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The Search [edit]
by NF | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 26, 2019

Track Listing
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01. The Search
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02. Leave Me Alone
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03. Change
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04. My Stress
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05. Nate
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06. Time (Extended)
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07. Returns
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08. When I Grow Up
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09. Only
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10. Let Me Go
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11. Interlude
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12. Hate Myself
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13. I Miss the Days
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14. No Excuses
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15. Like This
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16. Options
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17. Why
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18. Thinking
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19. Trauma
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20. Time
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Entry last edited by KevinMcNeese_NRT on 07.26.19

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BPence (117)

NF at the Top of His Game | Posted August 04, 2019
The Search is the fourth, and perhaps the best, studio album by NF. It is the follow-up to 2017’s Perception. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Albums chart, as did Perception. The twenty-song album was written by and produced by NF and produced by Tommee Profitt, unless otherwise noted below. The album features NF’s hard-hitting music and transparent and vulnerable lyrics. Below are a few comments about each song:  
The Search - This hard-hitting track was the second single released from the album. He’s been dealing with some things. He admits that he had breakdown last year and saw a therapist. He’s been searching, leaving his burdens, but admits that he brought some with him. He’s been looking for the map to hope. As the song ends, he’s back, the search is beginning so enjoy the trip.   
Leave Me Alone – This song was written and produced by NF, Tommee Profitt and Saint X. Profitt adds backing vocals on the song. The song has Nate wanting his fame to leave him alone. He addresses his OCD and doesn’t need advice from his doubts right now.
Change – This song features backing vocals from Debi Selby, Nicki Conley, Jason Eskridge, Moiba Mustapha and Travis Cottrell. The song opens with brief backing vocals, and then goes into a driving beat. He’s addicted to pain and has mood swings. He doesn’t like new things. He’s looking for change but never wants to commit. Saying we need change is easy, but change is hard to do. He felt suicidal last year. This year, he might do something different like talking to God more.  
My Stress – The song opens with Nate singing that somedays he just wants relief from his stress and negativity. Then he begins to rap about pressures he is facing and his insecurities. He’s a hostage to his own pride. He wonders what he would do if he only had a short time to live. Would he call his Dad and tell him he loves him?    
Nate – This song has Nate passionately talking to his younger self, preparing him for what is coming. He got the idea for the song when he spent four days in therapy from depression, and disconnected from the world after the first leg of the Perception tour. He tells his younger self that life is hard. If you have questions or need advice, talk to God because he’s the only one who listens. He references incidents from his childhood and parents, and tells his younger self that making millions won’t make him happy.
Time (Extended) – This song opens with strings by Jeremy Larson. Nate then sings over keys that even if she says she hates him and they go to bed angry, he’s sure everything will be alright. He promises he is changing. He then raps that he just needs more time to show her he is worth it. He says that he is the definition of “wreck” if you look into his soul, which comes out the most when he feels he’s in a vulnerable place.  
Returns – This song was written and produced by NF, Tommee Profitt and Saint X. Nate seems to be directing anger at a fellow rapper. The song is hard-hitting and confident, with Nate displaying some fast rapping skills.      
When I Grow Up – This was the third single released from the album.
Nate talks about his dream growing up of being a rapper, rather than going to college and getting a job.
Only – This song was written by NF, Tommee Profitt, King Henry and Sasha Sloan with Sloan also contributing vocals.  He doesn’t need a lot. He just wants to find his peace. He wishes that he would pray more often and put more time into his faith. He loves his job, but hates the fame that comes with it. He can’t be the only one who is lonely tonight, needing company and comforting.    
Let Me Go - This song was written and produced by NF, Tommee Profitt and Saint X. Jeremy Larson adds the opening strings. Nate talks about his dark side. His vocals grow more intense as the song progresses. He prays to God to ask if hope is real. Is he Hell-bound, or will he find Heaven?
Interlude – This is a brief track in which Nate talks about how he was spiraling during the successful Perception album and tour.
Hate Myself – This song features keys and some excellent percussion. Nate questions his calling by asking if this is really what he was born to be. Late nights are the worst, when he has had suicidal thoughts. He’s not a spokesman, but a broken record. He prays to God with arms open. If this is it, then he feels hopeless.
I Miss the Days – Backing vocals on this song are provided by Debi Selby, Nicki Conley, Jason Eskridge, Brooke Griffith, Moiba Mustapha and Travis Cottrell. Nate looks back on his childhood, when he had a smile on his face, wasn’t so caught up in the small things, and didn’t overthink his life. He wonders what happened to him. When did he start to believe that he wasn’t worth it? He feels he’s blessed, but cursed as well. The song builds powerfully toward the end.   
No Excuses – This song was written and produced by NF, Tommee Profitt and Saint X. It’s a high energy song in which Nate says he was self-taught. He has no excuses. He displays some fast rapping skills on the song.
Like This – This song was written and produced by NF, David Garcia and Saint X.
This song features some excellent percussion. He wastes too much time on things he can’t fix. He holds things inside that he can’t forget and that he thought he could let go. He feels more together when he’s a mess. He’s feeling too much like his old self, backsliding.
Options – This song was written and produced by NF, David Garcia and b | r z.  
This hard-hitting song, which is a reminder that he still spits, has Nate saying that these are the options. And even if the record doesn’t sell a copy, he’s going to do it as a hobby. He’s not quitting unless the Lord tells him to.  
Why – This song was the first single released from the album. It was written and produced by NF, Tommee Profitt and Saint X. The song features some excellent percussion. He wants to be great, but he gets in the way of himself and thinks about everything he could never be. He holds his issues up for all to see. A lot of people know him, but they don’t know him well.
Thinking – The song was written and produced by NF and Saint X. This song features some excellent percussion. The first verse could be to his wife. He is vulnerable and the person he’s singing to has the keys to open all his secrets. They have always been there when he’s low to help pick up the pieces.
Key lyric:
To most, negative thinking makes you a pessimist, but
To me, negative thinking means I'm just realistic
Trauma – This haunting and ballad features piano and strings from Jeremy Larson. This could be a song addressed to God or his wife. He is helpless and needs them with him. He needs their hand as he’s drowning. Traumas surround him. He yearns for peace and to be found.
Time – This was the fourth single released from the album. See “Time Extended” above.  

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