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Ruined For Ordinary [edit]
by Nate Sallie | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 20, 2007

Ruined For Ordinary captures the crystal stream that the Lord wants to pour out, in, and through all of us. The voices, lyrics, instruments, and melodies on this recording are the result of a life that was once lost, but is now found, a life that was changed by a cascading fountain of life and light; a life that was rearranged and prioritized; and most of all, a life that was and is, ruined for ordinary! Features the hit singles, "Breakthrough" and "Lone Ranger".

Video: "Breakthrough"

Track Listing
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01. Breakthrough
02. Let Go Of Me
03. Undercover
04. Holy Spirit
05. What I Believe
06. Look At Me Now
07. Just A Breath Away
08. Love Song
09. Divine
10. Lone Ranger
11. Ruined
12. Sing Through Me

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TOP 10 ALBUM OF 2007 | Posted November 19, 2007
The first single from Ruined For Ordinary, "Breakthrough" is an easy contender for "Song Of The Year" in my book and the video is one of the best I've seen since Jeremy Camp's 2005 video for "Take Your Back." Pair that with one of the most incredible artist transformations in recent memory (Remember his debut? You're not alone...) and you've got a pretty compelling reason to check out the sophomore release from Nate Sallie.

Nate proves he has vocal chops, song writing abilities, incredible charisma and enough passion to deliver and sell songs that are much bigger than him. There are not many artists that can outshine background choirs, huge orchestrations and building bridges that collapse into a whirlwind of a chorus. It's true that songs like "Let Go Of Me" and "What I Believe" are more like musical events than they are ordinary tracks. If Kirk Franklin was a pop singer, he might sound like this, weaving his way between punching piano transitions, brass explosions and rock elements.

If you're looking for an album that bucks the trend and delivers a unique experience, this is definitely it.

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art10 (114)

Nate Sours, Badly | Posted August 07, 2007
"All About You" was probably the best Christian rock song a few years ago. Sure, it was hated for being to similar to a certain mainstream song, but it's still in my top 10 on my MP3 player. The follow-up? Bad. It stinks. It's bad pop. "Breakthrough" and "Lone Ranger" attempts to be good, but falls on its face and highlights as some of the worst songs of the year. I don't get it, he had a great thing going. I guess he aged like a tomato. Yeah, it's that bad. Don't buy it, buy his debut. I give it one star because some of the songs aren't totally terrible, they're just OK.

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Wow, this is from the heart! | Posted September 17, 2007
I enjoyed Nate's first album because a lot of the songs were unique. When I heard him do one song at a Winter Jam earlier in the year, I pre-ordered Ruined for Ordinary because I was looking for more of the same. Well, this is not more of the same! It seemms as though Nate went through a whole new spiritual awakening of his own since the first album. I know that it opened my eyes to a whole new Light! You can tell that this is coming straight from his heart, which is totally focused on Christ. His energy, powerful voice and his love for the Lord lifts you throughout this offering. Although Lone Ranger seems to be the mainstream radio play, some real hidden jewels can be found here. One that spoke very strongly to me is What I Believe. It really makes you think about what you would acutally do for your beliefs. Others like Heaven's Just a Breath Away and Breakthrough are great to lift your energy and Holy Spirit will lift your soul. Check out Nate if you haven't heard him before, and if you've only heard Inside Out, make sure that you give Nate another chance to win you over. You won't be sorry.

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genuine... | Posted August 19, 2007
People are always looking for genuine, honest art. Nate Sallie's is the real deal on this amazing album! I encourage to find a copy of the companion book Ruined for the Ordinary and read along while you listen to the songs! It captures an honest journey of an artist going deeper with his Savior! Nate Sallie is a very fresh original voice in Christian music. He balances piano-driven pop and rock and roll very nicely on this album. This one is definitely worth checking out!!!

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