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Lights Out [edit]
by Silverline | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 09, 2013

Track Listing
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01. Hold On
02. Lights Out
03. Never Looking Back
04. With The Angels
05. Vicious
06. Found In You
07. War
08. Something Better
09. Be Still
10. Too Far Gone

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Silverline Turns The Power Up | Posted February 12, 2013
Silverline has quietly made a name for themselves in the Christian rock scene with a slew of hits from their first two releases. (At only 7 and 8 tracks respectively, they sort of fell between the typical sizes for EPs and full lengths). Now the band is back with their third major release--and to my delight, the first that reaches 10 tracks--entitled Lights Out
Silverline has always had a sound that was interesting. The vocals carry a peppy vibe to them but the music and melodies are pure rock. This led to an interesting dynamic where in one song, you could hear a chorus that would fit well on pop/rock radio but then some screams and yells were thrown into verses and the bridge that made it sound a lot edgier. I thought it was an interesting musical approach and one that Silverline always pulled it off flawlessly. And this album is no exception.
"Hold On" opens this record with a perfect example of said sound. It makes it quite evident that the band's signature sound is in full force on this album, possibly more so than ever before. It's a fun and memorable rock track that sets the pace for the entire album. This flows into the energetic first single and title track. There's a powerful and catchy rock chorus in this one and it's among the strongest on the album. With lyrics like "I wanna wake and see the truth / let's take the old and make it new / 'cause it's lights out / light's out / and the game is over," these songs will be easy to rock out to and sing along with in concerts.
The rock goodness continues through several of the albums cuts. Just about every one of these rockers could fit well on Christian Rock radio while still having a unique sound due largely to the recognizable vocals. "Vicious," "Found in You," and "War" are all excellent and memorable tracks that help lift this release to a strong and memorable rock release. Silverline's always been good at making great rock, but it feels like they've finally hit their stride and have released a full and complete album that can stand up to the best in the business.
Of course, what would a rock album be without the slower songs? "With The Angels" is a beautiful offering that would sound great on CCM stations. It carries a fresh feel yet still feels pleasantly familiar and is a very uplifting high point on the album. It's simple chorus still feels honest and relevant: "With the angels I'm singing / Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty." It's a truly stunning point on the record. 
"Be Still" carries a similar feel. As the chorus sings, "Be still and know that I am God / Be still and know that I've got the world in my hands / When your life is crashing down on you / when your world is sinking in / be still," the listener cannot help but be captivated by the angelic and soothing melodies. Silverline have proven themselves as experts at turning simple heartfelt prayers into soaring and comforting ballads.
Songs like "Never Looking Back" and "Something Better" balance the best of the rock and the ballads and are effective crossovers. "Too Far Gone" ends the album in appropriate soaring fashion. It's a strong sendoff to a great rock album.
As noted before, the album is top notch in just about every area. Lyrically, vocally, and musically, Silverline is at the top of their game with this release. Fans of pop and rock will both find plenty to love here. 
Closing Thoughts: 
There's really little fault to be had with this album. It's definitely got the potential to really put Silverline on the map. And they're one step closer to releasing a truly game-changing rock record. If these guys keep at it, you can definitely expect to see them among the top tier of Christian Rock's biggest names.

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Woah. | Posted April 11, 2013
Okay, so while the album itself isn't gonna be making it into my "Top 10" list, the song "Be Still" caught me by surprise. It was as if the band Silverline stole my notebook from under my bed, wrote the song, then returned it for me to rediscover two days ago. I had literally gone through my old notebook that morning, then found "Be Still" that afternoon. It's the perfect song to have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Quite encouraging.

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SILVERLINE | Posted April 05, 2013
I really enjoy listening to Silverline!  They have an amazing sound! They surely are for those who like rock! My favorite part is the underlying Christian message! The album Lights Out is by far the best I've heard from Silverline. My favorite song on the album also happens to be Lights Out!!! 

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username2 (378)

Solid Arena Rock | Posted April 04, 2013
Lights Out comes to us a few years after Silverline's defining EP Voices in the NIght and it delivers more of what made that EP great.  Honest lyrics mixed in with a strong rock sound.  While I feel that Voices is the more memoriable project than this album I wold still listen to this and enjoy it just as much.

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Follow-Up | Posted April 03, 2013
So, I really didn't enjoy the album, but the song 'Voices in the Night' stayed with me. It was good and different. Then I heard the song Lights Out, the title track form this album. It was good, in the same vein as 'voices...' but different a bit. Then I listened to this album. Wow, I was not expecting to be listening to it over and over, but I am. It has songs that are similar to the 'Voices' track, but then has a few other great worship songs, such as 'With the Angels and 'Found in You'. The song 'War' tops the album off with a new experience vibe. A great follow up album. Enjoy the ride.

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