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The Things That Got Us Here [edit]
by Sidewalk Prophets | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: July 03, 2020

Dove Award-winning band Sidewalk Prophets knows that sometimes you have to look back before you can move forward. That's why as they step into a fresh chapter of music, the beloved band is taking time to reflect on all The Things That Got Us Here, the title of their fourth studio album set for a spring arrival on May 22, 2020.

Sidewalk Prophets began writing for The Things That Got Us Here two years ago. The band took a grassroots approach to recording and spent ample time together in the studio demoing songs, experimenting with different sounds and incorporating unusual instruments. They intentionally attempted to capture a sound that was both authentic and organic.

Like three-minute love letters to their fans--the Great Big Family--the project's 13 tracks radiate hope in the midst of life's peaks and valleys. The band is simply speaking from experience--bringing their most authentic selves to a project that encapsulates all the dots on the map that have connected them to this moment in time.

"You think of all those things that fell apart in life, all the days you had doubts and fears, and the many miles you traveled to get where you think you're supposed to be going; and you realize that all of that stuff--the good, the bad and the ugly--has brought you to where you are today," Sidewalk Prophets front man Dave Frey reflects. "It's really the things that got the band to this point. It's the things that got our fans to this point right now. When they come to a show that we center around this new album, we hope they realize all the stories in their life have brought them to that very moment and that very night."

Track Listing
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01. Smile
02. Chosen
03. Where Forgiveness Is
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04. Real To Me
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05. Don't You Think It's Time
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06. I Believe It Now
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07. You Were There
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08. Let Go Your Troubles
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09. There's A Way
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10. Thank You Jesus
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11. Don't Sweat It
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12. The Comment Section
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13. The Light
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14. Smile (Single Mix)
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Album Review: Sidewalk Prophets - The Things That Got Us Here | Posted June 30, 2020
What You Need To Know
Almost five full years after the band's last release, Sidewalk Prophets is back with their 4th full length LP, The Things That Got Us Here. With a deliberate attempt to create a more organic and authentic sound, the band took a grassroots approach to crafting the songs on this album. 

What It Sounds Like
Sidewalk Prophets has always viewed their fans as part of their "great big family." This has developed their sound into one that is both energetic and intimate. If anything, this album finds the band fully comfortable with who they are and what works for them. Lead single "Smile" is the very burst of bubbly energy that has made the band a success. Others like "Where Forgiveness Is" or "You Were There" build to a soaring finish that flirt with terms like epic. Perhaps the band's most signature material is the borderline acoustic numbers in the tradition of "Help Me Find It" and "Come to the Table." "The Light" should be another fine entry in this category. David Frey's vocals have always had this genuine honest quality that makes you pay attention to everything he's singing, and he's at the top of his game once again here. 

Spiritual Highlights
Sidewalk Prophets once again have their finger on the pulse of their fans. Never one to shy away from the struggles their listeners are going through, we have another batch of songs speaking to the anxieties and fears listeners are facing. Songs like "The Comments Section" are so relevant, especially this year. These days, it seems like every social media page is just a post away from an online war. "You Were There" and "Real to Me" impart the wisdom of experience from seasoned veterans. "Smile" has become a very timely entry for a year where it's becoming harder and harder to smile. While nobody could have seen 2020's twists and turns coming, The Things That Got Us Here has managed to be just the album we needed, with the wisdom of good friends there to help encourage us and remind us of how grace has already taken us this far.

Best Song
"The Light"

For Fans Of
Josh Wilson, Mikeschair, Stars Go Dim

Final Word
Sidewalk Prophets bring perhaps the most concise example of their signature sound to date, with an intimate delivery of a timely message that is sure to resonate in these difficult times. 

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