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End of Silence: Deluxe Edition [edit]
by RED | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: November 13, 2007

On November 13, 2007, the End of Silence:Deluxe Edition releases on CD+DVD giving everyone a chance to experience Red, through never-before-seen live footage, showcasing their energetic, high intensity show. The DVD also includes an awesome collection of their famous video blogs found on their myspace page, plus a special behind the scenes documentary. Be sure to pick up a copy and if you have already purchased the original debut, here's the perfect chance to update your Red CD collection!

Track Listing
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01. Intro (End of Silence)
02. Breathe Into Me
03. Let Go
04. Already Over
05. Lost
06. Pieces
07. Break Me Down
08. Wasting Time
09. Gave It All Away
10. Hide
11. Already Over, Pt. 2
12. Lost (Bonus Acoustic Track)

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Beanie17 (52)

Amazing CD | Posted July 05, 2012
I love this CD so much. The instrumentantion and lyrics are wonderful. The album is passionte and intense. The songs speak of real struggles that everyone goes through with understanding and relatability. I love "Breath into Me" and "Pieces." My favorite Red song is on this album, "Lost."  The acoustic version of "Lost" is so amazing.

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Love this album! | Posted February 01, 2011
Ok. I'll be honest. I bought this album because I got it dirt cheap at a Christian music store and I really liked the song "Breath Into Me." I was blown away by this album. This is incredible. And the best part, this is just their first album! While "Breath Into Me" is the best song the band has written, it doesn't take away from enjoying the rest of the album which is key for a new band. They have the breakthrough song and also other quality songs to go along with it. That's huge!

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RED's debut cd proves their talent... | Posted August 21, 2009
RED's first cd, End Of Silence, is a work of true talent and dexterity. When I heard this album for the first time I thought RED must have been around for a few years now. After all, who can release such a solid cd as a debut. I was surprised to find that RED had done it; this was their first project, a rising pillar in music a firm foundation for their future albums.

End Of Silence (Intro): This instrumental introduction backs up Breathe Into Me perfectly. It creates a symphonic flow into RED's most popular song to date and gives a little taste of RED's mellow side of music.

Breathe Into Me: This song pretty much is the chorus of the whole record. Catchy and heavy, Breathe Into Me is definitely in the top three on End Of Silence.

Let Go: This song shows RED's even harder side, blending screaming and passionate singing thoughout.

Already Over: This song is very soothing musically, and heartfelt lyrically. This song is one of the more symphonic tracks on the record.

Lost: Beginning with a glorious symphony of strings, this song proves RED's love for all genres, leaving room for the softer music on End Of Silence.

Pieces: This track calls out to God for His mercy and healing power in our lives. The most heartfelt on the album, Pieces is RED's worship song, made whole with a powerful melody of music to back it up.

And this album continues to get better...

Break Me Down, Wasting Time, Gave It All Away, and Hide give End Of Silence a great push as it reaches it's end. Heavy and forceful, these tracks prove that RED is out to dominate in the music industry.

Already Over (Part 2) and Lost (Acoustic Version) finishes off the record in a flourishing display of sound and voice. RED completes their album (Lost Acoustic is only on Deluxe Edition) with these two songs, emotionally driven as they pour out this final reprise of music.

RED has become my favorite artist because of their solid accomplishments as they began their band. I believe they will rise as a strong and talented Christian band in the years to come.

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OBSESSED!! | Posted August 19, 2009
This CD has some of the best stuff I have ever heard, and making this far more impressive is the fact that RED is an all new band!!! They rule!!! This band is one to keep an eye on!

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Wow | Posted May 26, 2009
If you haven't listened the RED do it yesterday. They are that good. I love the strings with crunchy guitar chords. Mike Barnes (I think thats the singer's name) Can scream it out one moment and then sing very melodicaly the next. A great young group with lots of talent.

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Red Rocks! | Posted May 23, 2009
Back in June 2006 I was mesmorized by a new band known as Red. To date, this could be my favorite christian rock album around. The single "Breathe into me" was released prior to the album and I counted down the days until they released the full project. Luckly, I was not let down by the killer music.

The main reason I love this album so much is because of their style in music and amazing lyrics. In between songs, I love how they showcase the strings. Love how one minute it is pure rock then it slows down with an instrumental section, then comes back full throttle.

The deluxe edition is great for fans featuring
-live performances
-behind the scenes
-acoustic performaces

It has been 3 years since this band exploded into the christian market and I still find myself crankin up this album and rockin out. Their follow up "Innocence & Instinct" is amazing, but for me this is the project that started it all. I was hooked from the get go. Hopefully Red will be around for sometime because they bring a unique sound/style/and message to the christian market.

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End Of Silence review | Posted June 23, 2008
with the intro of the cd you get a nice soft piano melody and strings over it. this is as soft as the band gets really and it lead into thei hit breathe into me. This song is a more heavier, hard rock style song, yet it has a good message, that all christians can relate to. the next song Let Go is another hard song. it sorta has a metalish type feel to it. then the cd slows down for Already over. The song has the vioulins and piano again. the most dominant instument in this song is the drums. This song has a good touching message in the chorus over all great song. then we have a song that starts off as a slow song with the piano and drums and and seems like its gunna be another soft rock song but then out of nowhere blasing guitar riffs are to be heard, its called Lost in you. then we have Pieces. This song is another slow one, with the appearence of strings and piano. the one thing to this song is that it has a long enough intro however it is still good, this song has a really good message that any band should cover. Now we go toBreak me down. this song is accually a faster song once again with the tight acoustic in the beginning and then hard electic riff and the verses gpo back to light rock style. waisting time is a hard fast, rough, tough, high energetic song, it would be a good song to get you pumped up for any type of big event. Give it all away has the metal style in it, heavy is the way to go with this band, they piull this sound off really good. the message in this song is soo good with the line " open up your heart i need you here". the song hide has really wett tapping on the electric with pounding chords over it. and light piano doodles here and there in the background. then we have a softer version of already over and semi acoustic version of lost.

this is a great CD and cant wait for their next one. this is a solid band and will go really far in the christian and secular music scene

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Wow... | Posted June 21, 2008
I first heard this group on XM Radio's The Torch. With the first listen I just had to find this album. Red has such a powerful sound. And their awesome vocals along with good lyrics and drums. This is definetly worth several listens.

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Simply Amazing | Posted February 29, 2008
When I first heard Red's debut album, I was absolutely blown away... the heavy guitar rock sound integrated with symphonic melody makes for a truly remarkable sound... This album has screaming harmonics, heavy guitar riffs, killer drums, and even slow rock piano melodies... everything you could possibly want... plus, with the addition of the acoustic (more like semi-acoustic) lost track, this album is an absolute must have.

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