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Regeneration [edit]
by Superchick | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 21, 2003

Superchick reinvents their biggest hits by stripping away what was to RE[generate] a sound that is up-to-the-minute and in-your-face. Featuring 8 fan favorites, including "Barlow Girls," "So Bright" and "Hero," plus the brand new song "Me Against The World," as featured on Legally Blonde 2.

Track Listing
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01. One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)
02. Get Up (Heelside Mix)
03. Me Against the World
04. Barlow Girls (Space Monkey Lab Mix)
05. Stand Up (Mob Action Mix)
06. I Belong To You (Midnight Mix)
07. Princes and Frogs (Underdog Mix)
08. One And Lonely (The Beatmart Mix)
09. Hero (Red Pill Mix)

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Nathan (188)

Needs work. | Posted August 24, 2007
Regeneration is a remix CD from Superchic[k], as they give us another fun up-beat album.

Superchic[k] really has their act down when it comes to making snappy music, as most of their songs sound great. They have some rock with a punky sound mixed in, but some of the songs are a little raw yet, and not yet refined. The single "me against the world", "one girl revolution" and "stand up" are very fun and have a good beat, "one and lonely" does not sound impressive, but the remixed song "Barlow girls" sounds better than the original. The hit song "Hero" is fantastic, with a good piece of rap thrown in.

Lyrics are standard for superchick[k], as they talk about making a difference, stopping suicide, and having self respect. All of that is fine but their songs have little to do with God and some songs are pointless. Even the best messages on their songs are shallow.

A enjoyable album to listen to, but Regeneration is a an empty CD that won't impact anything but the radio charts.

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not at all | Posted September 04, 2009
I really didn't like this cd. The only song i really liked was one girl revolution (battle mix). Other than that i didn't really like it. I'm not a big fan of remixes anyway.

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Perfect Balance | Posted October 01, 2008
This cd has the perfect balance of songs you can rock out to and songs that can really inspire you. The first time I ever heard "Hero" I almost wanted to cry because it's so true. It' makes me want to stand up and help people because those types of things happen everyday. "We Live" Reminds you that you need to get up off your butt and live your life cuz it could be gone before you know it.

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Favorite Album | Posted June 27, 2008
This is my favorite album by superchick currently. The remixes are fresh and fun, not all base on their usual girl power stuff. Hero is really touching, and "I belong to you" is a wonderful worship song that reminds me that I do belong to the Lord.

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irocketh (89)

Got to love 'um | Posted March 26, 2008
This is a great CD. The song Hero made me cry. It'll have you singing all the words within two or three listens.

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Regeneration | Posted January 14, 2008
This is an AWSOME cd I got it for christmas from one of my best friends and I have not stoped listening to it! I love all the sones on it and I love to sing along to it! My two favorite songs on it are One Girl Revolution and Princes and Frogs. I always want to skip to them but I don't cuz I don't want to skip all the other songs. So I hope that you like this review and comment on it if you want.

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Good for a Remix Album | Posted October 19, 2007
I've never been a huge fan of remixes. I always believe the original song is better. So I didn't expect too much out of this CD. However, I listened to it and found that there ARE some songs that I like better than the originals - Hero (Red Pill Mix) being the main one! The new mix of Hero inspired and touched me even more than the original, which was pretty shocking. I usually don't care for rap too much, but the rap piece that they threw in the remix was so powerful. It blew me away. I'd buy this CD just for that one song!

I also liked how they added another verse to Princes And Frogs. I'd always thought that song was too short when I first heard it. And while I wouldn't say the Barlow Girls remix was BETTER than the original, it is a fun mix and I like it probably just as much as the first! I think the only song I really didn't like was Stand Up. It was slower and I just didn't care for it. The first version is MUCH better. But, all around, this is a good album!

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joanna (30)

A good effort | Posted September 30, 2007
Regeneration does a good job at providing some fresh takes on early Superchic[k] songs. Barlow girls gets a cool new vibe with a decent rap. Me against the world is a lot of fun as is princes and frogs. For me the stand out track is stand up. This version gives it a lot more intensity and emotion than the original. My only real complaint is that the album is quite short.

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???? | Posted September 30, 2007
pretty not good

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Superchick | Posted September 10, 2007
Superchick is great! I love this album, usually remixes don't turn out that well, but that isn't the case for this CD! It's full of great songs, I'd strongly recommend it :)

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