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Merry Christmas To You [edit]
by Sidewalk Prophets | Genre: Other | Release Date: September 24, 2013

Add festive, upbeat Christmas music to your collection with Merry Christmas to You from the Sidewalk Prophets. Whether it's your favorite traditional Christmas hymn or a modern composition, this album will have young and old singing along.

Track Listing
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01. What A Glorious Night
02. White Christmas (feat. Francesca Battistelli)
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03. Give Me Christmas
04. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
05. Hey Moon
06. Merry Christmas To You
07. Holly Jolly Christmas
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08. What Child Is This
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09. That Spirit Of Christmas
10. Silent Night
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11. Hope Was Born This Night
12. Because Its Christmas
13. NRT VIDEO PREMIERE: Making Of Album
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What Christmas is all about | Posted November 22, 2013

I've been a fan of Dove Award-winning band Sidewalk Prophets since they emerged on the CCM scene with their hit songs "The Words I Would Say" and "You Love Me Anyway" from their debut major label release, These Simple Truths. The band took it up a notch in my opinion with their follow-up album Live Like That, which features the hit songs "Live Like That" and "Help Me Find It." (Stay tuned for the next single "Keep Making Me" as it is my favorite song they've ever recorded.)

While we are waiting for the New Year to usher in new tunes, we have the traditional Fall release of new Christmas albums from several new and established artists, including Sidewalk Prophets' Merry Christmas to You. After a few listens, I've decided that there are a few special moments on the album that deserve particular attention. 

Rather than record these songs with one musical vibe for the album, such as the country-rock tinged sound of "Just Might Change Your Life" or the alt-rock flavor of "Lay Down My Life," this album features a blend of musical genres. There are jazz-infused songs, "Give Me Christmas," which channels a Michael Buble-like vocal and musical feel, Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," featuring Francesca Battistelli, the classic "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" appropriately substituting "if the Lord allows," and the Ray Charles cover, "That Spirit of Christmas." Although I like the sound of those songs, and they all have the word Christmas in the title, there is not a whole lot of singing about Christ in any of those songs. That's the only detraction I have from an otherwise solid collection of songs.

The highlights of the album are found in four special original Christ-centered songs, the fun upbeat NEEDTOBREATHE-style "What a Glorious Night," the gorgeous and poetic ballad, "Hey Moon," and the previously released originals which close the album, "Hope was Born this Night" and "Because It's Christmas." The thread that is woven through those songs better represents what I've come to expect from this talented band, which is an unashamed presentation of Gospel truths. 

In "Hey Moon," Dave Frey sincerely croons a biblically and Jesus-focused song from a heavenly perspective: "I remember that newborn Baby, and the wise men that traveled so far, it's when I knew I was made for a reason, I feel like the luckiest star / Hey Moon, I wish they could see the things I've seen before the colored lights and the Christmas tree / Hey Moon."

The song transforms from the star shining brightly over Bethlehem to shining the Light of the World Jesus to the world that is still searching for a Savior. That's a fantastic original song, as are "What a Glorious Night," "Hope was Born this Night" and "Because It's Christmas."

Closing Thoughts:
The exciting opener, "What a Glorious Night," opens with the classic reading of Luke 2:8-14 by Linus from the Charlie Brown Christmas special, closing with, "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown." The song is sung from the perspective of the lowly shepherds celebrating the Good News of Great Joy with hand claps and a super catchy melody. 

After one listen you'll be singing along loudly, "I hear the angels singing, Hallelujah, let the earth receive Her King, I know that Love has come, sing it out, Jesus Christ is born, Jesus Christ is born!" That is an incredible offering of praise to our King and Savior, Jesus. Yes, Sidewalk Prophets, "that's what Christmas is all about." The songs that highlight that Truth are the gorgeous and poetic ballad, "Hey Moon" and the previously released originals which close the album, "Hope was Born this Night" and "Because It's Christmas." There are also reverent recordings of the Christmas hymns, "What Child Is This" and "Silent Night."

Song to Download Now: 
"What A Glorious Night" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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belisbud (37)

Fun Christmas CD with a heart | Posted January 02, 2014
This is a fun pop Christmas CD with songs that range from festive to worshipful. I especially appeciate the part in the third track about Christmas not being about the festivities, but the love. So true! Thanks for not only sharing great music, but great songs with true holiday messages!

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Sidewalk Prophets know how to do Christmas! | Posted December 10, 2013

Really have enjoyed listening to the Sidewalk Prophets new Christmas album. So nice to hear great new Christmas songs instead of repeats of all the traditional Christmas songs.  Keep up the good work.  God bless!

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Sidewalk Prophets | Posted November 29, 2013

In their new Christmas album, Merry Christmas To You, Sidewalk Prophets sings about the true meaning of Christmas in a fun, spirited way.  They sing for the real reason of the season (not to be cliche.)  This band is truly certainly not cliche.  They have done this new album in a way that is unique and creative without losing the character of Christmas.

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Get this Album and be blessed! | Posted November 26, 2013

This is a great "get into the Christmas mood" album! I bought this album as soon as it became available and was not intending to start listening to it until after Thanksgiving. I'm thankful that I didn't wait! This is one that you will really enjoy!!

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ofytube (158)

Merry Christmas To You | Posted November 26, 2013

You really should buy the first Christmas album, Merry Christmas To You by Sidewalk Prophets. These worshippers will make you praise with their songs. And you really need to listen to their music. Let's adore Him!

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Very Refreshing | Posted November 26, 2013

I like that is fun music.  I like that is has some but not alot of the traditional sounds.  It is happy music with a good message and keeps the true meaning of Christmas.  I like the variety it has to offer.

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whl57 (8)

Fun Christmasy music with a subtle reminder | Posted November 26, 2013

I just enjoyed listening to this new album as it was streamed on New Release Tuesday.  That was quite a gift.  It is a fun album with catchy, jazzy, "Christmasy" music, such as what Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and the old "Rat Pack" would sing.  I can see buying this and adding it to my extensive collection of Christmas music.  I'll be pulling it out when decorating the tree and working in the kitchen, enjoying the fun, yet with a subtle reminder of the true meaning and reason for this season.  As the lyrics of the last song, "Because It's Christmas" state:

And in this world so loud and busy
Sometimes we forget just why
We celebrate this time each year
But if you listen close the angels cry
The whole world sings the reason why

Because it's Christmas
Our savior's born tonight
Because it's Christmas

The thrill of hope is everywhere

So let the music play
And let your worry melt away
Because it's Christmas.

Let the music of Sidewalk Prophets play and let your worry melt away as you remember our Savior's been born.

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Merry Christmas To You | Posted October 14, 2013
 Christmas is in the air! The most awaited season of the year has come! The happiest of days is finally here! As we enter the season with joy and excitement, Sidewalk Prophets greet us Merry Christmas to You, their latest Christmas worship album offering. Featuring 12 exciting songs, this album brings us back in time when Heaven was born into earth!

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them; and they were sore afraid. And the angel said, fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord—makes a very clever intro to the first song, What A Glorious Night. Its lyrical content is the perfect expression of the passages found in Luke 2:8-11; this song is so energetic, vocally and instrumentally brilliant. The hand-claps and bells at the background is so nice, a perfect song to open the album in great excitement& enthusiasm.White Christmas is sweet and jazzy, I love how the song started and France’s falsetto is beautifully done. Backing vocals is so clear& you can hear the bells that continue through the upbeat Give Me Christmas.You can picture out the joy brought by the season and the warm spirit of love. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ feeling and emotion is capturing; its musicianship is engaging. Piano-laced & lyrically amusing Hey Moon is so heartfelt, vocals are warm and expressive. Impressive is the shifting to a short verse of the anthem Silent Night.Its simple, honest and raw instrumentation is compelling; it creates an atmosphere of that silent night when Love came down.

Bells are here again to accompany the album title track Merry Christmas to You. It opens with acoustic guitar strums/hits; the song is jam-packed & well-accomplished. Bells are still here added with drumbeats inHolly Jolly Christmas, it resembles with other Christmas songs that has been the signature of its kind. The never fading atmosphere of the solemn What Child is This Silent Night is very powerful and raw. Both have been Christmas favorites. The vocally distinctive & well-orchestrated The Spirit of Christmashas an awesome backing chorale to be commended, it sounds like a gospel song. My favorite track Hope Was Born That Night is a gorgeous song of praise and exaltation to our King. Everything in it is so perfect; the message of the song is simple & meaningful. It will leave you stunned with a grateful heart& feeling of excitement; while the lively Because It’s Christmas describes the Christmas atmosphere, I love how it ended with a Christmas tune. It reminds us to never forget the reason for the season—Jesus, our Savior. That is why He came to earth to bring peace, love, hope and salvation to all mankind; and those who will believe in Him will have an eternal life.

Closing thoughts:
This Christmas worship project has a very high level of musicianship, a no-ordinary album. People of all ages will surely love every song in this record. Everything in it is well made!
Rejoice in Christ the King! Merry Christmas to You!

Their background may have made it look easy—after all, Sidewalk Prophets toured with Jeremy Camp and Audio Adrenaline on the strength of independent albums, then rode the popularity of their first Word Records release, These Simple Truths, to a Dove Award for Best New Artist and a nomination for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year. "The Words I Would Say" hit #3, "You Can Have Me" went Top 20, a Christmas single, "Hope Was Born This Night," hit the Top 10, and "You Love Me Anyway" went all the way to #1 on the Billboard Christian Singles chart. The band has toured with the Rock and Worship Roadshow with MercyMe and Francesca Battistelli, among others, and landed another Dove nomination for Group of the Year in 2011.

Follow them on social media sites:
Twitter: @swprophets
Instagram: SidewalkProphets

For more info. log on to

Disclosure: I received free review copy of the album in exchange of my honest review and opinion.

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