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Light It Up [edit]
by CJ Emulous | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: May 19, 2015

A must have if you are looking for great music. CJ Emulous shows his versatility on this project with a mixture of genres but still succeeds at giving you a great hip hop album with an inciting message! If you enjoy Lecrae, Andy Mineo and Hillsong Y&F you need to purchase this album ASAP!

Track Listing
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01. Come to Light It up (feat. Angela Pitnikoff)
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02. While I'm Young (feat. Psalm Bird)
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03. Unashamed Ca (feat. Transparent)
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04. Get Active
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05. Still Fired Up
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06. Down For Whatever
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07. Like You (feat. Norman Michael)
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08. Against The Grain
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09. No Need To Rush
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10. Ain't Me (feat. Humbleme)
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11. R.I.G. Rest In GriefR.I.G. (Rest in Grief) [feat. Blaack]
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12. Tailgate
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13. Max out (feat. John Givez & Beleaf)
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14. Party in the Clouds (feat. Psalm Bird)
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15. Crave (feat. Psalm Bird & Tim Be Told)
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16. Live Again (feat. Psalm Bird)
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17. Vamos (feat. Arize)
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18. Fire Fall Down
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Something New | Posted July 15, 2015
Let's be honest: we all play favorites. We naturally gravitate toward certain things that have caught our fancy. We have our favorite color scheme that we use when shopping for clothes, our favorite drink to order at Starbucks, and of course, we have our favorite genres and music artists. We trust our favorites, and sometimes we look at unknowns with a curious and perhaps skeptical eye. But sometimes the unknowns can surprise you. Sometimes that new Starbucks drink that you tried becomes a new favorite, or that t-shirt with the flashy colors becomes a go-to outfit in your wardrobe. And sometimes that new rapper who appears on the scene proves that he can hold his own.

In the album Light It Up, CJ Emulous provides a good variety of workout-playlist-worthy songs, including "Party in the Clouds" and "Tailgate." These songs have a solid beat and a catchy vibe that will keep you moving. Songs like "Against the Grain" bring the pace down to a contemplative level while CJ rhymes about standing out for Christ. 

Every hip-hop album is a little more fun with a signature Hispanic track, and "Vamos" fills this role nicely, providing us with some fun Spanglish and a message of fearlessly proclaiming the Gospel. 

"No Need to Rush" promotes Christ-centered dating, while "Ain't Me" encourages relentless, unshakeable commitment to our spouse. In the latter, CJ raps about a love-hungry woman chasing after his attention even after she discovers that he's married. Despite her efforts to sway him, he adamantly relays to the woman that although she's looking for a man to love her, "it ain't me." 

In several songs, CJ uses euphemisms such as "dang" and "heck," which can occasionally cause concern among Christian circles. However, given the fact that secular hip-hop is known for being littered with profanity and vulgar imagery, and that CJ himself has been redeemed from a hard life on the streets, I think we can excuse and understand a few non-curse words.

Closing Thoughts:
Sometimes finding great Christian rap can feel a bit like collecting name-brand sneakers or gourmet coffee. We connoisseurs know what we like and can be hard to convince to try something new. CJ Emulous has a brand of rap with a flavor worth trying-- you'll likely enjoy it. 

Song to Download Now:
"While I'm Young" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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