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Hannah Rose [edit]
by Hannah Rose | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 07, 2013

Hannah Rose was born in Montana, grew up in Santa Barbara, and is currently living in Simi Valley CA where she attends New Hope Christian Fellowship. Hannah Rose comes from a very musical family and started performing in front of a live audience at the age of six alongside her dad, who is a pastor and traveling musician. Hannah Rose has preformed at camps, festivals, and concerts, while staying available to God given opportunities on her church’s worship team.

Her family is very supportive of her and Hannah’s mom has already claimed the title of #1 fan! At 13 she taught herself piano so she could write her own songs and reach people with a wonderful ability to make people happy when they hear her music.

When asked about her motivation for writing her music she says; ”Instead of keeping a journal, I write songs. They are all about my life and actual events that I have experienced. Writing songs is how I express myself and get my feelings out.”

Hannah’s pop songwriting sensibility combined with her catchy melodies are sure to attract any listeners attention. Her music will make you smile, cry, love, and wonder how someone so young could capture life and put it into music.

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Enthusiastic, Positive Debut | Posted May 10, 2013
Hannah Rose is a young up-and-coming vocalist born and raised in Southern California. The daughter of a pastor and traveling musician, music was something Hannah was introduced to at a very early age, and it wasn't long before she was singing solos in church and performing original music at camps and festivals all over the region.
"Instead of keeping a journal, I write songs," she says in regards to inspiration. "[These songs] are all about my life and actual events that I have experienced. Writing songs is how I express myself and get my feelings out."
The latest addition to the DREAM Records family, Hannah's music has been described as that which will make you "smile, cry and love." With her 2013 self-titled debut release, Hannah Rose, she does just that. 
"Sea Of Love" is a theatric opener that highlights Hannah's soaring soprano vocals against the backdrop of a sweeping melodic arrangement filled with stunning sonic waves. 
"It's A Good Life" provides some sunshine, introducing listeners to a fun bubblegum-pop track about enjoying life through all of its twists and turns. It's the perfect, carefree, driving with the windows down type of a song that is sure to leave a smile on your face.
Synth-pop-driven "Eye Of The Storm" is a comforting ballad with the reassuring message that even when we've hit rock bottom and reached our most desperate point, God is still with us, just as He always has been and always will be, bestowing Him the title "the eye of our storm." 
"Permanent Love Scar" proves to be a track just as intriguing as it implies. Showcasing the most solid work from a musical standpoint, Hannah's unique take on how God's love invades and leaves its mark on every part of our lives is both fresh and uplifting, seen in the simple yet thoughtful lyric: "Not everything can change in a day, but a day can change everything.
Changing the tone of the album dramatically, "Keep Moving Forward" is an emotional cry for God to be near us in our darkest moments. The lyrics are somewhat scattered and feel unfinished, but overall, is a strong point on the album. 
"When The Music Stops" is yet another happy-go-lucky pop track about enjoying life. This tune possesses a grittier edge, thanks to the inclusion of some crunchy electric guitars on the intro. 
The next handful of tunes are sweet and cheery love songs. "I Love You For That" is piano driven with a double meaning. While it's written as a personal moment of Divine adoration, it also serves as a love song written for Hannah's future husband. The message seems a bit lost while trying to apply the lyrics in both regards. Nonetheless, it is a very beautiful song.
"Wasting Time" is a tried-and-true tale of romance and young love. It highlights songwriting well beyond Hannah's years and serves as a nearly flawless song with shining vocals, poetic lyrics and a memorable melody: "I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else than by your side / I'd rather just waste away the day lying underneath the sky / With you, with you, just wasting time.
"So And So" recounts the bashful experience of a developing crush, and the courage it takes to move forward with a possible relationship. It's a definite earworm, but what starts off as a high point slowly gets bogged down with more confusing word play, and by the end, becomes yet another song that leaves listeners scratching their heads. 
"You And Me" closes the album on a high note. It more than makes up for the lyrical blunders found on a few of the previous tracks, and paints the picture of a love story worth waiting for: "I can see us in the sand / Strolling along, hand in hand, can't you see it, oh, can‘t you see it? / Making perfect melodies, creating lasting memories, don't you feel it, oh, don‘t you feel it?"
Closing Thoughts:
Hannah Rose is an artist with passion, made known both in her confident vocals and heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics. From that passion, has come a commendable debut album filled with 10 bright songs ranging from the topics of life, love and everything in between. 
It's clear that Hannah is still maturing in her musicianship, both in style and songwriting, and I felt as if some of the songs on this project could have undergone further tweaking before making the final cut. Still, while this might not be a perfect album, her enthusiasm for creating something substantial is to be applauded. 
Song To Download:
"Wasting Time" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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