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Still Standing [edit]
by Keisha Cory | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: June 18, 2013

Still Standing by Keisha Cory is a collection of songs that reaches every music lover at some level. Released on their own Indie label PrayzHouse Records, Still Standing is a blend of genres with an overtone of praise and worship. The songs come together to create a contemporary feel, with a touch of tradition splashed in as well. This album has something for everyone from the pop/rock title track "Still Standing," to the traditional hymn "Hallelujah You're My King," and even the acoustic driven cover of worship anthem "I See Heaven." This is a MUST have for Christian music enthusiasts!

Track Listing
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01. Sing Over Me
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02. Still Standing
03. The Light
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04. Overwhelmed
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05. I See Heaven (f/ Trent Cory)
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06. I Know You're There
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07. Pour Out Praise
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08. Love Came Down (I've Found A Love)
09. Hallelujah You're My King
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10. I Will Sing
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Soulful Worship, Powerful Vocals | Posted July 25, 2013
For fans of Gospel music artist Trent Cory, his wife Keisha Cory is far from unfamiliar. The musical couple has been traveling the world together with their three children for the past five years, leading worship in churches all over the nation, and even appearing on television programs such as TBN's Praise The Lord.
A songwriter who has had a heartbeat for music ministry all her own ever since she was young, it was only natural that Keisha would step out on her own at some point and record a solo album. Reflecting the personal journey God has taken her on over the last several years, Cory's first release, Still Standing, delivers 10 worshipful tracks full of wisdom and praise. 
"Still Standing is my testimony of my journey till now," she says. "No matter how high the waters rise, we have a promise that they cannot overtake us. No matter how far the ocean is to cross, we have One with us that is walking on water, holding our hand."
Free-spirited and upbeat, "Sing Over Me" starts the project with a magnetic hook, offering a heaping dose of biblical truth interwoven into the praise filled lyrics. The title-track "Still Standing" comes grinding out of the gate with a rush and marvelously displays Keisha's soaring vocals. 
"Light Of The World" beautifully correlates the voice of God speaking light into the darkness by both creating light and sending light (Jesus) into the world. 
"Overwhelmed" opens with a moving piano piece that draws you into a private time of deep worship, while "I See Heaven" follows along the same soft tones, and features booming vocal cameo by her husband, Trent Cory. 
Showcasing another creative layer, "I Know You're There" brings to mind the likes of female vocalist Natalie Grant in Keisha's stellar vocals and an honest outpouring of harsh reality, mixed with unshaken faith: "Even when it feels like I'm falling apart, when the night falls and the fear calls, I will praise / You are holding it all, I will be strong, I will hold on."
Both "Pour Out Praise" and "Love Came Down (I Found A Love)" sound like they would fit right in during congregational worship, yet offer little to be excited about from a musical standpoint. 
Opening with a something of a magical harp interlude, "Hallelujah You Are My King" continues the low key worship melodies on the album, and offers a hymn-like tribute to the Creator in it's simple yet soul rousing lyrics: "When my life is sometimes shaken, You sustain me with Your love / Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, You're my King."
"I Will Sing" closes the album with a major shift in musical style, in which Keisha goes country on us! Surprisingly, the genre suits her commanding pipes well. Though it's a departure from the rest of the project, it still manages to fit right in. Filled with more inhibited praise, it brings a beautifully poignant album of worship to rest on a high note. 
Closing Thoughts:
With her soulful style of worship and powerful, resonating vocals, Keisha Cory reminds me a lot of Gospel artist Martha Munizzi, only with a distinct pop flair. The harmonious versatility she possesses has the potential to carry her far, and although the latter portion of this album falls a tad flat, somehow, Keisha's passionate praises keep you locked in and ready to listen to whatever comes next. Still Standing is still a great effort by a female vocalist that is certainly worth a mention. 
Song To Download: 
"I Know You‘re There" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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:) | Posted September 19, 2013
 The album promo for this album was a really great production. LIght of the World is a really cool song. She deliever beautful ballads and the passion behind her voice makes the album amazing. She has some fun with some pop tunes but for the most part it is worship. Really good worship

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rs41js44 (10)

Good Music | Posted September 03, 2013
I am really enjoying this new music from Keisha Cory. This album is mostly pop/rock with a couple ballads. I like Overwhelmed and Hallelujah You're My King. I like albums that I can listen to straight through without skipping songs here and there.

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Awesome | Posted July 30, 2013
Keisha Cory really hit it home with this album. After being able to listen to "Light Of The World" from the weekly download here on this site, I am now a fan of Keisha Cory as I'm sure many others are! :)

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nice! | Posted July 16, 2013

Lyrics - 10/10

The song is an absolute masterpiece in terms of lyrical achievement, with an explosive amount of emotion put into writing them.

Aftermath - 9.6/10

An immense amount of satisfaction overcame me after listening to this song for the first time.

Overall - 9.3/10

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ofytube (158)

Good. | Posted July 10, 2013
Keisha Cory is an amazing worshipper and singer. She has future in music.
Her best song is "Overwhelmed", because it brings God presence so close; we can feel it very easy just hearing her voice on that song. Her first album definitely will be bought by thousands.

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Very Good | Posted July 09, 2013
The song "Light of the World" is very beautiful, the ministry did not know Keisha Cory. Powerful voice and a beautiful pop song. Song of praise to God and his majesty. Jesus, the Light of the World. I think the entire CD, is this line. I enjoyed this very sound, I hope that soon we can see in Brazil

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