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Less is More [edit]
by Christina Falub | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: October 01, 2013

Track Listing
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01. Africa
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02. Another World
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03. The Other Side
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04. Grace Amazing
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05. Nothing I Can Do
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06. Second Chance
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07. Cross of Jesus
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08. All the Days
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09. All Glory Be to Christ
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Soul Nourishing Worship | Posted November 08, 2013

Less is More is the newest offering from 20-year old singer/songwriter Christina Falub. The inspiration for the album was Christina's life-changing Mission Trip to Kenya, Africa in 2011.

"I went with the intention of, 'How can I make the lives of these people better? What can I do to change them?' Yet it was quite the contrary. They didn't need any changing! I was the one who had it all wrong," confessed Christina. "What I thought would change them, truly changed me. Although physically they had less, spiritually they had more."

The album includes standout recordings like the radio-friendly and accessible "Africa" and "Another World" and the biblical and catchy songs, "The Other Side," "Second Chance" and "All the Days."

From my first listen, I was totally worshipping along with Christina during this album. The opening track, "Africa," has an upbeat and worshipful flow and is such a fresh song. I'm really engaged by Christina's emotional and sweet vocals and her prayerful lyrics throughout the album, which have been seasoned by her time studying God's Word and songwriting, found in the chorus, "lead me in Africa, I want to show the world Your love, want to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Amen to that!

The next songs "Another World" and "The Other Side" continue with a worshipful and folk pop-infused musical style. These are both super-catchy songs loaded with biblical truth as Christina sings, "I was made for another world, to see You face to face, yeah this heart it yearns for a hiding place, to be found in Your warm embrace" in "Another World." The song achingly brings to life the yearning expressed by Saint Augustine, "You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You."

The folk-infused musical feel is just one of the many attractions to savor about this upbeat and sincere vertically focused worship album. Standout song "The Other Side" causes me to sing along loudly with these lyrics directly to Jesus: "You are the Way the Truth the Life…please come soon…Jesus today, You keep on loving and Your love is kind…I can see the other side."

"Grace Amazing" has an emotive and poetic description of a beautiful picture of what Jesus did for us: "From the tree You hung became a curse for us for grace." I'm really drawn to Christina's sincerity and biblically mature songwriting.

"Nothing I Can Do" keeps the worshipful flow going with the Jesus-focused prayer: "There's nothing I can do, but You make all things new, One thing that is true, I love You." Amen.

Christina's stand-out cover of the Rend Collective song "Second Chance" is next and I can't get enough of this song. Christina's tender vocals take you on an emotional journey that gives me goose bumps every time I hear this song. I am especially comforted by the truth of the lyrics of the song: "Oh Your Cross it changes everything, there my world begins again with You, Oh Your Cross it's where my hope re-starts, a second chance is Heaven's Heart."

The song is the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our sinless Savior's "blood offers the chance to rewind to innocence, reborn, perfect as a child." As the song so poetically portrays, "a second chance is Heaven's Heart." Amen to that!

"Cross of Jesus," "All the Days" and a beautifully a cappella "Auld Lang Syne"-melodied modern hymn, "All Glory Be to Christ," close out this excellent album with more personal prayers directly to God.

Closing Thoughts:
Christina has decided to donate all the funds garnered from Less is More to give back to the very people who changed her life. The funds raised will help build a school for orphaned children in Kenya, Africa along-side Tumaini International Ministries. "I don't want to limit God," explains Christina. "I want to be completely selfless with the gifts God has given me. I've been learning that the less we have, the more we realize our true dependency on Jesus. LESS IS TRULY MORE."

Less is More is a completely worshipful album, loaded with biblical truth and sincere and soothing vocals from Christina Falub. My favorite songs are "Africa," "Another World," "The Other Side," "All the Days" and a great cover of Rend Collective's "Second Chance." If you like the CCM pop singers Britt Nicole and Jessa Anderson, you need to check out Christina Falub. This is truly soul nourishing worship.

Song to Download Now:
"The Other Side" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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