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As We Speak [edit]
by Greater Vision | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: April 14, 2015

Almost 200 times every year, the three gentlemen collectively known as Greater Vision, unite to present the gospel in a way that has endeared them to audiences across the United States and around the world. Their deepest desire is to encourage the Christian listener to share their faith with others and to cause the listener who isn't a believer to see their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With each new opportunity, Gerald, Rodney, and Chris continue to move forward as they share their “Greater Vision”.

Track Listing
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01. Put Out the Fire
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02. We Can't Tell It All
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03. Toes In the Water
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04. He Does
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05. In the Sandals of Daniel
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06. Let the Blood of Calvary Speak For Me
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07. Never Will I Ever Again
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08. I Do Know
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09. Saved By the Same Grace
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10. As We Speak
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Traditional and Tuneful Southern Gospel | Posted April 21, 2015
Founded in 1990 by Gerald Wolfe, Greater Vision is the most-awarded trio in Southern Gospel. During their (so far) twenty-five year tenure, the group has seen relatively few lineup changes. The trio is currently comprised of emcee and lead singer Wolfe, tenor Chris Allman, and baritone Rodney Griffin. 

With Wolfe taking hold of the production reins (assisted by the late Lari Goss' orchestral arrangements), and Allman and Griffin doing much of the writing, the unit's latest project, As We Speak, is largely self-contained. Though the album doesn't break new ground--which is hardly the point -- it's an excellent set of songs impeccably performed in an unassuming, straight-ahead style. Please don't mistake that for dull because As We Speak is anything but.

Indeed, with both their music and lyrics, Greater Vision excels in honoring the history and traditions of their genre and their faith in a manner that maintains unmistakable immediacy. "Put Out the Fire" is a perfect example of how the trio turns a biblical story into a lively Southern Gospel nugget. It's easy to imagine this as a live, showstopping encore with false endings and energetic crowd participation. On the disc, though, it's not a closer but an opener--the guys are just getting started!

As the perfectly sequenced tunes continue, "We Can't Tell It All" gorgeously establishes a mood of praise, while toe-tapping "Toes In The Water" invites you to dive deeper into your exploration of faith. The trio then slows the tempo with the comforting ballad "He Does," reassuring listeners that Jesus understands our suffering. Not letting things get sleepy, bouncy, bluegrass-tinged "In The Sandals of Daniel" kicks up the pace, finishing what feels like the ideal Side A of an LP.

If you were playing this on vinyl, it would be time to flip the record. And the second side plays out much the same way as the first, with a balance of tempos that maintains energy and interest. Swelling anthem "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak For Me" is followed by the joyful countrified gem "Never Will I Ever Again" before things quiet down for the beautiful "I Do Know," which answers the doubts of an unknown future with the assurance of the Lord's promise of Heavenly eternity. The album finishes strong, first with "Saved By The Same Grace," a song of two very different people being touched in a similar way by Christ's saving grace, and finally with the title track, "As We Speak," a glowing piano piece that speaks volumes about the restorative love and peace we receive from our Savior through prayer.

Closing Thoughts:
On As We Speak, Greater Vision presents a lovely set of harmonious, melodic songs with meaningful, biblically-centered lyrics focused on faith, commitment, surrender, and praise. This isn't a shoot-the-lights-out, knock-your-socks-off kind of album from singers out to wow you with their prowess. As We Speak is better than that. It's a collection of compositions from committed believers who pool their talents to provide inspiration and comfort by pointing to the Prince of Peace and King and Kings. As such, Greater Vision has served up an old-fashioned, Southern Gospel delight.

Review by Dawn Teresa, dawno

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