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Messengers [edit]
by August Burns Red | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 19, 2007

Returning after their critically acclaimed debut Thrill Seeker, August Burns Red comes out with a dominating sophomore release The Messengers. When asked to compare the two records, guitarist JB Brubakker states "the new record is along the lines of what we did on Thrill Seeker, but it's faster, shreddier, and more riffs. We learned a lot since our last record and I think the songwriting and musicianship is a lot stronger." These Lancaster, PA youngsters have accomplished on their first two records what it takes most bands to do in a lifetime, combining the technical aspects of European Metal, the breakdowns of American Hardcore, and vocal stylings that leave no rock unturned in the Metal genre. Produced by Tue Madsen (Extol, The Haunted, Becoming The Archetype), this record promises to be the most brutal, yet polished venture yet for the band.

Track Listing
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01. The Truth of a Liar
02. Up Against the Ropes
03. Back Burner
04. The Blinding Light
05. Composure
06. Vital Signs
07. The Eleventh Hour
08. The Balance
09. Black Sheep
10. An American Dream
11. Redemption

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Messengers | Posted July 07, 2010
Despite the fact that Messengers was released in 2007, it is still my favorite CD in 2010. The large majority of the songs favor the use of at least three breakdowns throughout, and keep in mind this was before the time where that was pretty standard for any metallic band. The drum work really stands out throughout the entire CD, you can tell its hard and complex stuff to do just by listening. The guitar work is equally impressive though I feel its not as blatantly obvious (I wasn't as impressed with it until after I tried to play it). The vocals are quite impressive though for this CD his high vocals aren't as developed as they are in Constellations but they're still fantastic. Stand-out songs are: American Dream, Composure, Up Against the Ropes, and The Eleventh Hour. Definately worth adding to your music library if your into bands like Texas in July, This or the Apocalypse, or A Plea for Purging.

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username2 (375)

5/5 | Posted September 19, 2011
If I had to define at which point August Burns Red really broke out and became the powerhouses that they are today, I would have to point to this album.  The dreaded "sophomore slump" does not apply here as this band proves by revamping their lineup and delievering what is possibly one of the best metal albums I've ever heard.  The songs I heard from their debut album, Thrill Seeker, were good but didn't have that great of a production value and musical depth.  Those issues have been answered as this album's production sounds good and the band's musical depth really shines.  You can tell that ABR quickly figured out who they were and what they wanted to sound like in the time frame between albums.  This album has more brutal sounding songs and more maturity in the songwriting.  The final track, "Redemption," is especially noteworthy because it's basically telling us what ABR is all about, 5 guys who are serving God through their music.  

Messengers is easily ABR's finest work and it's also one of the best metal albums period.  

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Pretty Sweet | Posted February 12, 2009
Wow. That's all I can say about August Burns Red. They are a sweet metal band. My friend first told me about August Burns Red and I like them. Once you look at the lyrics, this is pretty solid.

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One of the best | Posted January 15, 2009
ABR's Messengers album is one of the best, if not
the best metal albums of 08.

Ive seen them a couple of times live, and
this album live NEVER fails to amaze me.
overall the album is worth your time if you are
a true metal head.

They dont disappoint. haha

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Screamo belongs to Jesus! | Posted September 17, 2008
ABR is DEFINITELY one of the greatest metal bands out there. Not just in the Christian community but the entire world as well! There nag for capturing crowds, starting the most entertaining (and yet the most deadly mosh pits) and influencing the most painful headbangs on its listeners. High speed tempos, faithful and true lyrics, stunning live performances: this band has it all! The album itself "Messengers" speaks of how big their fire for God is! "Messengers" is a must-have for the speed metal music fans!

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Messengers | Posted August 06, 2008
One of the best hardcore albums i've listened to in a long time. A must-have for metalheads like me. I loved the usage of a double bass pedal for the drums. That's one of the things that seemed to bring together the band.

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The perfect CD | Posted May 03, 2008
This cd can't show enough how far they've come from since "Thrill Seeker." For one, the recording is WAY better. And two, the musicmanship on some of these newer songs can not even compare to the old ones. Not to mention the lyrics...I'd say are some of THEE most powerful and passion-filled lyrics you'll find.

Comparable CDs: For Today - Ekklesia, Born of Osiris - The New Reign, or As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us.

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Messengers | Posted March 29, 2008
This is a great album. I love it!!!

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AWESOME | Posted March 25, 2008
this cd is great the guitar riffs and double bass its juss sounded awesome 2 thumbs up to this cd

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hardcore good | Posted February 22, 2008
I love this album alot. its really great!

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