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After All These Years [edit]
by Andrew Peterson | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: November 11, 2014

Looking back on a career spanning 18 years and 9 full length albums, Andrew Peterson's "After All These Years" features 3 new songs, 7 re-recordings from the earlier days, and 8 fan favorites.

Track Listing
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01. After All These Years
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02. The Reckoning
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03. After The Last Tear Falls (2014)
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04. All Things New
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05. Donít You Want To Thanks Someone
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06. Lay Me Down
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07. Faith To Be Strong (2014)
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08. Youíll Find Your Way
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09. Dancing In the Minefields
10. The Good Confession
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11. Isnít It Love (2014)
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12. The Far Country
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13. The Silence Of God (2014)
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14. Holy Is The Lord (2014)
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15. Romans 11 (Doxology)
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16. Nothing To Say (2014)
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17. No More Faith (2014)
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18. To All The Poets
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19. High Noon (Live, 2014)
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20. Everybodyís Got A Song
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Reminiscing | Posted December 05, 2014
Andrew Peterson's music has been touching hearts and changing lives for over 20 years. It might surprise you to learn that Andrew Peterson is also an accomplished writer. "The Wingfeather Saga" has been capturing the attention of readers everywhere since 2008. After finishing the last book in the series earlier this year, Andrew Peterson decided to release an album of past hits, previously unreleased tracks and recreated songs.

After All These Years is a 20 track summary of Andrew's vast library of work, including classics like "Dancing in the Minefields," "Don't You Want to Thank Someone" and "Nothing to Say" alongside new single "After All These Years." Every song seems to have been carefully chosen for the message it conveys, resulting in an album that reminds listeners of the hope we have in Christ and leading us into a quiet place where we can hear God speaking to us. Sometimes it's through lyrics, and sometimes it's through the accompaniment, but these songs are always speaking to you where you need it most. Whether you're in a place where you aren't hearing God or you hear Him on a regular basis, there will be something that changes you for the better.

Being a mom, I was particularly moved by the lyrics in the song "After the Last Tear Falls." Something about the lines "After the last young girl's innocence is stolen… There is love…" hit me right between the eyes. If something were to ever happen to my girls, even in that, God would still be good. He would still love, He would still care, He's our solid foundation that will still be there when the world has gone away.

Closing Thoughts:
I've been missing out! Andrew Peterson has been making music for pretty much my whole life, and I've never heard it until now. After All These Years is definitely an album that I'll be listening to a lot. It makes me want to go find the rest of his music because it's perfect for morning (or late night) quiet time. Is it a little long? Maybe a little bit, as 20 songs is a significant amount. But they're good, and well worth the roughly 86 minutes of listening time.  

Song to Download Now:
"After The Last Tear Falls" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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The Best of the Best | Posted November 14, 2014

Andrew Peterson is perhaps the best American songwriter few people have ever heard of.  Over the past 18 years he has produced an incredible catalogue of songs that represent the best in musicainship and lyricism of Nashville.  His recently released best-of album, "After All These Years," represents an excellent album for long time fans and new listeners alike. 

The first thing to note is that it's not a normal best-of album with a couple of new songs and a handful of previous hits.  First, this record contains 20 tracks (20!!!) with the longest song being close to 8 minutes.  In other words this is a ton of music on one CD, which allows it to faithfully represent Peterson's 18 year long career.

The other interesting aspect of this album is its song selection.  It includes 4 brand new songs, 8 songs that were re-recorded specifically for this project, and 8 songs that were requested by fans on Peterson's Rabbit Room Website.  These different elements keeps the album fresh for both long-term fans of his music and new listeners as well.

New Offerings

Of the 4 new songs the title track, "After All These Years," is by far the most radio-oriented with a light, folk-pop melody and lyrics that set the theme for the rest of the project.   "Romans 11 (Doxology)" is a lovely setting of Paul's words that would be a great piece in any church service. "Everybody's Got A Song" is a sweet, serene tribute to Nashville and represents Peterson's roots as a folk songwriter, especially with the lap-steel accompaniment.

However, my favorite of the new offerings on this project is "To All the Poets I Have Known."  With words written by Gloria Gaither, Peterson creates a truly emotional experience in this musical offering.  The subtle energy of the percussion drives the song and allows the piano, organ and guitar parts to shine.  For those of us who have been influenced by specific writers, musicians and artists (which should be all of us), this song can't help but call to mind our favorites and bring us to a sense of thanksgiving for the blessings God has given us through the creativity he's given to others.


The re-recorded songs on this album are somewhat of a mixed bag.  None are really bad renditions, but some are far more effective than others.  The addition of drums, electric guitar and brass to "After the Last Tear Falls" takes a song of hope and turns it into a song of triumph, making it the best new recording on the album.  And the melancholy piano on "Holy is the Lord" perfectly expresses the emotional turmoil of the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Other new arrangements aren't quite as effective.  The slower tempo on "Isn't It Love" really emphasizes some of the most interesting turns of phrase in Peterson's catalogue, but the altered melody doesn't have the same life as the original.  Likewise, the simplified arrangement of "Faith to Be Strong" doesn't improve much on the original.  But again, none of the new arrangements is a true miss; rather some hit the mark closer than others, and all of them should lead new listeners to find and experience the beauty of the originals.

Other Best-of Songs

Of the rest of the songs on the album, there is not a bad choice in the bunch.  However, I do want to highlight two of the songs that have been personally significant to me.  The first is "The Good Confession" which is essentially Peterson's testimony in musical form.  I've never heard a lyric or melody more truthfully describe the Christian walk than the bridge of this song.  The second is "The Silence of God."  Much has been made over the last decade of the need to include lament in our worship.  Peterson understands that as clearly as anyone, and "The Silence of God" is perhaps the best modern lament I know of.

The only critique I'd have of the song selection is that some truly excellent songs are missing from this project.  Of course I'd most likely be writing the same thing if the album included 30 or even 40 songs; he's written that much good music.


I can't say it enough, Andrew Peterson is one of the best songwriters in the U.S. today, and to have 20 of his best offerings in one album is an incredible treasure.  Whether you've been a fan for the past 18 years or you've never heard of him before reading this blog, this is an album every person should listen to at least once, and most of us should own.

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