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Waking Up [edit]
by Bethany Barnard (Dillon) | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: April 03, 2007

"Waking Up is the most joyful record I've made," Bethany explains, "even though it revolves around themes of brokenness and this feeling of being really, really small in the presence of God. When the Lord is growing something in me, it feels like a lot of things are dying, because they really are. And when the Lord is making things soft and vulnerable in me, it's really painful. But even so, I think this is the freest sounding project I've created."

Track Listing
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01. The Kingdom
02. Come Find Me
03. Waking Up
04. Something There
05. Let Your Light Shine
06. Change
07. Top Of The World
08. Tell Me
09. Are You Sure?
10. When You Love Someone
11. You Could Be The One
12. Beggar's Heart
13. You Are On Our Side

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Highly Recommended | Posted April 10, 2008
"Waking Up" by Bethany Dillon is one of those albums that unfortunately got overlooked last year in year-end rankings of the best of 2007. Perhaps she was overshadowed by Britt Nicole, Jessie Daniels or Krystal Meyers and if you like those artists, then you should love Bethany Dillon who is so mature beyond her 18 years. In fact, I'd compare her more to Adie, Nichole Nordeman and Natalie Grant which is saying a lot. Her maturity shows in the power of her songwriting and singing, including love songs to her now husband Shane Barnard of Shane and Shane. Check out the awesome wedding pictures.

Both of Bethany's first two albums impressed me, particularly her singing voice. I picked up "Waking Up" expecting more of the same and she really took it up a notch in my opinion. From the opening Biblical truth of "The Kingdom" showing Bethany's searching for things of God over materialism right to the sweeping "You Are On Our Side" this is her strongest album to date. For me, the highlights are the title track, "Tell Me", "Top of the World" and my favorite is "Let Your Light Shine" based on Matthew 5:15-16. Great album and great message, I highly recommend it.

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romans_8 (73)

Waking Up | Posted September 14, 2008
I like Bethany`s unique sound. This cd is not so much of a pop sound as her debut cd. Bethany`s sound matures on this cd. I would recommend this cd to anyone.

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good! | Posted November 17, 2009
"waking up" is a good album. Bethany Dillon has such a sweet and soft yet powerful voice the and album really shows that. I think that she has matured in her songwriting allot... the lyrics, true to Bethany Dillon fashion, are humble, genuine and easy to relate to.

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.... | Posted March 13, 2009
When You Love Someone is a really great song.

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LampaFan (184)

Bethany Finally Wakes Up! | Posted November 17, 2008
Bethany has finally made a comeback! This album is just beautiful! Every song is amazing! My favorite song is "You Are On Our Side". The part where she sings: "You laugh and share stories with the thief and the whore". Wow Bethany, this album is just unfathomably amazing!

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I Finally "Woke Up" To Bethany Dillon | Posted June 07, 2008
Let me start off by saying, I'm not, and have never been, a hardcore BD fan. Although her voice and lyrics are very impressive, her music is just not my style. I liked her first album, but her 2nd album was too bland for me to get into. Over half of its songs were slow and it was just plain boring to me. So I took a chance and got this album anyway, and I am glad I did!

"Waking Up" is the more upbeat Bethany. The album has a lot more catchy hooks, and sing-out-loud moments than her previous ones. Regardless, her lyrics are better than ever, especially in the mellow closer, "On Our Side," and "Beggar's Heart."

Highlights include the upbeat "The Kingdom," in which Beth sings about a woman who can't get pregnant but really wants to, and her struggle with God; the catchy, guitar-laced "Change" and "Top of the World"; the love song "When You Love Someone"; the folky title track; and the contemporary "Let Your Light Shine."

I hope Bethany's next album keeps this upbeat tempo throughout, and doesn't fall back into boringness....

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Amazing!! | Posted April 10, 2008
Bethany never stops amazing me, with every new song you get a new feeling of love and worship for God that cannot be denied. This album is wonderful!

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10 stars instead of 5... | Posted April 01, 2008
"Waking Up" has quickly become one of my top 10 albums. Bethany Dillon's songwriting ability amazes me to no end. I like how her music isn't repetitive, has a story, and is deep, deep, deep. She has a collection of well-written tunes on this CD in particular. "The Kingdom" is a nice way to start out the recording - upbeat tempo, lyrics reminding us of our dire need for Christ, which is especially evident in our weaknesses. "Come Find Me" & "Waking Up" refer to our worshiping God, how He is evidenced in our lives. "Something There" seems to refer to our constant doubting in life, but is a refresher that we're not alone. "Let Your Light Shine" follows with the plead that God never leave us (and He never will!). A song of repentance, as well. "Change" always follows, as we are constantly striving to become more like Christ. After that change, it seems that we are always on "Top of the World." We can't be too careful, though. We fall when we lose our humility. So we constantly battle with the enemy about our relationship with God, because Satan will tell us it's not worth it. So "Tell Me" is yet another plead with God to show us our worth to Him, and it also talks of His unchanging love. So because of His love, He gives us the opportunity and privilege to love someone else unconditionally. So the next three songs, "Are You Sure?", "When You Love Someone", and "You Could Be The One" are all love songs. Pure, open, imploring - they all have a story, referring to Dillon's then-impending engagement to Shane Bernard of Shane & Shane.
To close off the album, "Beggar's Heart" again reminds us of our constant need for Christ. We find ourselves in a good situation, everything smooth, peaceful, no need of anything else, anyone else. Then the storms come. The hurts hit. The once-filled ache in our lives is now empty, and we need to be brought low. Humility is not easy, but it is necessary. And finally, "You Are On Our Side" is a sweet reminder of God's love for us. He will never leave nor forsake us, and He has told us that. I like how the song refers to the times that Jesus sat at the tables of thieves, spent time with beggars and poor people, even the rich. He never rejected the truly humble.

So overall, the album is a reflection of true humility, our need for Christ, love for another, and how we as Christians need to be more like Christ.

10 stars, all the way.

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She's done it again! | Posted January 22, 2008
What can I say-Bethany has outdone herself! She has matured so much with this album, and it really shows in her music. My absoulte favorite on this cd is "Top of the World". It just makes me happy and I can't help but smile when I hear it! Amazing!

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AMAZING! | Posted August 23, 2007
I am in love with this CD!!! Bethany Dillon is so talented! I saw her perform last year, and she did a few of her new songs before her cd was released and I loved it. My favorite song is You are on our side. No matter what we do in life, God is always there. Jesus sat at the table with the wounded and the poor, and he laughed and shared stories with the theif and the whore. She tells us that no matter what we have done in our life, that we can be forgiven. I love this album and recommend it to everyone!

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skybo90 (177)

better than imagination? | Posted July 24, 2007
this pretty good. i don't know if i like imagination or waking up more though

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