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Don't Censor Me [edit]
by Audio Adrenaline | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 10, 1993

Don't Censor Me, Audio Adrenaline's follow-up to their self-titled debut album showcases the band's rising maturity both lyrically and musically. Despite the fact Mark's occasional rapping is nonexistent on this CD, the album is still worthy of owning for one's Christian rock collection. The album begins with a melodic tune "Can't Take God Away," which in and of itself is pretty self explanatory throughout the entire song. The next track, "A.K.A. Public School," is a nice fringe upbeat tune that encourages the teen listener to be a Godly witness in his/her school. A notable highlight of this record is the stirring ballad "My World View," which has a similar meaning to Collective Soul's "The World I Know" and features guest vocals by Kevin Max [Smith] of dc Talk. Things pick up again with Audio A's first huge smash "Big House," which is a fun description of Heaven that only these guys can offer.

If you're wondering if Don't Censor Me eventually begins to get harder, you may be in for a surprise since all but 2 tracks on the album are either ballads or upbeat, melodic tracks. However, the songs "Let Love" and "We're A Band" do have the tendency to allow the listener a chance to want to bang his/her head or even participate in a mosh pit. For those who are into thought-provoking ballads there's "Rest Easy," which simply suggests that we, as Christians, should rest in the embrace of Christ's arms regardless of how badly we're sinning in our lives. Each song on Don't Censor Me has Mark Stuart singing exuberantly with passion and undeniable credibility; fortunately, the guitars of Barry Blair and Will McGuiness along with Bob Herdman's keyboards also make the album a must-have with the listener hoping for more after it is finished.

All in all, Don't Censor Me may not be Audio Adrenaline's best effort, but at the same time a stepping stone in the band's growth spiritually and musically. If you're looking for a heavier side of Audio A, I would recommend albums such as Bloom and Some Kind of Zombie. But if you're a fan of such bands like Collective Soul, Maroon 5, and John Mayer, do yourself a favor by picking up a copy of Audio Adrenaline's Don't Censor Me.

Track Listing
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01. Can't Take God Away
02. A.K.A. Public School
03. Soulmate
04. My World View
05. Big House
06. Jesus and the California Kid
07. Don't Censor Me
08. Let Love
09. We're A Band
10. Rest Easy
11. Scum Sweetheart

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Has Not Aged Well At All | Posted August 02, 2007
AA's sophomore release was a completely different ball game from their self-titled debut. The first album was more punk-rock, while Don't Censor Me was more pop/alternative. Although this album has been out for awhile it's still fun to pop in the CD and listen to "Big House" and the title track. Musically, this album is horrible, and you can tell that this band is still in the maturing stage. The album did produced a HUGE hit for the band, "Big House" which was re-recorded by label-mate band Seven Day Jesus. Their music is great, but this album is just plain early 90's.

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"Don't Censor Me" (or Audio A) | Posted June 23, 2015
As one of the premier CCM bands of the 1990’s, Audio Adrenaline has gained a loyal following over the years. Though their popularity skyrocketed after “Big House” debuted on Don’t Censor Me, Audio A had a rough start with their first and self-titled album from ForeFront Records in 1992. At first, they had an almost hip-hop vibe, like fellow band dcTalk, but eventually they evolved into a rock band, starting with Bloom. This was followed by Some Kind of Zombie in 1997, Underdog in 1999, Lift in 2001, Worldwide in 2003, and Until My Heart Caves In in 2005. They disbanded in 2006 due to lead singer Mark Stuart’s damaged vocal cords.

Don’t Censor Me (1993): 11 tracks, 42 minutes

After their debut self-titled album, Audio Adrenaline began to develop the signature sound that they brought to the Christian music scene in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Don’t Censor Me was the beginning of that transformation that ultimately took shape on 1996’s Bloom. Though many of the songs don’t really stand out, “Big House” and “Jesus & the California Kid” mix it up a bit with different styles. “We’re a Band” sticks to sound displayed on Audio Adrenaline.

The heavy expression of the gospel takes a bad turn on “A.K.A. Public School” when Stuart says to us, “You don’t have to travel South . . . just run your mouth,” when we should really be thinking about how we’re approaching others with the gospel. The beginning of “Don’t Censor Me” displays some questionable behavior, but Audio A doesn’t endorse any of it.

Just like on “The Most Excellent Way” from Audio Adrenaline, “Let Love” encapsulates 1 Corinthians 13 into a song. “Rest Easy” soothes, “Rest easy / In My embrace.” “My Scum Sweetheart” is the world and “you broke my heart.” There are a lot of other good lyrics that Audio Adrenaline interject into this record, so that works toward its benefit.

Although this album can be repetitive (you definitely know that “they’re a band” by the end), the lyrics are clean and pretty solid. The music could have been more developed on some of them, but “Big House” and “Jesus & the California Kid” are refreshing twists.

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username2 (376)

4/5 | Posted November 27, 2011
Listening to Audio Adrenaline's Don't Censor Me album now, you can tell that it hasn't aged well.  Most of the music from that early 90's era hasn't aged well.  I still enjoyed this album though.  Don't Censor Me contains many of the band's greatest hits and overall feels like a stepping stone to sucess for them.  If you were a fan of Audio Adrenaline back in the day, listening to this album might bring back some nostalgia from the period.  Otherwise, it's a great album to listen to and an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to know how the band became what it became throughout the years.

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Blast from the past | Posted February 26, 2011
First off let me say I am not a huge fan of early 90's music, but Don't Censor Me is an exception to that. The album to me is half and half in quality as half is pretty ordinary and the other half is exceptionally done! A few of these great songs are the title track "Don't Censor Me" which blatantly raises the question of how is Jesus worse then all these other things we let slide in movies, music, and in our lives. Another is "We're a Band" one of my personal favorites that spells out who and what they are and stand for and last of the highlights is "Big House" which is arguably Audio A's most popular song.

All in all I wouldn't classify Don't Censor Me as one of the greatest albums ever, however it is a great piece of work and an interesting and fun listen for music fans and fans of Audio A.

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Awesome | Posted September 11, 2007
Audio A is such a wonderful band. This cd made me realize that I do not have to be quiet.. that I can say whatever I want about God and my religion. I do not have to sit back and let everyone censor what I have to say. These guys are amazing! I recommend this album to everyone!

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Audio Adrenaline | Posted August 22, 2007
This is a great album! I love Big House and We're a Band. Audio A always makes great albums!

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Audio Adrenaline | Posted August 22, 2007
GREAT band, awesome cd. A must have cd!

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Stinko | Posted July 25, 2007
I did not like this album and really did not like Audio A until I heard Big House. This one just does not have that certain pop that Big House has!

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=) | Posted July 19, 2007
the song "big house" is awesome i love it!=)

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aylaeh (203)

average | Posted July 16, 2007
this is an average album.

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