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This Is Who We Are [edit]
by Run Kid Run | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 16, 2006

Hailing from the state of Illinois, Run Kid Run is a 4 piece pop rock band with huge hooks, infectious melodies, and uplifting lyrics. Their debut full-length, This is Who We Are, was produced by James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory). This Is Who We Are is about finding your true sense of self, and then holding on to that with all you have," says guitar player Neil Endicott. "We want people to have something they can listen to that makes them feel better about whatever is going on in their life." With a record that is guaranteed to make you sing along, don't pass up the chance to experience Run Kid Run for yourself.

Track Listing
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01. We've Only Just Begun
02. Move On
03. Wake Up, Get Up
04. Sing To Me
05. The Modern March
06. The Call Out
07. This Day Of Change
08. Outline Of A Love
09. Miles And States
10. I'll Forever Sing

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Nathan (188)

Not yet a "call out" | Posted December 01, 2008
Every band starts somewhere. And in the case of Run Kid Run that place was Illinois which eventually led them to record their debut album This is Who We Are. Akin to the likes of Stellar Kart, Hawk Nelson and Relient K, the punk rock that was showed in the single “we have only just begun” was solid and refreshing.

However the entire album doesn’t follow that exact pattern as the first song. for one thing with the exception of three tracks most of the songs are drawn from the same well meaning you could spin the disc ten times and get little out of a ten track CD that could have been condensed to five. While “Move on” is a fun pop rock song, the music isn’t aggressive enough and the music falls flat, and “sing to me” lacks a motivational drive.

The bright spots in the album, which point to future success, is the upbeat, uplifting “we have only just begun”; a song that moves swiftly and has a terrific bridge to go along with a catchy chorus. Run Kid Run’s second single “I’ll forever sing” is up tempo and has a good infectious beat to the worship-like tune. The real gem on This is Who We Are is “the call out” which consists of a extremely catchy tunes, great riffs, stellar hooks, and a fantastic song set up.

Guitar player Neil Endicott had this to say about the band’s lyrics: "We want people to have something they can listen to that makes them feel better about whatever is going on in their life.". very true, but don’t forget the spiritual messages that comingle with the encouraging lyrics. "Wake Up, Get Up", “we have only just begun”, and “the call out” are all anthems to make something of this life while the praise and worship music is just set up in a faster beat ("Outline Of A Love", “I’ll forever sing”, and “sing to me”).

When only three songs stand out it’s hard to say that any album was good, but This is Who we Are still managed to be good despite the lack of diversity and creativity. If that changes Run Kid Run has some good tools to already go along with their rock solid God-centered lyrics.

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username2 (378)

5/5 | Posted August 28, 2011
Run Kid Run's debut album This Is Who We Are is the perfect way for a band like this to make a big splash in the industry.  This album manages to incorporate themes of love and spirituality into 10 amazingly catchy songs.  I guarantee you that these songs will be instantly burned into your memory by the time the album ends.  

Backed by a fun pop/punk vibe, Run Kid Run manages to hit every note right with their debut album.  It's memoriable, catchy, and lyrically solid.  This is one band that will be earning my money in the future. 

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This is a COOL CD!!! | Posted June 14, 2008
You must buy it The song we just begun it The best of all the songs must buy Cd i cant wait until the next album to come out and i know what it is its LOVE AT THE CORE

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just ok. | Posted April 29, 2008
I heard my first Run Kid Run song about a year ago, and i thought it was pretty good. Then i bought the cd, its not my favorite, it is just ok to me. But if you like pop and light punk, then you will probably like this.

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rkrlvr (2)

amazing | Posted April 26, 2008
i remember first hearing run kid run 2 years ago, may 4. i fell in love with their sound and the message of the band. not only are the lyrics encouraging but they aren't afraid to share God's love in their songs. the two best tracks are wake up get up and sing to me. wake up get up is the type of the song that wants you to get up and actually do something with your life for God. sing to me happens to be my favorite song so i'm a bit bias but it is seriously an amazing track. everytime i hear it i can't help but smile. a number of my friends have fallen in love with run kid run as well. they are amazing on the album and even better live.

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pretty good | Posted January 06, 2008
this wasn't my favorite cd..
but i did really love it.

some of the songs made me want to roll down the windows or dance around in my room.

but some of the other ones just weren't my all time favorite.

but i would still recommend buying this cd.


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RKR | Posted January 04, 2008
well i gotta say most of the songs sound alot the same but on that note they are extremly catchy and well i feel that they have some potential **ps there have been roomers of them spliting up anyone know bout that**

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an ear-catcher | Posted August 27, 2007
you know how something can catch your eye, well this cd did just that...except it caught my ear. the first song i've ever heard by rkr was we've only just begun and i fell in love with them right away. the songs deal alot with love...or lost love(as in "move on") i love every song on this cd and i would recomend that everyone owns it. rkr is trully a talented band. the only song that i have a problem with is "miles and states" thge lyrics are amazing!!! i can relate to them and they just make me feel good but i don't like the backround music. i can't wait until rkr makes a new cd!!!

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totally unique | Posted August 23, 2007
you can tell by the cover it is a great cd and it only gets better once you open the case

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Good, but not entirely great. | Posted August 21, 2007
This is who we are is a cd filled w/diverse songs and sounds. However that's only true to a point. Where as it has different songs and sounds, setting it appart from other bands, its also repetitive. It has only to themes, God and girls. The music starts to sound the same after you listen to ir for a while. However though, i still reccommend this cd! It has an upbeat and uplifting music, great lyrics, and a message! This was run kid run's first album, and for that, it was amazing!!! I bet we can expect a really good sophmore release soon!! And not to mention, thier songs sound great live in concert!!!

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