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The Eleventh Hour [edit]
by Jars Of Clay | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: December 11, 2002

Track Listing
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01. Disappear
02. Something Beautiful
03. Revolution
04. Fly
05. I Need You
06. Silence
07. Scarlet
08. Whatever She Wants
09. The Eleventh Hour
10. These Ordinary Days
11. The Edge Of Water

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Getting Better | Posted January 30, 2008
Jars of Clay's fourth studio album finds the band in yet another new setting as their creativity leads them to another sound different from all previous recordings. Focusing more on their roots, The Eleventh Hour is very much an acoustic album. Songs like "Something Beautiful," "Scarlet," "These Ordinary Days," "The Edge of Water" and "Silence" are all very well written, but I find them hard to listen to. They are just so slow. You keep wanting to kick them in the backside and get them going, you know? Songs that save this album include "I Need You," "Whatever She Wants" and the breakout beat driven song, "Revolution," which is musically their best endeavor yet. As much as I continue to enjoy their music, I still wish that they would pick up the pace a little and focus on a style that is great to listen to other than at the "eleventh hour" of the night.

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The Eleventh Hour | Posted August 19, 2008
This fourth album seems to pick up where they left off on If I Left The Zoo, and that is to say, making classic songs. This effort has a few more upbeat, catchy tracks than their previous album and as a result they are hard to get out of your head. 'Revolution' might be the best thing they have ever created with it's foot-tapping good beat, vocal hooks, and sharp guitar work. It's the type of song that makes you say, 'Now that is what a single is all about!' and I'm pretty sure it never was a single. No, Jars of Clay moved away from the pop/rock they crafted with earlier albums and instead created great works of art.

The lyrics have changed too. Before they were a little more obvious in what they were singing about but make no mistake, you can still see what faith they are coming from. Perhaps they just grew bolder as they strove to make important music. 'Silence' is a very haunting track with an all important question "Where are you?". The lyrics just become more honest and more thought provoking overall. And they explained on a live DVD from this tour that 'Fly' is about a young couple who struggle with the wife's cancer and God is right there to fly with her to the other side. Truly a touching story that I think is a true one.

Consistency is the name of the game with The Eleventh Hour as there's not a bad track on it. That's true of nearly every JoC CD too. They give quality over quantity and I love it. But like albums of that nature it takes a few listens for it to click and when it does it's worth it. It clicked with me and it's now my 2nd favorite album all-time.

Gems of this album are: 'Revolution', 'Silence', 'The Eleventh Hour', 'Whatever She Wants'

Overall - 9.9/10

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LauraCC (255)

My first intro to the group | Posted October 04, 2008
I like most of the songs, but I'm a little creeped out by "Scarlet"- the vampire analogy is hard for me to get around. "Revolution" is very pots and pans clanging sounding, but I like it. "Fly" is beautiful. The title track is also very meaningful. "Something Beautiful" is good.

Jars of Clay's style of music appeals to me- a very anti-establishment feel.

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coredog (62)

Getting in their groove | Posted October 26, 2007
This album was awesome and they really got in their groove. Still not their best, but an awesome CD.

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SWRT (37)

The song Silence | Posted September 20, 2007
actually got me into Jars of Clay. They're not a top favorite of mine, but they're good and they've been around forever and pretty much covered a lot of the genre spectrum. Pretty cool stuff.

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good ! | Posted October 08, 2008
i like jars of clay. there older stuff isn't as good as their newer stuff, but their music is great. they should be considered classic christian music.........

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