave you with a deeper understanding of God and who He is and the battle for souls we are in. This album is a wake up call to believers? and a very relevant message still today.

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A Truely Steller Release | Posted January 29, 2008
As soon as we thought dc Talk had nothing left up their sleeves, they pull out some more tricks and shove them all into their fifth release Supernatural. Posed as Christian's most recognizable band, dcTalk continued to build their sound from their previous mega-hit record Jesus Freak. Supernatural is one of the best albums in a long time, with genuine hits such as "My Friend (So Long)" and the moving balled "Red Letters." True dcTalk fans will be left drooling.

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Dc Talk is awesome!!! (you already knew that) | Posted September 11, 2008
Well...where should I start. Dc Talk is awesome and they've done an incredibly good job with their songs. The songs are all well done and they're a classic :D How could you not like their songs? Listening to Dc Talk brings back memories for me when I was little.'s the best songs on this album: "My Friend (So Long)", "The Truth", "Dive", "Into Jesus", "Consume Me", and "Since I Met You". I like the other songs too! 5 stars for this cd of course ~ it's Dc Talk!!! :D

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username2 (375)

Great But Not Amazing | Posted August 27, 2012
It's almost a fact that the album that comes after a mega hit one is not that good.  dc Talk probably knew this and just decided to make the best album they could.  The result is kind of what I expected in that it's nowhere near as good as Jesus Freak but it does have enough standout material to differentiate it from their other albums.  Supernatural is, at its core, a full-on pop album.  There are almost no traces of their rap roots to be found.  That was a bit dissapointing to me as I wanted to hear Toby bust out some more rhymes but, alas, no such luck.

Supernatural is a fine follow-up to an album that changed everything about Christian music.  MIchael, Kevin, and Toby set out to make a great album and they, by and large, succeed at doing that.  The album showcases a maturity that we have noticed all throughout their discography.  It's a fond goodbye to a legendary group.

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awesome | Posted October 08, 2008
i like dc talk. there older stuff isn't as good as their newer stuff, but their music is great. they should be considered classic christian music.........

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Good | Posted March 15, 2008
this cd is ok not dc talk's best.

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O K | Posted November 24, 2007
It was Ok. Only a few songs stuck to me.

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