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Back Again [edit]
by Disciple | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: February 25, 2003

As a rising force in the genre of contemporary hard rock, Disciple has achieved great strides by fusing an explicit Christian message with aggressive, well-orchestrated music. Driven by a mission to make an impact in the world, Disciple has already demanded the attention of thousands who are embracing the band's cutting-edge declaration. Although the path has been challenging, Disciple has persevered with a prolific output of professional music and live performances. Their commitment to God, His kingdom, and their fans is undying and can be only be matched by their determination to write some of best music in the arena of hard rock.
Back Again is the first release on the band's new label, Slain Records. It features more of the fiercely aggressive, yet intelligent and well crafted Christ-centered rock anthems done in a style that only Disciple can pull off. Current fans and any lover of Christian hard rock will find plenty to savor on Back Again.

Back Again was the fifth album released by Christian rock group, Disciple, in 2003. This is considered to be their heaviest album to date. The only ballad on the record is the final track, One More Time.

Released-February 25, 2003
Recorded-Lakeside Studios
Genre-Alternative Metal
Hard Rock
Label-Slain Records
Producer-Travis Wyrick

Track Listing
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01. Back Again
02. Fear
03. 103
04. Touch
05. Face
06. Wait
07. Hardened
08. Why Don't You Shut Up?
09. Before You
10. Remembering
11. Not The Same
12. First Time
13. One More Time

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MI3Guy (3)

Disciple's best | Posted February 24, 2009
This is easily Disciple's best album (as of now Southern Hospitality is out). Musically this album is heavy and intense. Lyrically it sometimes seems like disciple is screaming scripture.

Back Again 3.5/5 I never really liked this song.
Fear 4.5/5 The second half is the best.
103 4.5/5 Taken from Psalm 103, it is about forgiveness. A bit softer, but I don't think I can recall any other songs that scream Hallelujah.
Face 6/6 My favorite song on the album. An amazing worship song.
Wait 3.5/5 This song is a bit slower paced.
Hardened 4/5 This song may prove hard for an atheist to listen to.
Why Don't You Shut Up 3.5/5 By now the album definitely sounds the same. That's a good thing though, 'cause it is awesome.
Remembering 4/5 An average song.
Not The Same 5/5 More awesome screams.
Next Time 5/5 See Not The Same.
One More Time 4/5 The only soft song. If you are interested because of this, sorry to dissapoint you.

Note: 6/6 = 5/5 = 1, Face is still the best though

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Pretty good | Posted October 04, 2010
This album is pretty good, I like it better musically than lyrically but it's still pretty awesome. My top favorites are Back Again, Why Don't you Shut Up, and Not The Same. I like the album pretty well, but it isn't good enough to get any songs on my MP3. Worth getting if you have money to spare.

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Not their Best | Posted March 03, 2008
Personally I wasn't very fond of this meeting, I mean I did like it, but I think because Scars Remain was aminly the album that started me listening to Disciple I guess I was expecting that one. There were some good songs on the Album, but it wasn't super.

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mayhem (31)

Well... | Posted January 14, 2008
I'm a big disciple fan, so my review is bound to be biased. I'm a fan of their newer stuff, but their older stuff is classic stuff. They never fail to deliver a great sound with amazing lyrics.

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Phil413 (45)

Back Again | Posted January 03, 2008
Just another great CD from Disciple. I like every song, and I really like the straight up in your face lyrics. I just can't listen to this disc without a thought of God or Jesus coming into my head.

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...back again? | Posted September 25, 2007
...i like most everything by these guys and this is no exception. Great concepts but still, as usual (no offense guys)...i wish they'd spend more time on the lyrics so that their message is conveyed in a way that would astound people as much as their bangin beats and music...9 out of 10 i'd say because their serious about what they're doing..and i'm real picky.

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alright | Posted August 25, 2007
disciple has gotten a lot more mature over the years, and this album isn't particularly wonderful. i like the newer ones, like scars remain better, but this one is okay. i <3 the song remembering!

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Disciple | Posted August 23, 2007
This is a good CD. I think their more recent stuff is better. But this CD is worth listening to as well.

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skybo90 (177)

back again | Posted July 24, 2007
i don't like the old disciple stuff. its just not as hard as their new stuff. i wouldn't really recommend this to anybody unless you're trying to get the complete set

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