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The Good King [edit]
by Ghost Ship | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: June 11, 2013

Filled with originals and re-worked hymns, Ghost Ship’s album was a process the entire band participated in creating. “I love coming in with a melody and being surprised by the outcome,” Huxford says, “all the band members are so talented, and having seven worship leaders is certainly better than one. We’re a band that feels called to preach the gospel through music”.

The album itself is wonderfully paradoxical; its tracks are refreshingly unpredictable in sound yet unfailingly reliable in story. Full of diverse and surprising sounds, each song provides uniqueness that will hook and engross, yet remains perfectly dependable in its theme; our God is our Ruler, and our God is our Friend.

Track Listing
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01. Mediator
02. Orion
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03. Lion Man
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04. Jude Doxology
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05. Son of David
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06. The Truth
07. Holy Holy Holy
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08. The Gospel
09. Behold The Lamb Of God
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10. Where Were You
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11. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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Folk Flair For Your Sunday Morning Worship | Posted June 17, 2013
Ghost Ship might be a band name that suggests some dark, alternative rock act. But in actuality, this is a worship band who adds a good deal of unexpected flare to praise music. 
While the song selection is definitely in line with an extended Sunday Morning worship set list, the sound is definitely not your typical Church music. Thematically, the album has an especially deep layer that goes beyond any individual songs that is best seen when the songs stand together as a cohesive collection.
The Good King opens with the peppy "Mediator," which sets the tone for much of the album. The lyrically simple songs makes catchy use of Christ's being our mediator to God. The song's "Mumford"-like folk sensibilities are enhanced with some well-placed banjos. The cheering vocals help to make it a good song to sing along to. "Lion Man" carries the stripped-down folk feel even further and ends up being unexpectedly catchy in the process. You can definitely picture this one being played live and up close, acoustically.
"The Truth" is a soaring praise anthem that stands as an album highlight. With one of the most energetic choruses on the album breaking forth, right from the get go, it's easy to get into this one. It praises what Jesus has done for us and who He is as sovereign king.
Next is "Holy, Holy, Holy," which is a rousing cover of the classic hymn praising the Triune God. It fits in well and keeps the flow of good music going. "Behold the Lamb of God" and "Son of David" are examples of slower, more reflective fare done well on the album.
Lyrically, the album is pretty straightforward in its use of popular Christian truths, stated simply and delivered in a heartfelt way (for example, "Jesus Christ is King / he will reign forever"). 
The power of the driving music propels tried-and-true (and in some cases, ancient) lyrics into worshipful freshness and relevance. The message is solid and the music complements it to form an uplifting worship experience.

It all builds on the theme of who the "good King" is and what He has done for us through His death on the cross and ministry. The collection of praise anthems work together to paint a greater picture of Jesus. The different titles used on the album—such as Son of David, The Truth, The Good King, Mediator—help reveal different facets that even then can just barely scratch the surface of who He is. He's a mediator, a savior, part of the sacred mystery of the Trinity, and so much more.

Each song builds on the previous to add another layer to Christ and culminates in recognizing that Jesus wants to be there for us as a friend and guide so that we can be with Him, eternally. And through life, the ultimate goal is to draw us into a deeper relationship with Him. Whereas some albums are a collection of stories, or even one big story, this album is like one big picture, which each song being a different coat of paint that makes the image clearer.
Closing Thoughts: 
Ghost Ship successfully infuse fairly traditional worship music with a fun and upbeat sound that makes for an overall fresher and more dynamic listening and worshiping experience than you might be used to.
Song to Download Now:
"The Truth" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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