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Repose [edit]
by What We Do In Secret | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: November 22, 2019

What We Do In Secret follows their previous EP, The Migration, with a full-length studio album, Repose, set to release November 22, via Facedown Records. Unafraid of sonic evolution, the band has extracted melodic space from album to album, while still holding true to their hard-hitting, guitar-driven sound, passionate delivery and poetic lyricism. Their music is both grounded and visceral, both confident and pleading, and both finished and incomplete answered in full only by the total surrender of art for life.

Each song is accompanied by a symbol reflecting the content and message of the song.
1. The "9:19" symbol is a chalice. This song is based on the Jamestown slaughter.
2. The "Rebirth" symbol is a cage. It deals with depression and isolation.
3. The "Blackout" symbol is a syringe. It deals with opioid overdose.
4. The "Shine/lost" symbol is 2 rings.
5. The "Repose" symbol is a heart. It deals with anxiety.
6. The "Home" symbol is a drop with a line/blood drop. It deals with an abusive situation.
7. The "Silhouette" symbol is a heart. It deals with anxiety. Features Garrett Russell of Silent Planet
8. The "Vindication" symbol is a moon. A resolution of hope.

Track Listing
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01. In Falling (instrumental)
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02. 9:19
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03. Rebirth
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04. Blackout
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05. Shine/lost
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06. (Remain) (instrumental)
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07. Repose
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08. Home
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09. Silhouette
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10. Vindication
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Repose Review | Posted November 27, 2019
What You Need To Know:
Since its inception in 2012, What We Do In Secret has collected stories and wrestled with them on stage through unyielding, expressive songwriting, a loud and raw sonic backdrop, and a wild live show. This band is one of the newest additions to the Facedown Records family, with Repose being their debut. Each symbol on the cover art reflects the message of an individual song. The full descriptions of each symbol's meaning is in the album's description. Additionally, something worth noting is that Garrett Russell from Silent Planet is a guest vocalist on the title track, "Repose."
What it Sounds Like:
What We Do In Secret blends a familiar post-hardcore sound with a fresh new metalcore style that shines on each track. The vocals are consistent throughout the album, with a great balance of unclean screams and the well-partnered clean vocals. The music is aggressive and high energy and the transitions between them are done well.
Spiritual Highlights:
Repose takes the listener on a journey through hopelessness to ultimately surrendering to God. Most of the songs simply speak honestly about life's struggles with small hints of hope throughout the album. Topics range from depression, marriage struggles, addiction, abuse, miscarriage, anxiety, and of course, hope. The first song, "Response" introduces the album with:

"Our suffering's not unique
Listen to the songs of the broken
I pray they give you peace" 

The closing track, "Vindication," uses Scripture and original lyrics to bring hope to all the struggles. A great example is with:  

"If I ascend to heaven
Or make my bed in hell, you're there
Though the darkness is overwhelming
And the light about me like night
But the dark isn't dark to you"

The vulnerability shown in this debut album demonstrates spiritual maturity, much like that of King David's Psalms. It shows us that it is okay to have serious doubts and struggles, even as Christians, but that there is still hope. 
Best Song on the Record:
Throughout the album, you hear stories of struggle, but "Vindication" is a powerful and hopeful song, and that makes it stand out among the rest. It is both a great song on its own as well as a concluding track for the album when you listen to it front to back. Despite all the pain, you hear the encouraging words that scream, "You said I am free. You calmed the storm in me." This song is a strong ending to the album.
For Fans Of:
Norma Jean, Amongst the Giants, Wolves at the Gate
Final Word: 
Repose is a lyrically beautiful and vulnerable album that is powered by aggressive music. What We Do In Secret's impressive debut album boasts a well-defined sound that most people would only expect from artists with more experience under their belt. Every song is part of a conversation about what it means to be human and what it means to be loved. I fully expect What We Do In Secret to become one of Facedown Record's forefront artists.

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