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Great God Who Saves [edit]
by Laura Story | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: March 18, 2008

From the songwriter who penned Chris Tomlin's worship hit "Indescribable" comes an entire collection of songs every bit as unforgettable... forged in an even deeper understanding of God's sovereignty. rnrnLaura Story's INO Records debut Great God Who Saves (produced by Ed Cash) declares her tried-by-fire confidence in God's faithfulness in authentic, infectious songs like "Mighty To Save," "Immortal, Invisible God," "Great God Who Saves," and "Bless The Lord." Melodic, organic worship imbued with the peace and joy that rises up from uncertain times, glimpses of the majestic in the ordinary.

Track Listing
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01. Bless The Lord
02. Immortal, Invisible
03. Mighty to Save
04. Indescribable
05. Great God Who Saves
06. There is Nothing
07. Make Something Beautiful
08. Grace
09. Think of You
10. Perfect Peace

Entry last edited by VickyBeechingFan on 04.08.08

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GREAT GOD WHO SAVES | Posted September 29, 2008
Atlanta-based singer/songwriter and worship leader Laura Story’s compelling label debut deserves an extended hearing by traditional and modern worship music listeners alike. Expounding the intricacies of faith with poise and charm, the artist draws significant inspiration from a recent personal crisis. Only one year after marrying her childhood sweetheart, Story’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Somehow Story manages to trust God through the deep waters, and through the pain she reveals a decidedly intimate musical offering.

From the country-inflected title track to the redemptive piano-driven ballad “Grace,” the whole project resonates with organic warmth evocative of a young Nichole Nordeman. At times, Story’s arrangements are strikingly minimalist, as evidenced on delicate song “Perfect Peace.” Elsewhere, though, buoyant cuts like “Bless the Lord” and current radio single “Mighty to Save” radiate with reverential timbre.

Story also unveils a goose-bump-inducing version of mega anthem “Indescribable,” a hymn she penned that initially gained popularity when Chris Tomlin released it in 2004. Of course, today the song is a modern worship fixture in churches around the world.

As soothing as a cup of herbal tea after a hectic day, Story’s debut should serve as a cathartic achievement for the artist and a rewarding gift to listeners. - David McCreary

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Laura Story [Great God Who Saves] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

I had not heard of Laura Story prior to receiving the pre-release for her INO Records debut, ‘Great God Who Saves’, but one thing that stood out most about the new album was her songwriting abilities and great thought-provoking messages.

Just a little introduction to Laura, she’s originally from South Carolina, but has since relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Martin, where she is a worship leader and women’s pastor at the Perimeter Church (same church as Aaron Shust).

When I first looked at the song listing for the album, it looked like a bunch of titles that would be perfect fits for devotionals. One song that stuck out to me was “Indescribable”. Wow, she covers a Chris Tomlin song! That’s great! I listened to it, and I thought, it’s cool to hear a different take on the song. After all, Avalon had done it before, so would Laura’s version be as good? There is one problem however. Little did I realize, but Laura was actually the one who wrote the song! The first thought in my mind was, “boy am I retarded!” I have been working closely with the Christian music industry for over four years and I didn’t know that! But, I am humble enough to admit that I didn’t know something!  And yes, the answer to the question is, it is a good version of the song. I still prefer Chris’ version more, I guess because that’s the one I have heard the most! 

One of the catchiest songs on the record would have to be the title track, “Great God Who Saves”. This title in itself is a testimony and witness to those who just happen to catch a glimpse of the album’s title and nothing else. One line of the chorus caught my attention, because it was as if it spoke to me personally. It goes, “In my darkest hour / Your mercy and Your power / Reaching out to me / Great God who saves”. The Lord reaches down even in the darkest of circumstances, and if you yield to Him, He’ll show you why He is truly the ONLY one who can help us when we’re in need and that He truly is the GREAT God who saved us from our sin.

Another track that brings an uplifting and meaningful message is “Immortal, Invisible God”. The words of the chorus ring true in saying, “Immortal, You are not bound by death / You are the living God of every breath / Invisible, you are not bound by space / But Your glory is filling this place”. I think that we try too hard to confine God to a boxed-in area. Rarely do we ever think that the Lord is bigger then us, His purpose and will, are beyond all of our understanding. Is it just me, or does this happen a lot within the confines of our own churches? God is not human; He’s not confined to space. I think that we try to do too much ourselves, and not let work in our lives. It’s like saying, “Lord, I know you said that we should do this this way, but I am going to have to disagree with You on that. I’m going to do this MY way.” Our lives, our every breathe, our everything should be focused on what He wants. Let God work in our lives. He may be invisible, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t rely on Him and give our all to Him. Does it?

The bottom line to my review is, I really liked the message brought forth with Laura’s project. I looked at it as very inspiring, filled with messages of hope, humility and love. I guess my only complaint is the fact that although I think Laura has an amazing voice, I just don’t think her voice could keep up with the music of the album and carry it vocally. It was often drown out by the music. I don’t know if the production work of the album played any part in that, but that was the only thing that I noticed about the record that could have been greater. But, that’s only my opinion!

I think fans of other female solo artists such as Natalie Grant, Nicole C. Mullen and Joy Williams will enjoy this new project from an artist whose name is sure to be one to bring forth great song-writing and positive and uplifting music now and in the future to come! Go pick up this project on March 11th and add it to your collection!

“Laura Story delivers an album full of hope, humility and love with great song-writing and emphasis on an inspirational message in a world that desperately needs it!”

Rating: 8.3 out of 10 (83%, B-)

Review written by: Jay Heilman

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So Amazing | Posted April 08, 2008
I hear all the time people saying things like "I love the song 'Indescribable' by Chris Tomlin." However, the song was not written by Chris Tomlin but by a lesser known worship artist, Laura Story. Now, Great God Who Saves is her first national record. It is such a awesome worship album. It includes her well-known "Indescribable" as well as "Mighty to Save." It also has an amazing song called "Grace" that talks about the grace God gives. It is calm and reflective and definitely worth listening to over and over again.

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LauraCC (255)

Love her music | Posted March 06, 2010
Her version of "Mighty To Save" is my favorite. I also love the message of "Grace" and the lyrics of "Indescribable" Story's voice is unique and well suited to worship. One of my fave CDs.

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loudor (5)

Just Heavenly Sounding! | Posted September 03, 2008
I went to the East Coast Worship Summit last June and I met Laura Story there. I didn't know her before, except that I had received 2 free downloads from her songs: Grace and Bless the Lord. I was looking forward to meet her as it is always nice to get to know the "artists" behind the songs. Once again, I was not disappointed.
I was really blessed by her ministry, attending one of her workshop there, and also when I was led by her in worship. As I am French speaking, I might not use the right way to say things, but if I may use that expression: the songs in her album: Great God Who Saves have the ring of truth! She believes what she says and she says what she believes. She lives what she says and she says what she lives!!! In one word, she is a truthful person.
And by the way, I discovered the famous song: Indescribable while in PA at the E.C.W.S. last June during her Worship session, and it is only when I was back home that I realized that Chris Tomlin had it on one of his CD, and had made it popular a while ago... there I was telling everyone about that super song and they were telling me: I think I know it, I heard it somewhere?!?!... and they all thought that it was Chris Tomlin that wrote it!! So, I want everyone to know that it is Laura Story that wrote it, but yes, Chris Tomlin made it know around the world... if I'm not mistaken.
If I may add, in my own tastes, I think that her voice, when singing, is just heavinly Sounding!!!It is worth taking the time to get to know her. She went through a terrible ordeal while she was writing the songs and it shows when you listen to them. The message is very profound. Here is the Laura Story Might to Save video of her testimony that I copied from YouTube... worth listening!! VERY GOOD!! There is another one on YouTube Laura Story Passion & Purpose Video which is more to present her ministry, which is also very good.

So here is the link:

God Bless you.

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