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Flyleaf Special Edition CD/DVD [edit]
by Flyleaf | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 30, 2007

A&M/Octone recording group FLYLEAF will give their fans something brand new to talk about on October 30 when they release a special edition two-disc version of their self-titled RIAA gold debut album "Flyleaf". In its 79th week on the Billboard 200 album chart, the original configuration remains inside the Top 100, with total sales of more than 750,000 and average sales of 8-9,000 per week " testament to the band's explosive performances this summer on their second consecutive Family Values Tour.

The new CD + DVD package builds on the success of "All Around Me", now in its sixth month out, and breaking into the Top 5 at Modern Rock radio. It's the third single from the album, following "I'm So Sick" and "Fully Alive" " and the video clips for all three will be included on the bonus DVD.

In addition, special exclusive acoustic versions of "All Around Me", "I'm So Sick" and "Fully Alive" plus "Cassie" and "Red Sam", will be included on both the CD and DVD configurations. The new package will also contain a full- color FLYLEAF locker poster, and access to a free "All Around Me" ringtone and wallpapers.

Track Listing
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0. (1-5) All Around Me (Acoustic) (Video)
0. Digital Booklet (album only)
01. I'm So Sick
02. Fully Alive
03. Perfect
04. Cassie
05. Sorrow
06. I'm Sorry
07. All Around Me
08. Red Sam
09. There For You
10. Breathe Today
11. So I Thought
12. Fully Alive (Acoustic)
13. Red Sam (Acoustic)
14. Cassie (Acoustic)
15. I'm So Sick (Acoustic)
16. All Around Me (Acoustic)
17. (DVD1-1) Fully Alive (Acoustic) (Video)
18. (1-2) Red Sam (Acoustic) (Video)
19. (1-3) Cassie (Acoustic) (Video)
21. (1-4) I'm So Sick (Acoustic) (Video)
22. (1-6) All Around Me (Music Video)
23. (1-7) Fully Alive (Music Video)
24. (1-8) I'm So Sick (Music Video)

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:) | Posted February 25, 2009
AWESOME. that's one word to describe this cd/dvd! good for some rock fans (and even your friends who like secular music will like it!) love all the songs that are on it plus videos.

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Lacy is queen! | Posted August 11, 2008
Lacy rocks! there is nothing cooler than hearing this little lacy scream. The lyrics are amazing and the acoustic stuff on here show's just how talented they are. We do some of there stuff for worship even!

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Flyleaf | Posted June 21, 2008
Flyleaf is definetly a band you guys want to check out. They're upbeat rock is great especially with they're front singer Lacey (Girl power!! =D )...They have been a big hit and they're message is so pure. A band you must check out!

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Rockin' | Posted June 21, 2008
This is one of my favorite cds ever! I love Flyleaf's unique sound and their lyrics are very uplifting. I think the acoustic songs add a cool touch to this edition. A wonderful listen!

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skyve (53)

awesum | Posted June 05, 2008
really awesome.

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Good CD | Posted June 04, 2008
This album is really good. All of the songs have a certain meaning and it talks about life in general. All Around Me has to be the best song on the album. They lyrics are powerful and it makes you want to raise your hands in the air and start praising right then and there. I would recommend this cd to any believer of Christ.

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fave | Posted May 22, 2008
this is my absolute favorite album at the moment i think she has an excellent voice and i love the mixture of heavy rock and acoustic
luv it
my fave son is fully alive i have it blaring out of my windows all the time which allows me to sing it at the top of my lungs

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flyleaf rox. | Posted April 27, 2008
i absolutly love the song all around me.
when you read and really listen to the lyrics.
i love it.
and the music is awesome to go with it.

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cool, I like it | Posted February 21, 2008
This cd was pretty cool,
I love flyleafs song, and hope to hear some new stuff from them soon!
They have an awesome sound, and their songs really speak to a lot of teens out there, who are going through hard times. Even if you arn't dealing with any of the stuff the songs talk about, you can still enjoy listening to it.
I love the song Cassie, b/c I know the story behind it, and if you would like to know the story behind the song cassie go check out the book called "She Says Yes", it's a christian book and it will explain a lot that goes on in this cd(well I mean that one song)

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quite good, quite good | Posted January 17, 2008
I wasn't sure what to expect when I first got this cd. Basically I got it because I had heard they were good and the price on iTunes was amazing. But I was very impressed with the musical quality. The lead singer's screams are chilling, and the lyrics are very good in some place. "Cassie" was a standout to me because I realized it was talking about Cassie Bernall, the martyr who was shot in the school shooting. That's a really cool song. It was a sound investment.

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