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Children 18:3 [edit]
by Children 18:3 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

The sibling glamrock trio was named HM Magazine's "Best Unsigned Band Of 2006". Drawing varied influence from Rancid, The Beatles, Blink 182 and Gwen Stefani, Children 18:3 introduced themselves to the world in 2008 with their self-titled record, and legendary live show.

Track Listing
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01. All My Balloons
02. LCM
03. You Know We're All So Fond Of Dying
04. Search Warrant
05. Even Sleeping
06. Ditches
07. The City
08. Homemade Valentine
09. Samantha
10. Mock The Music
11. A Chance To Say Goodbye
12. Time And Wasted Bullets
13. Balloons Reprise
14. Final
15. Who They Are (iTunes Bonus Track)

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Nathan (188)

They might be Children, but their music is already grown up | Posted February 21, 2009
(NOTE: the rating has nothing to do with this review)

Ever wonder how Family Force 5 would sound if they did punk music? I haven’t either, but if they did there is a chance that it might sound like Children 18:3. Although the band doesn’t have quite the same techno influence as Family Force 5 the trio punkers from Minnesota looks scary also. Taking their name from Matthew 18:3 (‘Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.’) this family of rockers takes one of the most energetic authentic punk acts to their self titled debut.

Right off the bat it’s clear that Children 18:3 has something a pretty special going on, or at the very least unique. The first single “you know we are so fond of dying” is low tempo compared to most of the album with its consistent, but repetitive, punk/rock beat which stands on its own. Most of the time David Hostetter has the lead vocals, but with the most notable exception “search warrant” is driven by his sister Lee Marie who generates a Superchic[k] like atmosphere, only on ten cups of coffee. However most of the meat is mad up of songs like “ditches” where the main guitar riffs sound partially like a cat being scorched by a flame thrower and “all of my balloons” a very wild punk song which at times echo’s Last Tuesday on steroids.

It’s pleasant to see fourteen tracks show up on the band’s debut disc but it’s sad to see “Even sleeping”, the fifth song on the CD, top the first thirteen tracks with its 3:16 track length. Song lengths drop as low as 36 seconds on the pointless “balloons reprise” and 53 seconds on “Samantha” the light guitar led ballad. But still Children 18:3 is efficient most of the time pumping out the intense punk/rock “final” which has a very distinct bridge. With the exception to the 80’s punk style “The city” when the music slows down Children 18:3 still retains their poise in their softer punk tunes like “a chance to say goodbye” which has a pleasant pop/punk sound which adds depth to the album.

If only all of Children 18:3’s messages where as easy to figure out their bands name, but other than a few notable exceptions the surface of their first album is an enigma. “Homemade Valentine” ponders the unbelief of the Disciples during Christ’s time in the tomb and “final” takes the stance that to die is to gain (‘Go ahead and show yourself/As you were born to do/Their fathers killed the prophets/Hallelujah! They're going to kill us too’). However “you know we are so fond of dying” has an unclear message but it’s possible the singer is tired of being used for bad proposes as band states ‘Maybe Jesus could take it away’. Among other cryptic songs “Samantha” seems discourage suicide.

But is Children 18:3 point on “LMC” to live life with more urgency or is it complicated with no purpose (‘They're coming/You know you can't run with the death squad shooting’). It probably has purpose but none that easily reveals itself and along with “LCM's” strange theme follows half the album. Nevertheless this is a good start for Children 18:3 and its clear good things are in store of them if they can continue their outstanding extreme punk tunes along with clearer messages.

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PUNK'S NOT DEAD AFTER ALL | Posted September 29, 2008
Honestly, I’ve grown rather jaded by the punk rock scene over the last five years or so, which is why I’m glad my first encounter with Children 18:3 was a promotional photo. They certainly didn’t look like any of the recent crop of pop-punk rockers—instead, the harshly-lit black-and-white photo showed a band that looked dredged up from the backstage of some old-school New York City punk show. Clearly, this band was something special.

Far away from the smoky venues of New York, siblings David, Seth and Lee Marie Hostetter formed the three-piece Children 18:3 in central Minnesota, where they not-so-quietly honed their rock & roll skills while not working on the family farm. And what can I say? With super-energetic performances that make the songs actually fun to listen to, and influences from east coast to west coast, old school to new wave (I can even forgive the one song that borderlines on ska), they rock. The melodies are catchy and the vocals are bold, with great interplay between the male and female voices, as the singing duties are shared by David and Lee Marie. Standout songs include “LCM,” “Homemade Valentine” and “Ditches.” But really, if you like punk, this is an album not to be missed. - Andrew Scates

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Definitely the Best | Posted January 09, 2014
This album was the very last Children 18:3 album I've bought about 6 months ago, and I cannot stop listening to it. I haven't found a single song I don't like. This is the Children 18:3 CD that's set the bar for all debuting punk-rock artists. I still can't believe that this is a freshman track list because Lee Marie, David and Seth are so energetically raw, yet sophisticatedly in-tune. I only wish their following albums had stayed closer to their roots- not that they aren't great, but they haven't been able to measure up to what I believe to be THE best record they've ever put out.

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Children 18:3 | Posted August 19, 2011
Children 18:3' debut release is an album I instantly fell in love with. I came across "All My Balloons" on a Tooth and Nail sampler and noticed a different sound in the band and after listening to the rest of the album I knew I had stumbled into an awesome band. The album also includes alot of other great songs, including "Homemade Valentine" that  brilliantly captured the thoughts and feelings of the Christians on the road to emmaus and "Mock the Music" which is an anthem in keeping the music your own and not making it if it's not you. I highly recommend this album.

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Children 18:3 | Posted October 05, 2009
At first I didn't even think they were Christian. The cover of the cd makes them look creepy and emo. But their music is amazing. The words to the songs are pure poetry. I love how the girl and the guy switch off with the vocals so you get a variety. My favorite song on here personally is "Search Warrant". It has that girl power type sound and the lyrics are very well written. I love this band and I can't wait for their next cd to come out.

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username2 (378)

My New Favorite Punk Band Ever | Posted June 30, 2009
The debut album from these guys is just incredible. Every song on it is well written and very well thought of music wise. It's original. I can probably compare these guys to Rise Against because much of Children 18:3's sound is harsh punk just like Rise Against. I would recommend this album to anyone who is looking for something different musical wise.

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LOVE IT SO MUCH | Posted September 23, 2008
I'm a punk rock chick to the core, so naturally...I love Children 18:3!!!!!Punk rock music,great guy-girl trade off vocals,and poetic lyrics...I adore this cd!LCM is my favorite song!

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Just what this world needs | Posted July 15, 2008
In my opinion, there are too few bands that you can turn up on your stereo or Ipod, and have it actually DO something for you, with Ska-type guitar riffs and variety in not only lyric content, but also in sound, in other words, you don't feel like you're listening to the same song after an hour. when the song changes, you know it. Children 18:3 is a band that is perfect for hard-rockers who just need to listen to something different. With songs like "We're all so fond of dying", "Homemade Valentine and the more popular "All my Balloons" they bring the rock, and of course, since they are a rock band, they bring the rock with all of their songs, but in moderation, they mix it up with one or two light rock songs like "the City" which is more of ska-without-the-brass-instruments rock. I suggest that everyone who loves rock but is looking for something slightly different for their music collection, this is the album to get.

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different... in a good way | Posted July 15, 2008
im always looking for a new different kind of sound and if you are too this is it. sure they look odd but whos to say what normal is ;] i love it!....

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luv it! | Posted June 15, 2008
I loved this band at first listen. They have a killer punk-y-ness about them, it takes me back to when i really started getting into rock music...except there a Christian version of bands that i used to like a lot. i really really like them. like theres not a song on the album that i do not like. my favorites are LCM, All My Balloons, You Know We're All So Fond Of Dying, and Homemade Valentine

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