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BarlowGirl [edit]
by BarlowGirl | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 24, 2004

The Barlow sisters are out to rock their generation with messages of faith, hope and living in God's perfect image-not MTV's. Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow are radical girls for God.

BarlowGirl...BarlowGirl... sounds a bit familiar already, you think? While the Barlow sisters have spent the last four years honing their pop/rock performances, sisterly harmonies and poignant songwriting, Inpop band Superchic[k] has already introduced them to the world. A few years back, the two bands ran into each other at a festival. Superchic[k] was so impressed with the sisters' stand on purity that they wrote and recorded what has become one of their most popular tunes-"Barlow Girls." With the platform already established for BarlowGirl, the girls are ready to take the world by storm with their passion for music and leaving a mark on the hearts and minds of their listeners.

Track Listing
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01. On My Own
02. Pedestal
03. Never Alone
04. Harder Than The First Time
05. You Led Me
06. Mirror
07. Superstar
08. Clothes
09. She Walked Away
10. Average Girl
11. Surrender
12. We Pray (Family Christian Stores Special Re-Release Edition ONLY)

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Older Material, Same Great Message | Posted August 12, 2009
I, like so many others, was amazed the first time I heard 'Never Alone' by this three sister trio. I as coming out of a very dark period in my life personally, so when this song was released, it was one of those moments when you feel like a song was written JUST for you. Needless to day I rushed out and bought their first self titled album right away...

Listening back on it now, it amazed me how much this band this band has progressed since 2004. Four albums and a very sucsessful Christmas album to boot have made this band one of the most sought-after acts in the CCM industry.

The album starts off with 'On My Own', a pop/rock song about not being able to save ourselves, next up is 'Pedestal', a streight up pop song about idoletry and the quote-on-quote 'power' of stardom. Lyrically it is very well written and, in today's world, MUCH needed...musically thought it grabs the tween crowd right off the bat. 'Never Alone' is the third cut and the most powerful on the record. It's sound is nothing like the rest of the album and those who have heard it will tell you that it will grab you and not let go for awhile.

'Harder Than The First Time' goes back to the pop sound the band first established on this record while 'You Led Me', a streight forward worship tunes, goes right to the core of a mellow tune with a gradual build up. 'Mirror', a song about self image is one of the most powerful songs on the record. Had 'Never Alone' not made the cut on this album, I can imagine this would have been the biggest hit off thier debut.

'Superstar' and 'Clothes' once again go back to the whimsical lyrics of the band and the pop/rock melodies that earned them thier fan base. 'She Walked Away', a moderen day tale about the prodigal son displayes the soaring vocal power of Alyssa Barlow (who, on this album, sang most of the lead vocals). 'Average Girl' is the anthem on the album that many BG fans, boy and girl alike, have adapted. This song about not dating and waiting on God's timing is one that will hook you instantly, and whether or not you like this band, there is no denying by this song that they VERY serious when it comes to thier stance on purity. A fantastic song. 'Surrender' closes the album on a somewhat mencholly note. A cry to God about not wanting to let go of our personal goals and dreams, but in the long run, giving them up for the sake of our calling. Tacked on at the VERY last second is a little 'band roll call' spoken by producer Otto Price's children--sounding a little too much like they are trying to copy what tobyMac does with his son truDog, it's still cute nonetheless.

This album is a fantastic debut--you'll be hooked instantly. The band's sound has matured drasticlly since the release of 'BarlowGirl' and if your looking for something with some heavier lyrics and grungier music I would deffiatly check out thier next few albums, but if your wanting something to uplift you Spiritually and leave a smile on your face--this is an album worth looking into.

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Got me through a hard time | Posted March 14, 2011
This album got me through the first year after my mom died.  'She Walked Away' is a lot of what I felt towards my mom giving up and my going back to college while she was sick.  It was her wish for me to go back, but it's still something that I wish I could redo and change my decision.

At any rate, this album is awesome and the messages are great! 

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Good! | Posted December 05, 2010
Theis album is pretty good! The lyrics are good and have a lot of meaning to them. This album is for Christian girls who are trying to stay away from this world and live for Christ. It was their first album so maybe the music style is a little different, but overall i would really recommend this album to all the Christian girls out there!

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BarlowGirl BarlowGirl | Posted December 24, 2009
I absolutely loved this album. When I purchased it, I listened to it non-stop for weeks. I have memorized each song and have even done one of the songs from the album for a singing contest. I love BarlowGirl!!

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jjokki (3)

Rock with a Pupose! | Posted September 22, 2009
This CD may be some of their older stuff, but Barlow Girl's songs are always spiritual and relevant. My favorites from this album are Mirror, Never Alone, Clothes, and Average Girl! These songs will really get you teen girls and even guys thinking and examining your own lives! Barlow Girl's lyrics and their ability to rock is definitely worth listening to!

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am1996g (10)

Not very good..... | Posted September 09, 2009
I bought this album after only hearing Never Alone. There's no doubt that never alone is a fantastic song. But the rest of the album is just nothing special.

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Showing their dignity | Posted September 03, 2009
This cd has been very encouraging to me at points. Especially with the song surrender. That song describes some things in my life so well. And of course Never Alone has just become a classic. I love the stand they take in this cd for their dignity as girls. Its something alot of girls need more of!

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Mature For Their Age, But Not Enjoyable | Posted August 28, 2009
If you listen through this cd, you will realize that even when they were starting out, Barlowgirl was making music way past their years. However, I still cannot listen through this CD. Its just not enjoyable. I'd recommend try their second CD! It is way better. Is that to say that this is a bad CD? No way! But I'd say, if you are looking for a more complete project, try "Another Journal Entry" and just download "Never Alone", "Mirror" and "She Walked Away", the first two being amazing piano ballads and the last, an upbeat song!

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patpc36 (58)

Great group | Posted August 26, 2009
Barlow Girl is a group that my family really enjoys. Their songs are very inspirational and they encourage sisters to bond together which is a good thing! This was one of their earlier albums but it is really good. We played it just the other day and it has not aged at all. Can't wait for their next cd to come out.

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Sister Band | Posted August 12, 2009
I remember first hearing about Barlowgirl when i attended my very first concert! My friend and i went to see Rebecca St. James while she was on tour with Barlowgirl and Jadon Lavik! It was a very fun and rainy night! I really enjoyed and still enjoy the song "Average Girl"! Not many people these days admit to waiting instead of dating, some people find it strange or weird! I love the song cause it also applies to my life and it is very encouraging when you don't want to follow the flow! "Average Girl" is the anthem that they possibly encourage for others to avoid heartbreak and many other things that could follow. From that song i was instantly attracted to the message in their music and what they stood for. I believe it is also awesome that they are a sister band that all play their own instruments! If you are looking for encouraging young women with great lyrics and a great rock sound...listen to Barlow Girl!

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eah92 (48)

Great | Posted June 14, 2009
I'm not exactly sure when I discovered BarlowGirl, but i'm so glad i did. These girls are very talented. Even this first CD of theirs is outstanding and fun.

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