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Our World Redeemed [edit]
by FLAME | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: March 04, 2008

The Cross Movement Records artist who blazed the Gospel Rap scene in 2004 with his self titled debut album, FLAME, joins with key hit-making Producers to birth his highly anticipated fourth album and sequel to Our World Fallen. Shedding light on the Genesis 3 story concerning the fall of man and how it relates and affects our society today in Our World Fallen, the Christian Rap artist will unveil the counterpart of the series, aptly titled Our World Redeemed.

The avidly awaited Holy Hip Hop album will serve as an instrument of hope, victory and deliverance when it hits shelves and online March 4 2008. Featuring 16 tracks of continuous hits, conceptual segues, appearances from newcomers and vets, Our World Redeemed arrives at a time where generations are plagued with doubt, fear and confusion. Even in the midst, the compelling goal of Our World Redeemed is to reinforce the dire need to accept Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life.

Known for his thought provoking verses, truly inspired in every sense by scripture, just as much as he is for his heavy Midwestern flair, the Christian lyricist and 2008 Holy Hip Hop Honoree also known as Marcus T Williams-Gray, is currently a Biblical Counseling student at Boyce College in Louisville. Born and raised in the inner city of St Louis, FLAME has ministered for more than 10 years in music and speaking engagements through various platforms. After releasing his debut album, he followed suit with Rewind, which earned him a Dove Award nod for the anthem 'Gotta Notice.' Gaining National radio and satellite airplay with tracks such as 'Myspace,' 'Shinin' and 'Heart Stops' from Our World Fallen, his gritty music video, 'Goodness to Repentance' is also in rotation on BET, BETGospel, Gospel Music Channel and many other music video outlets.

As March 4th nears, more information on FLAME and his new release, Our World Redeemed, will distribute through www.FLAME314.com, www.MYSPACE.COM/FLAME314 and www.CROSSMOVEMENTRECORDS.com

Track Listing
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01. Flash Back (Intro)
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02. Funeral to Birthday (feat. Json & Pastor Kenny Petty)
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03. Go Buck
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04. Who Can Pluck Us
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05. It's You (feat. Robert "Don" Barham)
06. Confession (Interlude)
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07. Hold On
08. I Been Redeemed (feat. Trip Lee)
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09. On That Cross
10. See More Him Intro
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11. See More Him
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12. Power In Your Name (feat. Dawndia)
13. Drama of Redemption (Interlude)
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14. It's All Gon' Pass (feat. Future & Iz-Real)
15. 2nd Coming (feat. Shai Linne)
16. Joyful Noise (feat. Lecrae & John Reilly)

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OUR WORLD REDEEMED | Posted September 29, 2008
Less than a year after shedding light on the world’s fall from grace with the apocalyptic Our World: Fallen, St. Louis rapper FLAME continues to spew fire with Our World: Redeemed, his fourth album on the Cross Movement label. But don’t expect the two discs to be cut from the same mold. As if doing a 180-degree turn, FLAME’s Our World: Redeemed is almost the polar opposite to its predecessor, favoring slicker, more in-your-face sound beds over the generally brooding atmosphere of the prequel.

This change is needed. FLAME is no longer rapping about humanity’s lost cause, but inspiring it to rise above its abject condition, to choose life in Christ above death in its own trespasses. For the emcee, bereavement is a cause for rejoicing (“Funeral to Birthday”), pain a precursor to abundance (“Hold On”), bloodshed the preamble to eternity (“On That Cross”).

On occasion, FLAME tends to place style in front of substance (“Go Buck”), AND the beats aren’t always conducive to the hope-filled nature of the album’s thesis. This gives the proceedings an air of self-seriousness that could curtail the celebratory character of the disc. In all, though, Our World: Redeemed ascribes all honor and glory to Jesus, so that, by album’s end, there’s no confusion as to whose name is the only one by which men and women can be saved. - Andree Farias

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namzy (135)

Joyful noise | Posted August 22, 2014
So this song is just just so so so uplifting ..........................................the lyrics are just out of this word and the ryhming is just so powerful. We tried to do this song just once at our church with our Sunday School Arcadis Baptist Church it was just so powerful.

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ff5g1c (5)

Awesome! | Posted March 06, 2012
 I LOVE the song Joyful Noise with Lecrae and John Reilly!! IT IS ONE OF THE BEST RAP SONGS THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to be able to listen to more of this album when I get the chance!!!!!

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justrun7 (14)

One of the Best | Posted November 30, 2009
This is one of the best artists and albums out there right now. Flame deserves recognition for going out into areas that many people are afraid of and spreading the Gospel. Flame also has great music that can reach those areas with beats that anyone would like and lyrics that are truthful. This was Flame's best album (in my opinion)and is a great way to share the Gospel by just letting the album play. It also contains what many considered to be the song of the year in hip hop with "Joyful Noise". This album was also nominated for a Grammy Award & must be owned by any hip hop lover.

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Our World Redeemed | Posted September 25, 2009
The best song on this album is Joyful Noise by far. This song has got a really good beat, but an even better message. The chorus is rockish, making it appeal to more than just the hip hop fans.

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ichiben (193)

Quality hip-hop | Posted September 12, 2009
To be honest, this style of hip-hop usually isn't for me. However, after hearing a few songs I liked and reading rave reviews about this album, I decided to give it a try. It didn't disappoint. As expected, I didn't like all of it, but it's a solid cd. Highlights include Joyful Noise, On That Cross, and Hold On. Flame is an inspired man with a great passion for spreading God's message.

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Flame. | Posted August 10, 2009
Our World Redeemed is part two of Flame's Our World albums. Our World Redeemed in my opinion, is better than part one, Our World Fallen because even though this album is someone slow, I feel it is more upbeat than Our World Fallen. Another reason for this is that Our World Fallen focuses on the sin in the world but Our World Redeemed deals more with our life in Christ. Also, this album has one of my favorite songs of all time,"Joyful Noise" featuring two other amazing artists, Lecrae and John Reilly. I strongly recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear an amazing album.

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Jaw Dropping!! | Posted July 22, 2009
What else can I say. "Our World Redeemed" is so good I listen to it every day. My favorite song is obviously "Joyful Noise". I actually used this song to introduce a friend of mine who isnt a Christian to Flame. I hope he will really pay attention to the lyrics which glorify God.
Every song is dedicated to God which is an encouragement to all of us to live our lives for him everyday. Other highlights in this album are "Who Can Pluck Us", "Its All Gon' Pass", "Hold On", and the title track.
I can't wait until his next album.

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jp2fan (18)

UNBELIEVABLE! | Posted February 15, 2009
THis incredible album left me absolutely speechless! I literally listened to this CD hundreds to thousands of times! Awesome album, catchy beats, powerful/truthful beats!


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OUR WORLD REDEEMED Synopsis | Posted February 01, 2008
For a generation heavily inundated with fallen images, depicting a world redeemed will fall short of its true meaning because of our world's wiles, wickedness, and corruption - our world is fallen. The Bible pens for us God's redemption in Israel within the Old Testament and provides a vivid description of how, now, our world is being redeemed one person at a time through Jesus Christ. Until then, rest assured, there is joy, victory and hope that stems from the biblical fact that God will continue to redeem his people... FLAME's OUR WORLD REDEEMED merely serves as confirmation.

Arriving at a time when society is plagued more than ever with thoughts of doubt, fear and confusion, the blazing lyricist arises for his fourth album and sequel to OUR WORLD FALLEN where he left us on a cliffhanger. Swooping back on the scene to pick up where he left off, FLAME returns to conclude the dramatic epic in OUR WORLD FALLEN, present the study of the redemption process through pensive lyricism while taking us on a victorious driven journey that will exchange the thoughts of despair for redemptive thoughts of deliverance.

Immediately, in OUR WORLD REDEEMED, after wrapping up the OUR WORLD FALLEN story, FLAME literally makes a screeching halt to bring OUR WORLD REDEEMED's plateau to a high in the aptly titled 'Go Buck,' a track orchestrated by its amped opener and hook; laden with deep horns and bass boost. Continuing on its unflinching path, the album's most aggressive tracks include 'Who Can Pluck Us,' an extreme head banger laced with arranged strings and severe snares, and 'Hold On' that stakes a firm proclamation... crunk style. On the flip side, the album includes a lighter touch that embodies a tribute to the Lord in the soul stirring 'It's You' and the ballad that the industry is already calling a classic worship anthem for holy hip hop heads, 'Power In Your Name' featuring songstress Dawn Dia from the duo Cho'zyn. In 'See More Him,' a sincere breezy open heart prayer to God turned worship medley serves as FLAME's latest transparent track since the ever popular 'Give Us the Truth Part 1 & 2.'

Supported by top hit making producing vets Tony Stone, DJ Official, and fellow So Hot Productions member J.R., FLAME also teams up with amazing beat masters Chike, k-Drama, Speedy, and Alex Medina. Featuring 16 tracks of continuous hits, conceptual segues and collaborations with Trip Lee, Json, Iz-Real (Everyday Process), Future and shai linne, if this collection is not enough to persuade critics of an instant classic album, the highly celebrated venture and brilliantly placed outro, 'Joyful Noise,' is sure to catch everyone off guard. Infusing echoing snaps and sharp synthesizers with an unabashed wrenching rock infused electric guitar, the unforgettable track gleams with an appearance made by heavy hitting Gospel Rap artist Lecrae and tobyMac flavored John Reilly.

From his self-titled debut project to his second album, Rewind, FLAME's creative thread showed tremendous growth in his ability to easily pen the Truth from the Bible to the paper and from the paper to the mic. It is revealed in OUR WORLD FALLEN that FLAME's piercing and yet introspective lyrics could not be contained behind the album's concept, but, instead, it was clearly evident that he had undergone extensive artistic growth. The fire from FLAME continues in OUR WORLD REDEEMED, where the listener will be blown away by his killer hooks, heavy-handed production, clever rhyme schemes and conceptual story lines. The insanely talented Biblical Counseling student is currently attending Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky but was born in the inner city streets of St Louis. Influenced by the Hip Hop culture, at the age of 16, FLAME was drawn by the Holy Spirit unto salvation and began to diligently seek Christ in his heart and to be used by Christ in his music. One of the youngest members on Cross Movement Records' roster, FLAME has garnered national recognition from a myriad of Christian magazines, the GMA through a Dove Award nomination, #1 singles from radio, and a host of other Christian and Gospel media outlets. FLAME was also recently honored by the Holy Hip Hop association for his labor towards advancing the Holy Hip Hop ministry. OUR WORLD FALLEN peaked at #7 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums chart while he is consistently ranked each week MySpace's Top 10 Christian Rap artist and #1 Christian Rap artist out of Missouri.

FLAME's projects continue to outdo its predecessor with each groundbreaking release. This time, OUR WORLD REDEEMED exudes explosive energy amongst every track like he has never done before. Through the compelling goal to reinforce the dire need to accept Jesus Christ as the way, the Truth and the life by igniting his listeners - through music - to live out our purpose according to God's plan, OUR WORLD REDEEMED instantly clenches the attention of all; focusing believers on celebrating the finished work on the cross and the redemptive work of Christ within a fallen world.

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