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Luminous CITY [edit]
by Luminous CITY | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: February 04, 2014

LuminousCITY, a collective of musicians, songwriters, and artists from Rolling Hills Community Church and Music City, announce the release of their eponymous debut recording. The modern sacred collection of new and re-imagined songs represents more than a year of dreaming, songwriting, and collaboration, set into motion by a successful Indiegogo campaign. An intimate meditation on prayer, space, and the Divine. LuminousCITY’s street date release is slated for February 4, 2014.

Set into motion through a successful Indiegogo campaign with more than 70 donors, LuminousCITY is a vision several years in the making. With its close proximity to Nashville, Rolling Hills in Franklin, Tenn. has long been home to a number of musicians, artists, and songwriters. As these worshipers have grown as a community, writing songs and making music, a vision emerged for a ministry focused at creative arts professionals—pastors, writers, painters, artists, musicians, songwriters, and dreamers. LuminousProject began in 2011 as a contemplative movement and space designed to encourage, inspire, and enlighten.

LuminousCITY builds on the vision of LuminousProject, shining the light of the Creator through a musical exploration of space, sound, and liturgy. Born in the Rolling Hills arts community and backed financially by friends and partners of the church, LuminousCITY is a true collective, comprised of vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Chad Jarnagin (Worship Arts Pastor at Rolling Hills, Among Thorns), singer/songwriter Lanae’, vocalist/songwriter/guitarist David Curtis (Worship Arts Pastor South Nashville, Run Kid Run), drummer Andy Williams (Casting Crowns), guitarist Cody Bender (VOTA), vocalist Jennifer Akers, cellist Justin Saunders, and multi-instrumentalist and composer David Gross. This team represents a larger community of passionate and devoted worshipers who share the heart and vision of LuminousCITY.

Track Listing
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01. Intro
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02. Your Love Moves (featuring Lanae')
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03. Kingdom Come (featuring Chad Jarnagin)
04. He Is Exalted (featuring David Curtis)
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05. Psalm 23 (featuring Lanae')
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06. The Silence (featuring Jennifer Akers)
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07. Interlude
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08. Doxology (featuring David Curtis)
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09. Stand Tall (Heartbeat) (featuring Chad Jarnagin)
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Straight into His love | Posted February 18, 2014

"Take my doubt and weakness and turn them into hope, I'll run and not grow weary, You're my highway home" sings the chorus of the infectious new worship song "Your Love Moves" by the worship collective Luminous CITY from their debut eponymous album, released February 4.

The band was formed out of Rolling Hills Community Church in Tennessee featuring former Centricity artist Lanae' Hale, worship leader Chad Jarnagin (Among Thorns), David Curtis (Run Kid Run), drummer Andy Williams (Casting Crowns), guitarist Cody Bender (VOTA), vocalist Jennifer Akers, and others.

You'll find yourself instantly worshipping along with the band during this album. After the musical "Intro,"  "Your Love Moves" features the stellar and ethereal vocals of Lanae'. I am a huge fan of her Centricity album Back & Forth and her heartfelt and deep lyrics married to her emotive vocals. Like that album, her songs on this project have a worshipful spirit, causing me to get lost in the abandon of the songs.

I'm really engaged by Lanae's emotional and sweet vocals and her prayerful lyrics throughout the album. Her other contribution is another stellar original track, "Psalm 23." You can hear her yearning for the truth of God's Word as found in the vertically minded chorus "When valleys come and mountains go, I'm alive and this I know / You won't let go, You won't let go / and You repair my broken soul, and give a peace to guide through the unknown / You won't let go, You won't let go."

The original song "Kingdom Come" and cover of Twila Paris's church anthem "He is Exalted" also maintain a worshipful and alt-rock-infused musical style. Those are both super catchy songs loaded with biblical truth as Chad Jarnagin sings "Lift your hands all you people of this church, He's coming through the gates" in "Kingdom Come."  The song excitedly brings to life the sincere yearning, "We will prepare the way, We will prepare the way for You, Lord / we will sing, we will be, Your Kingdom Come in this world." The song has an enthusiastic vibe including an exciting recitation of the Lord's Prayer.

The alt-rock musical feel is just one of the many attractions to savor about this upbeat and sincere vertically-focused worship album. The standout song "The Silence" causes me to pray along with worship leader Jennifer Akers these lyrics sung in the person of Jesus: "Stay with Me, why do you fear the silence? / Close your eyes, let your worries go / trust in Me, give up control / turn your ear, clear out the noise / Hear My voice, I'm with you in the silence." The song has a soothing reminder that Jesus calls us to come to Him with all of our worries, burdens and fears and know that He will give us rest. Jennifer's soaring vocals only make the promises even more emotionally moving.

After "Interlude" and "Doxology," this solid nine track worship collection closes with the incredible Benediction "Stand Tall," sung out as a building emotive proclaiming of the bridge of Bellarive's song "Heartbeat." By the end of the songyou'll be singing at the top of your lungs, "Stand tall, for we are daughters, we are sons, step straight into this love, we bear the mark of our Creator!" Amen!

Closing Thoughts:
Luminous CITY is a completely worshipful album, loaded with biblical truth and sincere, ethereal, soothing and exciting vocals from this anointed group of worship leaders. My favorite songs are "Your Love Moves," "Kingdom Come," "Psalm 23," "The Silence" and "Stand Tall," which is an amazing rendition of the bridge of Bellarive's song "Heartbeat." If you like alternative rock worship resembling artists like Hillsong UNITED, VOTA, Bellarive and Tree63, then you need to check out Luminous CITY. These are truly excellent songs in times of personal devotion.

Song to Download Now:
"Your Love Moves"

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