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You Alone [edit]
by Echoing Angels | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: January 30, 2007

Good news. For the past 7 years this powerful worship group has lead churches all over the nation, echoing that same message for everyone to hear - the good news that Christ has come to save the world. With powerful worship songs that inspire and conviction that pours out with every song, their mission has been simple, yet focused - leading the masses into the presence of God.

While they blaze through their rock moments, sit down for acoustic segments, and lead praise and worship in the most intimate moments, Echoing Angels continue to play their small role in God's large plan.

"We are simple guys with a simple message. That message is that Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us." Chris Peevy, Lead Vocalist - Echoing Angels

Track Listing
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01. I Will
02. You Alone
03. Let Go
04. Rise Up
05. Coming Back To Life
06. Living Inside Of Me
07. Hallelujah
08. Make It Better
09. Free
10. Move Me

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Nathan (188)

Echos of Potential | Posted March 24, 2008
Echoing Angels is a pretty unlikely story, but a group of five Georgia guys managed a feel good story about regular guys who got a big break. In their first album, You Alone, they take a swing at worship music with some medium rock dabbed in.

Comparing the music to a popular a artist is not really hard, for Echoing Angels' music is very similar to Building 429 with a few harder tracks, but with fewer inspirational songs. The worship music is pretty standard, when their title track "you alone" came to the radio there wasn't a huge uproar about the light worship song. Unfortunately the same went for their second single "coming back to life". The album showcases similar average songs like "make it better" which is a upbeat light rock song which has a cheesy switch from verse to chorus.

Songs like "free" and "rise up" are, sad to say, weak songs that sound like they came from Building 429 weak songs. The lighter, more inspirational, songs "move me" and "hallelujah" sound nice. On the other side of the album though are some rough, but surprisingly decent medium rock songs. "I will" has problems concerning the refrain and the whole sound sounds is a bit off, but it is still okay. "My way back to you" is another medium where the bridge sounds very impressive. The best song in the album is "Let Go". " the rock/techno intro is great and the song fallows suit.

The lyrics are pretty typical of debut worship artists. "you alone" is nothing great and neither is "coming back to life". Despite the music "Move me" and "hallelujah" are pretty shallow lyrically. The album does have some good moments though, like on "I will" which is from Gods prospective of the lost and lonely and "let go" is a great song about doing the work that God has called us to. The worship songs "make it better" and "rise up" are nothing spectacular.

Echoing Angels' rock music has potential, and so does their lighter music, but they are at crossroads: go from harder music and have some lighter tracks, or stick with the worship music that they have done. The solution is probably a mix of both. If they work on making a good rock sound add more depth to their worship songs and add more God filled songs that people can relate to, it could be a good mix similar to Jeremy Camp's mixture. Right now they are stick with a lesser Building 429 where they will likely stay. Unless you are into the worship music that they do skip You Alone, but watch this bands progress.

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Great Band. | Posted April 18, 2011

I bought this album because I thought that cover looked pretty cool. I knew nothing about the band, and now I am a huge fan. I listened to this non-stop for about a week. I really like their music and recommend it to everyone I know.

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Good Listen | Posted March 13, 2009
If you think these guys are great on this album you need to see them in concert. All of the songs have great lyrics and heart felt meanings. They are very cool when you want to listen to worship.

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romans_8 (73)

ok | Posted September 14, 2008
I saw these guys in concert. They are new to me since this summer. I like the song "You Alone". They have a different sound. A sound that is almost southern gospel. not a good cd if you don`t like that kind of music, but still an ok cd.

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skybo90 (177)

great album | Posted June 09, 2008
this is a great album by a band who is all about praising Christ. this has a wide range of songs, ranging from rock to softer stuff. my favorite song is Let Go. this is a great album for fans of MercyMe and Building 429

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Nice! | Posted January 26, 2008
"You Alone" & "Coming Back To Life" are great songs! I found myself singing "You Alone" at random times, even before I knew who Echoing Angels were!

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Echoing Angels(You Alone) | Posted December 07, 2007
This is my new favorite CD,from my new favorite artists!

It musically has an awesome sound,and is lyricly very good.

"You Alone","Let Go" and the often radio played,"Coming Back to life" are my favorite songs,though all of them are awesome. =)

This is an album I think everyone should have as part of their collection ^_^

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