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Running to Follow [edit]
by Fellowship Creative | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 13, 2014

Creativity dates back to the beginning of time, and as those made in the image of God - the ultimate Creator - we are born with an inherent creativity.

Finding ways to express and celebrate that gift is the driving force behind Fellowship Creative, the music division of Fellowship Church Dallas, known for Pastor Ed Young, Jr.

That goal is clearly evident in the new project from this community of creative thinkers and artists, their fifth full-length album and first with record label, Fair Trade Services.

Made up of original songs that represent the heart of our culture, Running To Follow is their most accessible project to date. Leading off with the radio-friendly "Glory In the Highest," this pop-tinged praise release contains 13 tracks with lyrics that come straight from the heart of scripture. It's a soul-stirring project that is sure to fill you with hope.

Track Listing
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01. Glory In The Highest
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02. Running To Follow
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03. Future Back
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04. Never Be Without It
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05. Magnify
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06. Jesus My King
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07. Desperate For You
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08. Home
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09. Always Been About You
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10. The One I Need
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11. God Of The Rescue
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12. The Everlasting
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13. Beautiful
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Running to follow Jesus | Posted May 12, 2014
Fellowship Creative is the music ministry of Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. They have previously recorded songs for their church community and they are launching their first major label national release, Running to Follow, available everywhere May 13. The album was produced by CJ Eiriksson (U2, Matchbox Twenty).

Right from the opening song "Glory in the Highest," the band displays uplifting reverence and a joy of worship to our King, Jesus. I really like the song and find myself frequently singing the chorus: "Glory, glory, glory in the highest, highest / My heart and soul will sing / Shout out with everything / Glory in the highest." The song has a great melody and I could imagine singing it with fellow believers, especially the worshipful chorus. I love the biblical truth of the song and Derric Bonnet's sincere and emotive vocal style laced with an indie alt-rock vibe which reminds me of the Mars Hill Church-based band, Citizens.

My favorite moments on this solid album are the glimpses into the band members walks as Christians in the fresh sounding songs "Running to follow" and "Future Back." I find myself really praying along with the band when they cry out: "Here we go / We're running to follow / We've got our eyes fixed forward and we're not looking back / We're following the Son with the wind at our back." It's that type of "gourmet" songwriting that sets this album apart from most of what I've heard this year.

"Never Be Without It" continues with an engaging electronic pop musical style. The differing musical feels is just one of the many attractions to savor about this standout worship album. In many of the songs we have the opportunity to echo the singer's prayerful exclamations as the female singer prays, "My old life is dead and gone because I met You, my new life is my real life, thank You Jesus 'cause all I need is in You, Your love, Your love, I'll never be without it." Amen!

"Jesus My King" reminds me of contemplative worship songs like "Scandal of Grace" by Hillsong UNITED and "Jesus, Son of God" by Chris Tomlin. "Great is Your glory, Great is Your love for us, let my heart be Your throne, Jesus My King" sings the vertical refrain which continues the focus on God's glory and Lordship over our lives. 

Many of the songs are arranged in a very sing-able and catchy style. "Desperate For You," "The Everlasting" and "Beautiful" are all gorgeous and worshipful ballads. Every verse of "Desperate For You" ends with a faith statement for believers, "Jesus You are Lord."  

A thread woven throughout the album is found in that song as the singer sincerely offers: "Standing at the end of all of me, Jesus I am desperate for You, laying everything down at Your feet, Jesus I am desperate for You." "The Everlasting" has the female-led faith statement, "The Lord is my life and salvation, whom shall I fear, of whom shall I be afraid? I'm calling out at the top of my lungs, Lord, I will wait for You."

Closing Thoughts:
Fellowship Creative's passion is to make creative music that inspires the worship of Jesus Christ and to point listeners to Him. The theme of emptying ourselves in order to be filled by "The Everlasting," "Jesus My King" for wholeness and holiness is worth "Running to follow" and singing at the top of our lungs, "Glory in the Highest." I greatly enjoy the musical vibe of this album and the melodies and lyrics are all catchy and rooted in Scripture. The creative use of biblical language is a highlight and there are no ambiguous lyrics, which is refreshing and great for the Church to boldly proclaim praises to Jesus. Fans of Hillsong, Citizens and Passion should enjoy this solid gourmet worship album, one of the year's best.

Song to Download Now: 
"Glory in the Highest" (Get it on iTunes here).

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