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The Space Between the Shadows [edit]
by Scott Stapp | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: July 19, 2019

Track Listing
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01. World I Used To Know
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02. Name
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03. Purpose For Pain
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04. Heaven In Me
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05. Survivor
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06. Wake Up Call
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07. Face Of The Sun
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08. Red Clouds
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09. Gone Too Soon
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10. Ready To Love
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11. Mary's Crying
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12. Last Hallelujah
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A Much Welcome Rocking Return | Posted July 22, 2019
What You Need To Know
Scott Stapp was the lead singer for Creed. He has a new album out! (Do you really need to know anything else?) 

What It Sounds Like
I was somehow one of the few who didn't really hear Creed during their initial run. Nothing against them; I just sort of ran in different musical circles. So, I went into this album without much bias, aside from a general knowledge of what Creed sounded like and a healthy respect for the influence they've had on a genre I've come to cherish.

Scott Stapp's new album stands out in an industry that has a growing affinity for all things electric pop. With a sound very reminiscent of his Creed days, The Space Between The Shadows would have felt at home with most mid-2000's releases. Balancing outright rock with the obligatory rock ballads, Stapp threads a careful needle to craft an engaging rock album. Lead single "Purpose for Pain" delivers exactly the thrills you'd expect and is a great sample of what this album has to offer. "Gone Too Soon" proves itself capable of providing emotional balladry to balance the guitars. "Red Clouds" finds Stapp near shouting one of the most powerful and emotive choruses of the year, creating a definite album highlight. "Mary's Crying" is catchier and more memorable than it has any right to be, balancing well the album's rockier and softer moments on one of my personal favorites from the record.

Spiritual Highlights
Stapp offers a meatier rock experience than is typical of the genre. While looking for meaning in suffering is present, Stapp goes deeper by presenting legitimate explorations of his faith in a troubled world. "Mary's Crying" is a highlight lamenting the problems of our world causing Mother Mary to weep for us. Stapp sings of the finiteness of our days in "Last Hallelujah." A recurring theme of the album is how, despite our sinfulness and the damage it causes, God hasn't abandoned us. "There's still a little heaven in me."

Best Song On The Album
"Mary's Crying" boasts some of the best melodies and lyrics in an all-around standout album.

For Fans Of 
Creed, Decyfer Down, Skillet

Final Word
Whether you miss Creed or just are longing for actual rock music again, Scott Stapp has crafted a definite crowdpleaser that should find itself counted among the best rock releases of the year.

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This is not a christian album | Posted July 19, 2019
so many times a album is listed an christian album, but it's not. I think it's a good album... but it's not christian. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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