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All That is Within Me [edit]
by MercyMe | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 20, 2007

Following seven best-selling projects, nine consecutive No. 1 Christian singles, and four back-to-back mainstream radio hits, the multi-platinum and GRAMMY-nominated band MercyMe returns with their next batch of hook-filled and emotionally engaging songs on All That Is Within Me. Produced by Brown Bannister and recorded at Cider Mountain Studio, in Idaho, with strings recorded by London's famed Abbey Road Studio, this album offers songs "straight from Scripture" according to lead singer/songwriter Bart Millard. The record features worshipful moments like "God With Us", "You Reign" and "Sanctified", alongside very personal songs like "Finally Home". With both energetic and intimate moments, this record is sure to engage believers in a very authentic and personal way.

Track Listing
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01. Goodbye Ordinary
02. Time Has Come
03. I Know
04. God with Us
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05. Sanctified
06. You Reign
07. Grace Tells Another Story
08. Alright
09. My Heart Will Fly
10. Finally Home

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Best of 2007 by Artist of the Decade! | Posted December 21, 2007
It's hard to argue against MercyMe being the best Christian artist of the decade and this album just adds to their stellar career achievements. Easily the most accessible Christian artist whose music is heard out and about in stores and restaurants and on radio without ever straying from the Gospel. "God With Us", "You Reign", "Finally Home" and "Time Has Come" are all Biblical and catchy and rank among MercyMe's best songs. MercyMe's sound and lyrical depth has only grown with each album and in my opinion, this is the best of 2007.

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TOP 10 ALBUM OF 2007 | Posted November 19, 2007
For once, I would love for MercyMe to release an album in February. It seems that with each release, I'm scrambling to cram it into my ears before my annual round up and by the time I've had a chance to truly discover the album, it's fallen off my radar and never gets mentioned. This year, I made it a point to listen to MercyMe's latest and I'm glad I did. Unfortunately, I haven't listened to anything else the past two weeks. The album has consumed my daily rotation.

MercyMe is one of Christian music's most steady acts. They have faithfully put out new music on a regular basis and while they rarely break new ground with their songwriting, their albums consistently feel fresh and new. Much credit should be given to lead singer Bart Millard's incredible voice that consistently takes an ok song and turns it into a soaring balled or pop performance.

The groups' sixth national release finds MercyMe doing what they do best. There are driving pop songs like "Time Has Come" and "Goodbye Ordinary", beautiful ballads like "I Know" and worship-filled moments like "You Reign" and "God With Us". There are just some albums that are just easy to listen to and not much needs to be said about them. This is simply one of those albums.

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 great worship lyrics. can bart get any better lyrics than these?

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mercy me | Posted August 02, 2009
the album all that is within me is an outstanding album full of songs with amazing messages.
Mercy has done it again!!
i especially recommend finally home and god with us... very powerful songs....

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LOVE IT! | Posted September 09, 2008
i love this cd! it is really great! I love their worship music! the songs are sooo powerful. Great job MercyMe!!!!!!! God Bless you !!!!! You are one of my favorite worship bands..

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Much Better than expected | Posted February 08, 2008
When I first heard the general idea about "All That is Within Me" I was afraid it would just be another CD of standard praise & worship songs, this time covered by Bart and company. Instead we get a collection of brand new compositions, some sure to become worship classics of their own. The musical sound is similar to "Coming Up to Breathe", but this time the lyrics are much more inspirational and personal. Some people might find the lyrics to follow standard worship themes, but with MercyMe's powerful sound behind them it creates some very moving music which is destined to find its way into church worship services for years to come. Great job guys!

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Did they put all that's within them?? | Posted November 29, 2007

I wasn't planning on getting Mercyme's latest CD until later since I am not a die-hard fan, but I do listen to them, considering I listen to everything..but someone..I have no idea who, sent it to me. So I take what I get, and listen. Compared to their other albums, the sound is similar, you can definitely tell it's Mercyme. Though I thought it was time they tried something new. But I guess you could say "Coming Up To Breathe" which was released a year or so ago, was a different step for them. The lyrics are pretty good, not too much of a variety but every song has it's moment.
I'm not too pleased with the music and sound for "Finally Home", love the lyrics but the sound and voice, not too pleasing for me at least. I do adore their latest single "God With Us". I love the sound for "Grace Tells Another Story". I also love the worshippy lyrics and sound for "You Reign". "I Know" has a great drum part I think. It's simple. but I like it. "Time Has Come" reminds me of something Chris Tomlin. Overall, I give it ***1/2 out of 5.

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kl1995 (52)

Great MercyMe! | Posted November 25, 2007
All That Is Within Me is a great album, by THE awesome christian band MercyMe. 'I Know' is the best melody off the album. 'God With Us' is second, and 'You Reign' makes a great third place. Three great songs, on one great album.

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MercyMe | Posted September 16, 2007
MercyMe is awesome! I just saw them in concert last night! They played a few of the new I heard some of these...they sounded great!

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mercy me | Posted July 26, 2007
these guys are awesome.bring on the rain is uplifting...............sheliapoteat

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.... | Posted November 10, 2008
god with us is the bEST

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=] | Posted October 12, 2007
Haven't heard it yet, but I think it's gonna be awesome!! I heard the song 'God With Us' in concert and it was amazing!! =]

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