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From Water to War [edit]
by Nine Lashes | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 21, 2014

From Water To War is the follow-up to their 2012 album World We View. Vocalist Jeremy Dunn states: "We really pushed ourselves to add to our sound with this album. We really wanted to take the digital aspect of our sound from the last album, like the 'Anthem [of the Lonely]' intro or 'The Intervention,' and expand upon it. I think we ended up with a really well-rounded album.

Track Listing
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01. Never Back Down
02. Break the World
03. Where I Belong
04. Lights We Burn
05. Surrender
06. You Are The Light
07. In the Dark
08. Light It Up
09. Love Me Now
10. Cover Your Own

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Reinventing Rock | Posted December 17, 2013

When Nine Lashes' Tooth & Nail debut, World We View, drew the attention and applause of critics and fans alike in early 2012, it was with good reason. The Alabama-based rockers had already spent nearly six years honing their sound as an indie band, crafting a brooding hard rock sound reminiscent of secular acts Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. 

When a chance connection led to Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan recommending the band to Tooth & Nail's Brandon Ebel, Nine Lashes didn't waste a moment of the opportunity they'd been given. In addition to their strong debut album, the band toured tirelessly with major acts in their field such as Skillet, Red, and Thousand Foot Krutch.

Early 2014 release From Water to War continues the trend of refusing to waste any time. Appearing just under two years after their debut project, the sophomore effort chooses to take the risk of sounding rushed—a step that absolutely pays off for the band, as the level of musical maturing evident on this album makes it seem like the band has had much more time between releases.

One of the stylistic developments that is most immediately clear is the introduction of some strong electronic elements, adding an icy veneer to the edgy rock grit. Although they are far from the first to employ this particular dynamic in their music, the result when combined with Jeremy Dunn's moody vocals is a sound instantly, hauntingly memorable. 

Lead single "Break the World" already has been giving listeners a taste of this, with grungy guitar and pulsing electronic elements carefully wrapped around a heavy beat provided by Noah Terrell's drumming. Songs like "Lights We Burn," which calls listeners out for the ones we forget to love, and dream-like album closer "Cover Your Own" carry a similar marriage of smooth synth patches and dark guitar tones. "Where I Belong" draws on a pop melody and an electronic beat so integral to the song's structure that it could almost be classified in the EDM genre.

Despite advances in the area of integrating electronic elements, rock and roll fans have nothing to fear: there is classic hard rock fare here as well. "Light it Up" is distorted and aggressive as it makes a statement about refusing to be walked on and oppressed. "Die in the Dark" features a scratched, eerie reading of Psalm 42:10 in the bridge in a moment reminiscent of Nine Lashes's independent releases.

Another advance that the band has made is in the field of songwriting, which is equally emotionally charged but more complex and layered than on the debut release. Lyrically, this album spins a consistent thread of finding your identity and where you stand through the hardening fire of internal turmoil. "Fear and Shadows" is one of the most introspective moments on the album, the second verse declaring in haunted tones "I feel the panic dividing me / the worry grows, nowhere to go / I hold my breath down inside of me / wish I could find this heart of mine." The introspection is not all negative however. "Never Back Down" makes the earnest declaration of identity "I'd rather die than believe a lie."

The album's pacing is strong throughout, interspersing slower moments to balance the driving rock beats. "Surrender" is a conversation between a lonely lost heart and its Creator, coming to a place of willingness to give everything to God—even if all that's left to give is brokenness. "Love Me Now" has a similar feel, and is also one of the strongest tracks on the album in the way it combines chilling piano, grinding guitar, and electronically distorted vocals to express a deep need for love despite the fear that maybe it's beyond reach. The bridge plainly offers the hope that the band has found with the words, "remember Jesus Christ / He felt your pain."

Closing Thoughts:
This album demonstrates a strong level of progression in the group's style without departing too far from the sound established in the past. The ability to produce material this strong in such a short time marks Nine Lashes with an unusually strong work ethic and the ability to successfully navigate a genre that is often either stagnant or inauthentic. The interplay between searing guitar work and chilling electronic influences make this an album to remember, setting the bar high for other rock releases as we head into a new year.

Song to Download:
"Break the World"

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From Water to War . . . to Your Music Collection | Posted June 20, 2015
Birmingham, Alabama-based rock band Nine Lashes released their debut album Escape in 2009 on Collide Records. Their album happened to find its way to Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, who convinced Tooth & Nail Records to sign the band. They did and subsequently released their most successful album to date, World We View, in 2012. Two years later they returned with their third effort, From Water to War.

From Water to War (2014): 10 tracks, 35 minutes

While Nine Lashes more or less defined the typical Christian heavy rock sound on their first two releases, From Water to War ventures into new territory for the Alabamian rockers. In the past their music has been a bit redundant, but this time around Adam Jefferson and company have experimented with some synth. It especially shines through on “Where I Belong,” while “Never Back Down” and “In the Dark” stick to the band’s signature sound. However, “Surrender” is definitely the standout on the record. Featuring ambient guitars and keys, you can see that Nine Lashes broke off from the mainstream for this song. They also utilize a lot of piano on “Love Me Now” and “Surrender.” As with their other music, lead vocalist Adam Jefferson returns to his delicate falsetto and occasional forceful lyrics, providing a refreshing contrast throughout all of their music and not only on From Water to War.

The lines “All I know is I’d rather die than believe a lie / I cannot follow the blind” from the opening track break from the typical attitude of our culture today. “Break the World” and “Lights We Burn” encourage us to really care about people and what’s going on in their lives; go deeper than the world can and show them “We got the remedy.” “Surrender” is a beautiful song of letting go of everything keeping us back from our Creator, harmonizing perfectly with the unique musical qualities showcased with in it as well. “Where I Belong” grazes over similar pastures: “I tried to carry the ache alone / Thought I could brave the cold . . . Take my slow beating heart / You are where I belong.” Jesus is mentioned by name in “Love Me Now,” something you don’t see a whole lot in this genre.

From Water to War is all about finding peace in Christ. Through all the struggles that the band and all the rest of us have faced, the joy in the pain shines through in their songs. I love the way the album wraps up in “Cover Your Own.” The last lyrics beautifully sum up the entire record with “Though I had the loneliest heartbeat / I found a home / A Father to love me.” Isn’t that the story of all of us?

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jstuart (10)


Nine Lashes third studio album (second with Tooth and Nail Records) came out on January 21st. I per-ordered it plus i was able to listen it early on so here is my track by track review!

1. Never Back Down: This is one of my favorite tracks on the albums and its great that its first because i don’t have to skip through to find a favorite. There are some lyrics i cant make out like right after “we will never back down” so if you know it let me know!

2. Break The World: So this song was their first single for this album. It has a good message. Its good for people that are dealing with depression. It tells us that there is a hope if we just cry out to God for help. It has a techno feel to it but its alright.

3. Where I Belong: This is another one of my favorites! It has some good vocal riffs in it and just a good message about surrendering to God because we belong in his arms and that we can’t make it without God because he is the only one!

4. Lights We Burn: this is kinda one of my favorites i like the line “You heard with a frown bravo, bravo”. The song tells a story of the lights the we started are burning out, so like we are backsliding.

5. Surrender: This song is a slow and soft side to Nine Lashes kinda like their song Afterglow from their last album. There’s nothing really i can say about this song.


6. You Are The Light: Yet another one of my favorite songs. You know i think there is only 3 songs on this album that i wouldn’t call my favorite. This song again has some good vocal riffs in it, like crying out to God and telling him “You are the light”. This song reminds me of Get Back from their last album.

7. In The Dark: This song is crying out to God and saying “Save me, im falling apart because of fear”. Its a good song but not my favorite.

8. Light It Up: This song is a bouncy song that just makes you want to jump. Kinda reminds me of “Light Up The Sky” or “Let The Sparks Fly” by Thousand Foot Krutch. Well Trevor from TFK did help them with this album. Id call this my favorite.

9. Love Me Now: We all make mistakes that we think that God can’t forgive us for, this song is saying like “I know i’ve messed up can you still love me?” and let me tell you, God will always love you and forgive you if you ask. Another one of my favorites.

10. Cover Your Own: This song i think could almost be a worship song. Its not one of my favorites but its still a good song, and it has a good message.

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username2 (376)

Good Solid Rock and Roll | Posted February 03, 2014
From Water to War does a great job in bucking the sophomore slump and delivering a sound that is similar yet different.  While the band's debut sounded like any other hard rock album, this one delivers the hard rock and gives us more diverse sounds as well.  The lyrics remain a highlight as they end up being just as inspirational as ever.  It's a good solid rock n' roll album that you should pick up.

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ofytube (158)

From Water to War | Posted January 23, 2014
You really should buy the album From Water to War by Nine Lashes. These worshippers will make you praise with their songs. And you really need to listen to their music. Let's adore Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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