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Albatross [edit]
by The Classic Crime | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: May 23, 2006

When you think of some of the premier bands from the last two decades, you can't help but think of the Pacific Northwest. While The Classic Crime claims a musical pedigree harkening back to the legendary Seattle rock acts of the 1990s, the band's distinct musical signature is certain to leave an indelible mark on the present day rock landscape all their own. Assaulting your psyche with a high intensity, guitar-driven rock-riff sound coupled with arresting melodies and lyrics from Matt MacDonald's prophetic mind, The Classic Crime's songs will leave you humming for days on end.

Track Listing
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01. The Fight
02. Flight Of Kings
03. Who Needs Air
04. Blisters & Coffee
05. The Coldest Heart
06. All The Memories
07. Say The Word
08. I Know The Feeling
09. Warrior Poet
10. Bitter Uprising
11. We All Look Elsewhere
12. Headlights

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ARNgal (15)

got me addicted | Posted June 02, 2011
this is the best first album i have ever heard.
they had me hooked by the end of the first song!!
their lyrics are honest and real.
but they encourage at the same time!
p.s. they are SO much fun live!!!! 

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username2 (376)

Generic but Still a Good Time | Posted June 30, 2009
The Classic Crime made a big impression when their debut album released. I really enjoyed this album a lot. The hooks were catchy and the songs were well written. The only complaint I have is about the last song on the album. It just felt out of place to me but besides that, this album is well worth it.

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TCC | Posted October 23, 2008
This cd is incredible! I can't believe that this was a debut! Blisters and Coffee,I Know The Feeling,and All The Memories are AWESOME songs!!!!!!!! The Classic Crime ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Albatross | Posted August 27, 2008
I love this album..... I think The Classic Crime are now one of my favorite bands. I love "Flight of Kings" "Who Needs Air" and "Blisters and Coffee." I can't wait to get The Silver Cord.

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djgreen (15)

Amazing | Posted June 10, 2008
This is one of my favorite cds. The Classic Crime really shows that they have talent with this record. There is a lot of variety on the disc and a lot of really good songs. I can't wait for their next album. My favorite songs are "Say The Word", "The Fight", "We All Look Elsewhere", and "Flight of Kings".

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Great Music | Posted January 29, 2008
The Classic Crime brings just great rock in this album. Songs like 'the fight' and 'coldest heart' deliver great rock melodies just to rock with. and 'headlights' is a nice slow song to listen to. yeah classic crime's Albatross is pretty good.

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Albatross | Posted October 31, 2007
I think this Cd rocks. It's a great rock CD with catchy songs and good beats. I love the lead singer's voice, it works for the harder songs and for the slow ones. The best songs are The Fight, The Coldest Heart and Headlights, in my opinion, but every song is good.

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mayhem (31)

Well... | Posted October 24, 2007
They're still pretty new as a band I think. There are some really solid songs on this CD and it's a lot more vocally stable than other stuff they've put out, but you can tell they still have a lot of growing to do musically. I'm not pushing them completely aside just yet. This album has peaked my interest just enough to make me curious as to what's next for them.

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Ice cold | Posted September 29, 2007
Best Songs:

The Coldest Heart & The Fight

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Who needs Air?? | Posted September 09, 2007
I Like this album a lot i like to play it over and over.
Coldest Heart and The Fight are my favorites.

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