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"No Other Heroes" [edit]
by Brinson | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: October 23, 2012

Superheroes dominate pop culture. From blockbuster summer movies to Halloween costume choices – kids and adults want to identify themselves with humans who exhibit supernatural abilities sacrificially used for the benefit of others. With his third studio album, Florida rapper/producer Brinson aims to proclaim that there are No Other Heroes. The only heroes the world will see is us as Jesus' representatives.

He emphasizes this idea through an album filled with a variety of hip hop, street anthem, and dance hits. No Other Heroes’ first single, “3D Standout,” features Stellar-nominated singer Jai (Trip Lee’s “Hero”) over a synth-driven beat. It forms the background for Brinson’s raps about his desire to live a fully rendered life visualized by God’s redemptive love for others.

The party continues with the energetically joyous “Hit the Floor” (just wait until you see the song’s video treatment) and “Not Too Far” – an 80’s pop-inspired offering featuring vocals from Rossi and NBC’s “The Voice” contestant Niki Dawson.

“Bodyguard” also resonates the album’s hero theme when Brinson and friends celebrate the safety they find in Christ. And later, storytelling dominates tracks like “Gold” and “Shoulda Told ‘Em.”

The album ends with a radio-ready mash-up of rap and worship called “I Am Yours” that is sure to be a Sunday-morning and Christian radio favorite. Finally, No Other Heroes includes the bonus track “Tebowin” - a hip hop tribute to NFL quarterback (and vocal Christ-follower) Tim Tebow that was featured on

Track Listing
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01. Chase God
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02. 3D Stand Out feat. JAI
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04. GOLD feat Chris Searcy
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05. NOT TO FAR feat. Rossi, Niki Dawson
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06. NO NAMES feat. Cstraight
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07. ALL THE WAY feat. Champ
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08. NOBODY feat ReadyWriter, Martay
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10. LAST TIME feat. Uncle Reece
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Fear the Beard | Posted August 07, 2013
The latest album from God Chaserz Entertainment’s founder, Brinson, is an exercise in evangelical entertainment. No Other Heroes combines Brinson’s strong knowledge of the Word with his talent as an emcee to make for a lively album that get’s your head bobbing from the beginning.
The album opens with "Chase God." A strong synth sets the foundation for the track as a banging bass drum drives the track forward. The song is about lifestyle Christianity, that is, something that is everyday, not just Sunday. The second verse is full of clever lyrics about the growth of a Christian: "So I lay my life down, never pick it up, rip it up / was a baby Christian, sippy cup. On a destructive path full of potholes / ’til Christ cleaned me up, wiped my snot nose." The song is an encouraging one for those of us that have been following Christ and will re-focus you and the pursuit.
"3D Standout" follows along in the same vein as the first track. It is about not blending into the crowd but standing out for Christ. The electro-synth flavor remains and is hard hitting. The verses are strong, the vocals on the chorus, however, are lacking.
"Hit the Floor" hits crazy hard. It’s not the banging bass drum, but still manages to punch you in the gut. Thematically the song sticks to the first two tracks and talks about being proud about representing Jesus. This definitely should be a song on your playlist. The final note on this track is that goes back some hip hop roots with some record scratching.
The feeling slows a little with "Gold." The song talks about a talented young man who grew up in the church but leaves his roots for the glitz and glam of fame and the image associated with with popularity. At the end of the track, the young artist realizes the err of his ways and gives up the fame. While mocked by the label and publicists he simply says, "when I walked away from the Lord, I lost everything."
"Not Too Far" is the first clearly evangelical song on the album and speaks to how we are never too far from God to come to Him. The verses are tight and the female vocals are much improved over "3D Standout." The song does carry on for about thirty seconds too long, I can only guess that this for reflection by the listener before switching gears into "No Name." A song that speaks to how we can all work for the gospel and represent Christ regardless of our standing in life.
"Nobody" is a hard-hitting Christian hip-hop worship song. I know many traditionalists wonder how hip-hop can ever be referred to worship music, but when the song is about how amazing our God is and a chorus that repeats, "There’s nobody like my God," you can truly enter into that same place you would listening to United.
"Most Importantly" is an interesting interlude in the album. Brinson thanks the listener and makes a call to the listener to come to Jesus, and leads us in the prayer of salvation. It is a unconventional and bold move, especially given that it is its own track and not a trailing end of song about salvation. He also goes beyond the prayer and gives solid instruction about reading the Word, prayer, attending a Bible believing church, and becoming a part of the universal church.
This album is solid from beginning to end. Each track has strong beats and it carried with moral values along with high production values. Brinson brings it on this album and speaks to Christians at varying stages in their journey. I know that the devil isn’t afraid of our appearance, but the way Brinson brings truth on this album, he should definitely fear the beard.
Song to Download Now:
"Nobody" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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