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Finding Our Way [edit]
by Hyland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 23, 2012

Hyland found success on the road and at radio with their Tooth & Nail Records debut release Weights & Measures. Hailing from Minneapolis, Hyland built an enthusiastic fan base quickly, resulting in their signing with Tooth & Nail. Since then, Hyland has toured with Fireflight, I Am Empire, and Children 18:3, with three of their singles “Jumping The Gun,” “This Love Is Free,” and “Crying Out” all breaking the top 20!

Jumping right in again with soaring melodies and catchy riffs, Finding Our Way picks up right where Weights & Measures left off. The Hyland guys are stepping it up with singles that will catch ears and hearts as they draw the listener in, continuing in the sonic veins of Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, and Foo Fighters. The first single "Beauty In The Broken" has already caught waves at Christian Radio, and there is much more where that came from! Fans of Weights & Measures and new fans alike will appreciate the themes of faith and hope in Finding Our Way.

Track Listing
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01. Power & Love
02. Wondering & Waiting
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03. Beauty In The Broken
04. Brothers
05. Calm in Our Storm
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06. More Than Famous
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07. Work In Progress
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08. Lucky In Love
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09. Well Done
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10. Never Fails You
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KellyS (37)

Hyland Has Found Its Way | Posted October 22, 2012
Hailing from Minneapolis, Hyland is still considered newcomers to the music scene, but with the release of their second album, Finding Our Way, it may not stay that way for long. With songs full of hope and encouraging reminders of God's love and power, this project is sure to uplift listeners with every spin.
Jumping right into things, first track "Power Of Love" starts off with just drum beats and background vocals. Guitars and electronic keyboards are added as Frontman Jon Lewis sings the chorus, "This is a last stand / A cry for a comeback /The future is still untold / Your story isn't written in stone / Fight your indifference / This is resistance / It's time to live the power of love." The theme of this song is one of hope and the fact that God has a plan for us that cannot be cancelled out just because we've gotten off track. The power of His love is greater than our sin and as long as we're willing to follow, He's willing to lead.
The pop-rock vibe and catchy electronic elements continue into the album's first single, "Beauty In The Broken." Slowing things down a bit with piano and guitar strums, the theme of hope once again rings true. Lewis sings the chorus, "Let Me hold you through it / Let Me carry you / I know it feels you're at the end / But here your story's just beginning / I know your tomorrow / I know where you are / Though you can't see past the moment / I see beauty in the broken." These lyrics are particularly encouraging and serve as a great reminder of God's amazing ability to see beyond our circumstances. That is a comforting truth to hold onto when we're unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Though most tracks on the album contain spiritual themes, "Lucky In Love" was written by Lewis for his wife on their wedding day. Telling the story of being in love, Lewis sings the chorus, "I'm in over my head / You're diving in with your eyes closed / We both know / We're lucky in love." It's honestly nice to hear a personal story on an album once in a while, in order to really understand the heart of the artist, and Lewis' love for his wife is celebrated perfectly on this track.
"Well Done" is the slowest track on the album, with just strings and guitar, as Lewis sings about the strained relationship between he and his father. As the song continues on and grows in energy, Lewis' need for approval is redirected to God, his heavenly Father. Singing the chorus, "Well done / Well done / You're the one I love / Even when life gets tough," Lewis reminds us that the only words of approval that truly matter, are those we hear from God on the day we see Him face to face.
Closing Thoughts:
Though Hyland may still be considered newcomers to the industry, the musical and lyrical quality of Finding Our Way would fool any listener into thinking these guys are old pros. With pure tenor vocals, and a catchy pop rock vibe, every track rings with hope and truth of a God who loves His children and has an amazing plan for their lives. As Hyland continues to grow their fan base and produce more music, I have no doubt they'll be sticking around for a long time.

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Amazing talent, amazing message! | Posted August 18, 2013
 Jon Lewis, Mitch Hansen, Ben Early, and Steve Weigel. Four extremely talented artists. Every song they make is full of meaning. This album is no different. The unique tunes and catchy lyrics are just the tip of the iceberg! These guys really separate themselves from other artists and styles of music. This album is a success just like ALL of their albums.

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Good Stuff | Posted October 19, 2012
 Great balance of meaningful lyrics, catchy hooks and riffs, and slow thought compelling songs. The style does differ from Weights & Measures in that Finding Our Way is slower musically, but only slightly. Their style has shifted a little bit from their past alternative/pop rock style to more of a softer Christian contemporary style, but is still a good album

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Acacia (1)

I love Hyland! | Posted October 18, 2012
 I listen to all kinds of christain music and Hyland is one of my favorites. I whent to Acquire the Fire last year a mass christain concert and conference with my youth group and Hyland sang with The Afters there. They have their own station on my Pandora and I was thrilled to see a free download of their song Power and Love through New Release Tuesday.

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TOUCHING!! | Posted October 17, 2012
After Poppa doing some healing in my heart last week to hear this new CD...I have to say the songs, the words, the warmth that floods my heart thru the love poured into and coming out of this album is dynamite, explosive, dumanis power!!! Great great work!!!!

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Finding Our Way | Posted October 16, 2012
 I love this album! I've been waiting for Lucky In Love to come out because it's such a sweet song. This album is really different from what they've done in the past but it is still amazing! Hopefully this album will reach a bunch of new fans and help move their career along

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username2 (378)

A Few Good Songs But Nothing All That Special | Posted October 16, 2012
 Hyland's sophomore album Finding Our Way doesn't live up to their debut and is a victim of the dreaded sophomore slump.  The music sounds generic and safe.  I was hoping for some sort of change in their style or more of the same upbeat rock music but here it's more stripped down and has only a few upbeat songs.  This stripped down sound can work, look at Run Kid Run's album Patterns from last year.  It had a stripped down sound but still retained what makes RKR so good.  While their are a few good songs here, I just feel like this is a generic rock album and if that's your thing then by all means if you think the album is good, go ahead and get it.  It's just not my thing.

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Huge Fan! | Posted October 16, 2012
I loved Hyland's last CD and have so far been equally impressed with this one. I love that they had a mixture of obviously Christian songs along with some love songs in their last album, and this album is much the same. I think that they take their faith a little bit more seriously in this one, though. I love their lyrics and how thoughtful they are especially for Never Fails You and Beauty in the Broken. This CD is a bit more acousticly driven than their last but is no less impressive. I hope that this CD gives them the exposure that they deserve!
Never Fails You and Calm in Our Storm are definitely my favourites!

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