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All of the above [edit]
by Hillsong UNITED | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 22, 2007

* "All of the Above" DEBUTED on the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian Albums chart at #1
* "All of the Above" entered at #1 on the Top Praise and Worship Albums Chart
* "All of the Above" entered at #1 on the Top Digital Christian/Gospel Album Chart
* "All of the Above" entered at #60 on Billboard's Top 200 Chart which tracks all albums from all genres (they sold more then Arctic Monkeys, Hillary Duff, High School Musical, The Fray and Modest Mouse!!)
* "All of the Above" entered the iTunes Christian Album download charts at number 1

All of the Above is Hillsong Uniteds first studio album

Track Listing
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01. Point Of Difference
02. Break Free
03. Desperate People
04. Devotion
05. Draw Me Close
06. Lead Me To The Cross
07. Found
08. Hosanna
09. For All Who Are To Come [Selah]
10. Solution
11. My Future Decided
12. Never Let Me Go
13. You
14. Saviour King

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Excellent Worship Album! | Posted February 14, 2008
I'm so glad Hillsong United recorded a studio album and this album is such a perfect combination of upbeat and reflective songs, they are great in any format. Brooke Fraser's vocals on "Hosanna" and "Lead Me To The Cross" are extremely worshipful and captivating at the same time and "Solution", "Point of Difference" and "Saviour King" just round out an excellent worship album!

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One Good Worship CD | Posted August 04, 2008
Hillsong United All OF The Above is one of the best worship CDs that I have listen to and have used to worship with friends and Youth Groups.
It is another great CD along with the other Hillsong Albums.

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ofytube (158)

All of the Above | Posted February 18, 2014
You really should buy the first studio album All of the Above by Hillsong UNITED. These worshippers will make you praise with their songs. And you really need to listen to their music. Let's adore Him!

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Very good indeed | Posted August 08, 2013
 Lead Me To The Cross is a song from the heart, Brook Fraser also performs it very well on this album - not that it is about performance. Point Of Difference, what a great song. The message is fantastic. My Future Decided, one of my favourite praise songs. You is good but they have done better versions of it. Overall this album is pretty good. I can see why it charted so highly on Billboard.

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International Recognition | Posted July 27, 2013
Their second studio album "All Of The Above" in my opinion is what really put them out there and set them apart in the music industry. The sounds that you hear on the guitar in this album are so unique because it's unlike any other type of worship album I've heard.

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different title | Posted July 05, 2010
By far the best Hillsong album!!!! It is my favourite.It is an album that draws you into the atmosphere of worship. It's lyrics are powerful and stirring. It is great to hear the songs that are for a new genearation of worshippers. I am so glad that I have this album in my Cd collection.I cannot stop listening to it.

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above all | Posted July 14, 2009
This album is a must-have for any serious worship music enthusiast. The studio-recorded project goes beyond most live albums. This album has dramatically changed our worship music as we know it. Each song takes you into God's presence and is excellent for devotion. The lyrics inspire you to seek God as the beautiful music leads you to praise. Excellent album, unexpected from a studio-recorded project.

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Awsomer | Posted June 04, 2009
This is one of the very first albums I ever heard from Hillsong United and I was very impressed. If you have just become a christian or have been saved for years, This group is one that will help you stay strong through trying times.

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An Awsome Worship Album! | Posted May 14, 2009

All Of The Above is the new, full-length studio release by modern worship phenomenon, Hillsong United. Every year, they seem to hash out a new record, satisfying the numerous fans who hunger for new music that is uplifting, inspirational, and full of declaration.

The first track to open up the album is "Point Of Difference," a track filled with whirling guitars and lyrics that just ooze of passion and declaration, a great combination that makes this a rock-solid opener. "Break Free" takes the beat up a notch with swift electric riffs and drum beats, accompanied with a message that is pretty self-explanatory: breaking free from the bonds and chains that have held us down for so long and dancing in the presence of Christ. "Desperate People" takes a slower approach, filling the atmosphere with praise and adoration directed to our Savior. "Lead Me To The Cross" is one of the more subdued tracks, with a message that utters deliverance in a spine-tingling way. "Hosanna" is another chilling tune, this time putting the listener into a state of worship and personal sacrifice and devotion toward God. "Solution" is by far one of the most amazing tracks on the record, if the not the best. "My Future Decided" provides comfort and security in knowing that Jesus has all the plans laid out specifically for each of our lives.

Their music is unique and even though some people might find them monotonous, the lyrics are heartfelt and easy to learn.

All Of The Above is an outstanding release, and for awhile now it has been the number one worship album worldwide. With that fact stated, it is safe to say that this record is a great addition to any worship lover's collection.

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great | Posted October 07, 2008
i love hillsong music! it is vibrant, passionate, beautiful, and glorifying to God. each song is unique and well written.... Great cd and i am excited for more !!!!!!!!!

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Another one!! | Posted September 18, 2008
Yet another great from Hillsong!! I love how their musical talents are so great. Their lyrics are still awesome and still meaningful. Their songs are also really fun to play and when you can get a band together and play Brake Free you feel like your one of the best bands out there. I love listening to them all the time and this album is one of my favorites!!

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