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The Sound of Rescue [edit]
by The Sound of Rescue | Genre: Other | Release Date: July 09, 2012

"The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I feel it's not beautiful? And very shortly you discover there is no reason."
John Cage


Negativity doesn't have to be a bad thing. Frustration, disappointment, rejection…these things can, and should, be catalysts for our drive towards growth and progress; spurs on the heels of change and triumph pushing us forward from a bleak present into a promising future. Amidst chaos and depression lies hope and beauty - we only need to embrace the bad to move on to the good. It is with this spirit of reconciliation that we present this self-titled collection of audio recordings.

You'll hear it in the very first seconds of this album: a warm, crackling, overloaded sound that unabashedly and rudely interjects its attitude and grit into the foreground. It's an "angry" noise, you might say, that permeates and fills this record from start to finish, and yet still manages to work in tandem with a certain bit of higher fidelity and crystalline aural hope embodied by cleaner tones and prettier textures. We slammed the inputs of tube preamps and IC chips and spun our echoes into wildly oscillating madness, but we didn't forget to include a gracefully pristine counterbalance of clean kick drums and synthesized drones. We embraced the ugliness and developed the beauty; included the dirty and welcomed the pure.

This is the world we live in. There is beauty and ugliness, gladness and anger, hope and discouragement all coexisting and weaving in and out of the unceasing traffic of our daily lives. It is our task to learn how best to accept and learn from this duality. With "The Sound of Rescue," we've tried to come to grips with this reality and present music that captures this tension, both literally and figuratively.

Track Listing
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01. Anonymous
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02. Heavy Steps
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03. And Still We Soldier On
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04. Things We Left Unsaid
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05. The Steady Descent
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06. An Echo of Nothing
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07. Forward
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08. Take Heart
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09. Warren Road
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10. Reprise
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11. #43 [Bonus Track]
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12. Gymnopédie no. 1 - Lent et Douloureux [Bonus Track]
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13. The Steady Descent (Furniture Mix) [Bonus Track]
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Entry last edited by KennethMickIII on 06.25.13

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Newsboys Announce New Album | Christian Music A-Z | Is Christian Music Cringe? | New Lacey Sturm

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