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Born Again Wildflower [edit]
by Debbie Cochran | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: June 16, 2017

Growing up in musical home in Arkansas, Debbie and her family would gather around the piano singing their original songs and beautiful harmonies. Those key based instruments opened the floodgates to a lifelong passion of instrumental and vocal discovery. Throughout her musical journey, Debbie learned to play the mountain dulcimer and bass guitar while honing her talents as a songwriter.

Her style would be described as a golden gospel voice with traditional country undertones. Debbie anchors her sounds in her church reared impressionable years and her love of early Reba McEntire and Martina McBride tracks. Radio and industry critics have given Cochran rave reviews, including earning the DISCovery award from renowned music critic, Robert K. Oermann.

Before turning to the production ears of Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Neal McCoy & Michael Peterson) to guide her, the only outlet she had to share her music with the world was on a stage that her husband built in their hometown of Batesville, AR. When Debbie isn't on stage, she spends her autumn years traveling the world with her husband in an RV. Debbie's story and music is one that has spread smiles and serves as a testament to the vitality of the human spirit. She lives her lyrics every day that she steps in the studio, writes a new song or hits the lights center stage ---"It's never too late!"

Track Listing
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01. Born Again Wildflower (feat. Dolly Parton)
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02. Bouquet of Roses
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03. Crown of Thorns Grows Pretty Roses
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04. Lord Did I Miss the Rapture
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05. Perfect Love
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06. Pray It All Away
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07. Red Letters Falling from the Sky
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08. Soak up the Son
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09. Walking with the Lord
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10. Written in Stone
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Authentic. Sincere. Country. | Posted October 18, 2017
Slide guitars, piano, organ, mandolin and good old fashioned storytelling--that's what you'll get from the classic country sounds brought to you by Debbie Cochran on her latest project, Born Again Wildflower

The highlight of the project of course is the ambling duet with the one and only Dolly Parton on the title track, "Born Again Wildflower." It's fitting that the country legend would be on this record, as Cochran's record reflects faith-filled lyrics that embody the old guard of country music--evoking sounds of Tanya Tucker, early Reba McEntire, and yes, Parton. 

Lyrically, Cochran uses this title track to talk about how the life of faith has led to a life of joy-filled risk: "I'm a born again wildflower / Dancing in April showers / Oh God, you rock my world when I rock my boat."

The record is full of ballads that are good for slow dancing, quiet reflection, and long sits on Cracker Barrel rocking chairs on the front porch. From the reflective and autobiographical "Bouquet of Roses" to the prescriptive "Pray It All Away" to the can't-we-all-just-get-along vibe to "Soak Up the Son," Cochran uses easygoing melodies and instrumentation to get across the things that are on her heart. 

She deploys plenty of good one-liners throughout the record, with some of those even taking place in the song titles, such as "Crown of Thorns Grows Pretty Roses." Other lyrical gems include: "Red letters falling from the sky / Teaching me how to live and die" ("Red Letters Falling From the Sky") and "Soak up the son and drink the living water / Catch a second wind, look up and grow stronger" ("Soak Up the Son").

The honky-tonk "Lord Did I Miss the Rapture" is a definite highlight, on par with the Parton duet. It's a lighthearted song about some pretty heavy subject matter: the troubles facing the world. Cochran does a great job talking about how she's "sifting through the weeds," looking for "the seeds to greener pastures" amidst the craziness of the how "everyone's at each other's throats." Again, serious subject matter, but she deals with it so entertainingly!

The Bottom Line:
For fans of Southern Gospel or country music--particularly classic country music--Debbie Cochran's Born Again Wildflower will be just what the doctor ordered. At a time where Christian country music is hard to find, yet country music sounds more like mainstream pop every day, there's a certain authenticity and sincerity that comes with the musical, lyrical and production delivery of this record. If the stamp of approval by the titanic icon Parton isn't enough for you, a simple listen to this project will show you Cochran is filling a void many people didn't know existed in music today, and does so with peaceful ease. 

Song to Download Now:
“Lord Did I Miss the Rapture” (Apple Music / Spotify)

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