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Best Days [edit]
by Sarah Reeves | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 22, 2023

Track Listing
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01. Best Days
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02. I'd Rather Be Living
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03. Back In Time (feat. Taylor Hill)
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04. Billboards On Sunset
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05. Trigged (feat. Social House)
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06. Zuma Beach
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07. Jealousy
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08. Heaven Right Away
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09. Any Other Way
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10. Wanna Be Here
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11. Conversations With Myself
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12. Flash
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13. Did You Forget
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14. Little More Less Alone
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15. Curtains
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16. Get Back Your Fight
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Finding Better Days | Posted November 06, 2023
What You Need To Know
Since releasing her first album in 2009, Word | Curb Records artist Sarah Reeves has become very versatile in her music. From the beginning of posting worship covers to Christian pop, to cinematic soundtracks, and now with her mainstream-focused pop project, Best Days, Sarah Reeves is always capturing fans with her beautiful voice and connecting music. The new album is a fresh start following her 2020 release, Life Love & Madness, and crafted into a standout project.

What It Sounds Like
Best Days is an exciting pop album that offers an engaging listening experience. Despite being Sarah's second pop project, which focuses on the mainstream audience, she has done an excellent job of expressing each song with modern pop production and vocals that can compete with those of most popular contemporary pop artists. The album features fun anthems ("Billboards On Sunset," "I'd Rather Be Living," "Any Other Way"), powerful ballads ("Zuma Beach, "Wanna Be Here, "Flash"), and personal stirring pop tracks ("Best Days," "Get Back Your Fight," "Conversations With Myself"). The album also sees Sarah experiment with retro elements sprinkled in songs like "Jealousy," "Back In Time," "Curtains," and a few others with her current style, which serve as a fun treat to listeners.

Spiritual Highlights
Sarah shared a deeply personal message with her fans when her single "Zuma Beach" was released. In the post, she talked about her recent divorce and revealed that the song was written to heal. The single was part of her upcoming album, and the post was a vulnerable moment for Sarah as she opened up to her fans.

Best Days is filled with songs that tackle challenging emotions like heartbreak, anxiety, depression, and moving forward when everything inside seems broken. Songs like the title track and the viral hit "Get Back Your Fight" stand out for their relatable lyrics and powerful message that Sarah carries with hope, as she does throughout the album. Although it doesn't contain many clear cries to God, the album takes the first step in honesty on the things in life we need God's help to step out of towards the better days He has for us. The album isn't afraid to be real, which Sarah demonstrates well in each song.

Sarah drops the h-word in "Curtains." Many won't mind, but some might be caught off guard by including the word. Although I wasn't too fond of hearing it being used this way, it doesn't raise an alarm or take away the message and reliability of this project or song. 

Best Song
The album's best song is "Get Back Your Fight." When I first heard the song, it connected with me while I was coming out of a season of depression. The song is a cinematic anthem paired with some of the best vulnerable songwriting I've heard in Christian music recently. I love everything from the production, the lyrics, and Sarah's soaring vocals. Millions have found encouragement through her vocals during mental battles. The title track is another "can't miss" favorite.

For Fans Of
Hollyn, Sajan NauriyalRachael Nemiroff

Final Word
Best Days finds Sarah bringing her beautiful songwriting and voice to the forefront, intertwined with modern pop beats and ballads that hit in a fresh and connectable way. I've listened to this album multiple times and repeatedly played many of the songs on my playlists. If you have yet to listen to her music, Best Days is a great place to begin and a solid addition to her music catalog. If you're in a good place or struggling to get there, Sarah's latest album is a fun look back that encourages us we aren't alone and can overcome to find the best days ahead for us.


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